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Ramzan Mubarak... A Month Where Beggars Celebrate Gods Bounty

I shot this image in Ajmer during the recent Urus April 2016.

I have never been to Ajmer during Ramzan Moharam or Bakra Eid ,,only the yearly Urus ...

If I really felt God it was in the sockets or socketless eyes of the Beggars of Ajmer ,, and I shoot beggars because I hate shooting flowers insects and other mundane stuff ,, I shoot the Fall of Man I shoot the perversity of the beggar,, in the eyes of the man who is not a beggar .

When I am in Ajmer during the Urus  for 4 or 5 days and I shoot the Dargah lanes the Malangs the Rafaees the Hijras and the humility of the Chishtiya order as it touches binds everyone ,,for the Hijra Khwajah Garib Nawaz is the Ultimate Provider ,, he gives even when they dont ask..

I have cried while shooting pictures my feet burning on the marble floor of the Dargah ,, a mother was asking the Holy Saint to spare her dying sons life and I was shooting every tear that dropped from her eye ,,

I shot a spiritual crossdresser known as Moosa Suhagins dancing on…

Three Legends In One Frame ,,,

time did try
over zealously
but could not
tame ,,3 icons
a trinity of fame
to see a master
craftsmans art
past memories
to reclaim ..
so many came
without her poodle
i spotted a dame
a wine glass in her
 dainty hand was she
an old flame ,,now
please no names
60/60 peripheral
profundity with the
master of the game
pablo bartholomew
humble endearing
still the same ,,