Friday, November 9, 2007

Bandra Bazar Road Metaphoric Pain Online

Bandra Bazar Road Metaphoric Pain Online
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Bandra Bazaar Road
She came as a bride
Today she is happy
An East Indian pride
Her love for this gaothan area
She will never hide
Cottages giving way to towers
Repair permission buildings
With more despair collide
Ruthless builders in collusion misguide
With the municipal authorities old
Cottage owners taken for a joy ride
But the Lord Jesus by her side
The chapel her home
On Sundays to Mount Mary
A short bus ride
Gutter agony of Bandra Bazaar Road
Changing times espied
Wrinkles on the parchment of her face
The Good Shepherd her Guide
When she dies she will be buried
At St Peters cemetery..
If it is not narrowed
To make Bandra Hill Road
a more broadside
Heritage weeping on the way side
Now try meeting your local corporator
Sorry , he is in a meeting access denied
This is Bandra I love..a poetic flip side
Next election his ass will be refried
Bandra property rates manipulated in corruption
People shangied ..
Even Chimbai will have towers on the sea side
Politician’s bureaucrat’s builder mafia profits divide
Pavement dwellers hit and run accident why commit suicide
God is our last Hope some succor provide

This is my poem on the quintessential nature of life that is Bandra Bazar Road the most neglected area of Bandra..We have a new corporator Mr Rahebar Khan and I think we should all support him.,take a page from Juhu citizens ..
Only we can change the destiny of the area we live by voting for the right candidate beyond party politics..
Those who don’t do anything to give quality life to our future generation have no right to represent us.. its time the politicians realize , we are not Hindus Muslims or Christians or Dalits .
We are humans and should be treated as such…

Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully
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Early morning mass
Keeping the lords commandments
Bandra Bazaar Road prophecy
Her wrinkles tell the story of a
Life well lived
Aging gracefully
Novena Angelus
Hail Mary full of grace
For the Lord and his Mercy

Recycled Sleep

Recycled Sleep
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Monochromatic thoughts
That whisper and weep
Man asleep
On a cot of despair
his hopes hopelessly out leap
in a singularly soundless sweep
his own house in order
he cant house keep
now on the mound of his sorrows
on a dust heap
a bicycle a bell no beep
through the windows
of his morbid world even gods don’t peep
flooded memories stuck knee deep
born as a moment of sexual excitement
9 months misery rest of life grounded
to an existence dirt cheap
what you sow someone else will reap

In Shadows of Despair

In Shadows of Despair
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balancing cooking utensils on her head
the street performer girl her heart does bare
her life a tightrope
in shadows of despair
her unblossomed future in a snare
already tattered beyond repair
her present do and dare
a past that has been unfair
little children
they clap hands
they throw coins
as they watch and stare
while she walks on air..
her brother watches all this
lying on the floor
he is six months old
a love they equally share
this unusual pair
giving entertainment
to all and sundry
on the public square

The Call of the Craving Stomach

The Call of the Craving Stomach
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street performing girlchild on the tight rope
an obligation a method of earning
she and her family cannot duck
the cravings of an empty stomach
her karma her dharma her grit
her determination fighting
her genetic badluck
she is called lakshmi
the goddess of wealth
like a lotus born in a muck
she will be used abused
deprived of her fleshly wealth
what little is left
a bastard child
whose future
too will be stuck
fighting the odds
a balancing act
in middair
waiting for some
hope of a good luck

The Mahatma of Peace

The Mahatma of Peace
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photo courtesy

I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stuffed. I want the cultures of all the lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any. Mahatma Gandhi

Ahinsa non violence
Instruments of love and peace
Moksha nirvana
The ultimate release
This war based on attacking
A man for the color of his skin
Should cease..
Attacking him for his ethnicity
Attacking him for his religious beliefs
An evil part of a genetic disease
Pigmentation a curse
They flog the colored and fleece
These so called ethnic cleansing
High priests
These neo Nazis white supremacists
Cultural police
On the streets

Humanity divided
Subdivided segregated apartheid
Man bitterly a pawn of a war
Of culture caste color and creed
Hate the greatest evil
The wanton seed
What you sow is what you breed
When man kills man it is
God who bleeds

Love Poetry Hate Racism

A thought for Madame Sonia Gandhi

A thought for Madame Sonia Gandhi
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Mother plagued by leprosy
Eyes hollows eaten by maggots
A world she does not see
Only sounds of pain and her misery
Her daughter has eyes she can read and see
A bill in her hand with the face of Madam Sonia Gandhi
A living hope a living mother figure in Delhi
Maybe, just maybe, when she sees this
She might change the Girl Childs life
Unendurable catastrophe
A Hand..a healing hand
To touch, to change the life
Of this street side poetry
Some call it a prose of living
To be or not to be.…

Chiming Emotions..Guru Ghanteshwar Mandir

Chiming Emotions..Guru Ghanteshwar Mandir
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Every single bell has a short story to tell of mans blind faith, his belief, his love for the Unseen, his bonding with sheer spirituality..
If these bells could speak they would chime human hopes, a cacophony of lilting lyrics of love to the Lord Hanuman
Thank you Lord, I got married by your blessings.
Thank you Lord my son passed his matriculation.
Thank you Lord my sister has found the soul mate.
Thank you Lord my father has got back his eyesight.
Thank you Lord my mother can walk again.
Thank you Lord my brother is flying as a pilot.
Thank you Lord my son has become a Police Inspector.
Thank you Lord my daughter has got a husband in USA.
Thank you Lord we won the case and got back our ancestral house.
Thank you Lord our son has won the Municipal elections.

Thank you Lord shooting you against the sunlight, I was flared with poetic thoughts in praise of your Entity.

It's nice to say Good Morning twice!

It's nice to say Good Morning twice!
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photo google images

And give a pleasant surprise
at poem hunter forum
where fools pretend to be wise
jealous of one another but
hypocritically very nice
each one in a deathly vice
womem with artificial cocks
poetically on the rise
men jaded faded
caught in a vaginal monologue
unrepentant eunuchs in disguise
a feline frustrated fantasy
being sodomized by multi colored mice

Girl Child in a maze

Girl Child in a maze
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In a man made maze
Child hood thoughts
Womanhood betrays
Life outplays
Black’s whites
Some replays
Grieving moments
Upturned grays
Melancholy momentum
That does not stay
Setting sun
Unsettling rays
The mother in the far
background sobs and prays
a wild moment childbirth
absconding future
a thought erase …
motherhood also
in a man made maze

Google Searching My Unborn Grandson

Google Searching My Unborn Grandson
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Many years after I am dead and gone
Photographerno1 his swan song
Google Searching by my grandson unborn
Will be much easier
The labyrinth of my poems
My pictures as words
Words as pictures tag alongs
Shia poetry some irreligious songs
F words C words bad words
Some Ascetic Dings some Dongs
Congregational claustrophobia
A fear that mindlessly throngs
Afshan my wife, the Blog Goddess
Alaskan Fern , my feelings all along
My failures, my lyricless lassitude
My highs my lows life long
To unwrite a few wrongs
A hope he will understand
Blood of my poetry, sinewy images
Part of an ocean to which he belongs
The pictorial pain
of not deleting this life
that at the moment God prolongs
sitting on his new computer
my unborn grandson
cybernetically connecting
with my sensibility
of a right over a wrong

Buzznet Sleepy Joes.. Injun Dreams..

Buzznet Sleepy Joes.. Injun Dreams..
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Last night
They got drunk
Came to blows
Dreaming sleeping no bravos

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Thoughts of Funksteena and Cosmos
Blog goddess at her window sill
In her bedclothes
Steve Haldane
Should be sent to the gallows
My buzznet account
Had he not froze
But Firoze
Said he
Account do not delete or close
No Drunken echoes
Reunited in Flowing Frescoes
Alaskan Fern
Melted snow like tears enclose
Friar Tuck and me coming to death blows
Ben Bell dogged ghostly among Philly weirdos
Panasonic youth Buzznet Original demos
Shadow Boxer among androgynous gizmos
I pot and Xris more tailored clothes
Marc and Azzie in Egypt in the land of Pharaohs
A Touch of a thought of memorable photos
Df Duck is AWOL God Alone knows
Steve Haldanes ass and more pin cushioned halos
Micheal Bell raised eyebrows
Yorrik still hunting for his wedding trousseau
Dread Heading some more kudos
Epiphany 229 Fuck Shoes on tip toes
Scarlet Lark some more self portraits as slide shows
Rib Stealer writing another Children’s Book I suppose
Csorba Sweet Csorba more beautiful as she mellows
Tom Do You Like it. American Photo Guru shooting
More Fulsome homos, emancipated hoboes
Photographerno1 won’t be back shortly
A thought that grows
Buzzbot fucked featured pictures, fucked friends turned to foes.
Johnny the encounter man with half blown torsos
Schvetty Betty threw me and my poetry out of her window

Comments I miss and a few helloes
Buzznet cream a few maestros, girl guys and a few heroes.
French man remembered with 3 zeroes
Yoko stevedored to more sorrows
Till we meet another planet another time
Just yesterday.. no today no morrow,
A good Indian a dead Indian
Wisdom of the Wild West bestows

Dedicated to online sharing and scaring

Damned Animal

Damned Animal
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Dastardly dashing
Dehydrated dreamer
Devalued Detoxified
Disenchanted Disqualified
Disoriented Dysfunctional
Domesticated Diatribe
Discursive Disembodied
Displaced Dissatisfied
Denizen Demystified

Pictorial Street Poetry

Pictorial Street Poetry
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I shoot what you wont see
man crushed by a boulder
called apathy
of hardened humanity
my pictorial words
street poetry

Lage Raho Firoze Bhai

Lage Raho Firoze Bhai
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some will take your ass
some will leave you on the kerbside
for dead said circuit arshad warsi
nodding his head
producers of films enter
where angels fear to tread
but its because of them
we get our daily bread

Bhandari Baba a Devil in Disguise 2

Bhandari Baba a Devil in Disguise 2
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Simmering Sufi
Spirituality on a slow fire
Bhandari baba a devil in disguise
A dangerous demented liar
Serpents seed like hate sire
Hates my pictorial guts
Would love to see me burning
On the Dhuni pyre
This is a thought he lives with
Will never ever retire..
This Chancawalli cook
a blood drinking Vampire
to make me bite dhuni dust
he did conspire
in a quixotic quagmire
his evil mind a body barb wired
all his barbs to me misfired
words of poetic pathos

Morphed Mysticism

Morphed Mysticism
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You take what you get
Morphed mysticism
Disfigured dogmatism
A soulless sunset
Click fraud poetry
Unwired to her Internet
Online sharing and scaring
Called Buzznet
Androgynously amorphous
Playing hard to forget
A buzz blot..Inkjet
That makes my
Testicular fortitude
Perspire and sweat
my dharma her karma
colliding collectively
much before we met
a room with a view
her wretched heart
that says to let…
unflushed emotions
harboring liquid joy
in her blue toilet

A Religion called Humanity

A Religion called Humanity
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For a seat
In heaven
Says the
Holy Saint
Most important
Peace and Harmony
At Mahim
A safe heaven
To down trodden
All caste color and creed
Believing on a global religion
Of oneness called
Humanity .

The Mysticism of a Malang

The Mysticism of a Malang
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1

Penetrating the pain
On my eyes
This Malang
Did realize
My foolhardiness
Pretending to be wise
My virtue tainted
By a hackers lies
Deleted diaspora
of my blogs
when living
I did not optimize
Stumble upon
Olivia B
some surprise
thank you
out there
shia guys
the chosen ones
in utter disguise
you must
in your saintly
never compromise
my fate emboweled
to a loaded dice
contractors of our faith
on our bodies and souls
build new high rise
touching the feat of god
in celestial skies

In The Shade of the Lord-Rupa Gupta

In The Shade of the Lord
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one day
we have to go
a thought we forget
our mind we defraud
building a babel
of false hopes
just like nimrod

but yet
those whom we love
when they go
we curse our fate
blame god
for cheating us
treating us rough shod
the soul of the departed
a new journey unawed
we too that path will trod

passing away of dear friend roopa gupta
her funeral cortege scene

Parting is Sweet Sorrow

Parting is Sweet Sorrow
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1

Mrs Rupa Gupta was the daughter of late legendary comedian Mr Asit Sen.
We met through Xerxes , we became friends, but Rupaji was a human friend , a stalwart who was there to help the needy , ironically she was bed ridden with cancer and indomitably fought this disease..I cried a lot at her feet where she lay before she was cremated, I shot pictures , in the blazing sun, there was a mammoth crowd to see her off on her last journey.
Her husband her daughters, her brothers her relatives , friends , well wishers were there all in tears , paying tribute to a larger than life feeling I write this , a part of her touches me , it is this desk that she gave me when I started on my own this shop Bollywoods Most Wanted Designer No1.
On this desk are my comp rest of my stuff.. so much and so more..
For me Rupa Gupta was a Mother Goddess , though I called her Rupaji ot Bhabiji..

8th March 2007

Tears flowing
like dry flowers
bound in a book
that you once
did borrow
happpiness comes and goes
but what gives us strength
god and godliness
protective petals
words pressed
in sacramental sorrow

Farewell my Dear Departed Friend- Mrs Rupa Gupta

Farewell my Dear Departed Friend- Mrs Rupa Gupta
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1

To a friend
Through Xerxes
I did befriend
Designer No1
To her he did
Life prematurely
On a river bend
Cancerous clouds portend
Brave was she
Till the end
With the very best of her
Inner strength
She did defend
Her soul rekindled
Her funeral
All those she touched
did attend
from their eyes
on the soul of her
consciousness descend
her family lost
a wife a mother an aunt a best friend
her brother in sadness back bend..
her cortege to the crematorium did wend
her soul rising like a phoenix
to the Maker ascend
Rupaji these poetic words
after a month I have penned