Thursday, November 1, 2007

No Child is Born a Racist

No Child is Born a Racist
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no child is born a racist
but as he grows
he becomes one bit by bit
society that discriminates
adds him on its list
yes what once innocence
now becomes a
ferocious reptilian
squirming hate
in a snake pit
yes he hates
the colored man
he hates
the colored mans religion
a thought a widening split
in his private domain
the racist
he will throw a fit
the colored man wont admit
the black angst
the black struggle of survival
he would once and for all
love to snuff it
hate crimes on the colored
mans family he loves to commit
the white mans justice
the guilty it will acquit
a foul system that sucks
its hate it loves to transmit
racism is a family
closely knit
you will be shocked
at the size of it
a tacit judicial writ
at poemhunter
beneath lofty titles
sweet melodious poems
under the white face of poetry
it does exist

The Dignity of Man

The Dignity of Man
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photo google images ..

criminals in american uniform
terrorise the iraqi human soul
citadels of dignity storm
hatred within their hearts
for the muslim man , the colored man
biblical betrayal, scriptured tryranny
the best of humanity deform
equality, liberty justice
big brother the bully
can he ever reform?

Wordless Poetry at Poem Hunter

Wordless Poetry at Poem Hunter
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Beggar kids
Weeping weeds
Unwanted seed
Gas filled bellies
Unwanted mouths
to feed
sorrows child like
born to bleed
the whispering reed
wants criminally
crucifying needs
cars that speed
man in a hurry
a factory worker
producing more children
words of wisdom
wont heed
germinated guilt and greed
speed breakers
of my unreality
my poetic
thoughts impede
my wordless , poems
on blank pages
at poem hunter
read do not delete
poetry of a photographer
on his winding sheet
yes from all my blog sites
I did retreat
My fate I could not cheat
An act of cowardice encored
To yet another repeat
On some other planet
Some other time
This knave
a blog goddess shall meet
a heart a tumescent throb
in a heart beat


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two racist poets
on line
one english
the other australian
stuffed mixed balls
pickled in brine
add to Loiusiana dirty rice
jambalaya tastes fine
dance wine and dine
two racist poets offline
one hunched backed
the other born without spine
both twins conjoined
both hate a indian poet
both pigheaded swine
their racist hate
even in darkness does shine
poetry disgraced by their design
at poemhunter they both intetwine
reading poems of metaphor metaphor noun by
thomas devine
what rhymes with purple
they show a v sign
the underdog new poet on the block
they love to malign
rating each others poems
pumping a new hope
as top 500 poets guideline

Street poetry at a Bus Stop

Street poetry at a Bus Stop
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Waiting for the bus
To restart
Adult half awake
Youth asleep
Old age
Waiting to depart
A soul dashed
on the craggy rocks
of a dissipated heart
a dumbfucked guy
pretending to be
over smart
desire unknowingly
bound to a hand cart

Buzznet Original

Buzznet Original
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He sleeps like a dead log
this drunken
demented human frog
demystified deleted dead blog
loves a blog goddess
this Indian golliwog
rights of admission
reserved..for shia thugs
buzznet original
a jolt a few jogs
hidden in the heart
of a camel humped radio
of a weblog

An Ode to a Toad

An Ode to a Toad
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On Bandra Hill Road
Wrapped in a political banner
Pavement dweller
drunken abode
Auto reversal mode
Pictures of apathy
Misery that easily upload
An ode to a toad

My Last Will and Testament

My Last Will and Testament
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We are pathetic creatures , we humans, we are bothered about our religion, our rituals our customs, we want all this to be shown in the best of pictorial light, I remember a man a devotee of Shri Nagrajputra Jimmyji , who sent me an email, quite disturbed , that I had shown his gurus picture that was at sale at the Kamatipura flea market, this Man requested me to delete the picture I could not as it was not within my control my site was hacked, account frozen, the developer was investigating so what could I do, it had taken more than 10 months , so I decided to shift all my religious posts to Word Press, I was doing it gradually , 6000 posts, I had shifted 2000 , here ,there was a good response in terms of viewership and readership, but here too there was a hitch, no photo galleries where I could keep each section in different cubicles of thought
I was to go shoot the Shai Snan at Allahabad Kumbh , the final one on 23 rd Jan 2007 , than finish this ,catch up with my wife in Lucknow. My tickets were booked my Naga Sadhu friend , mentor Guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj was waiting for me , I aborted this trip,, for reasons unknown to me ..
I came to Lucknbow instead.. to revisit my past as a child and the graves of my forefathers scattered at Gufra Map, Rani Malka Jahan graveyard and at Talkatora.
I shot the Lucknow Ashura for the first time my 53 years.
I also gave my visiting cards that had the web address of my tainted sites , I had nothing to hide , than hell broke lose, they saw the dirty pictures that were hacked into my site, but I don’t understand one thing my stuff were in separate galleries so why poke nose into the other galleries , I never proclaimed I was a Shia site , I am a photo journalist , I shot pictures of my faith to show the pain of my community..
Yes I do Tandav , when I scourge ,Tandav is the Dance of Death and Revenge , this was my metaphoric way of coping with Shimr it should not bother others, it should perhaps only bother those who love Shimr and Yazidiyat.,.
So I am really upset, I have not deliberately disgraced my faith or religion, no one has a right to tell me what to shoot.. I am funded by no one.
I will continue shooting all religions , with camera eye proclaiming Truth..
Yes I will never shoot Moharam.. let them shoot who are the torch bearers of my faith.
I will write what is my inherent love for the Ahle Bait..
This site is not catering for any one community, but the ones that I am passionate about..
I reiterate if there was a hint of Karbala in Hinduism I would embrace Hinduism willingly, this is me, I am not scared to air my personal views on the Internet.
I am not and will ever be a congregational man.
My wife, my children. ,my Lucknowi daughter in law , her husband , my elder son have no problem , with my thoughts, so I think others my detractors should stop bothering me …
I never celebrated Moharam for 17 years , the guys who work for me are all Sunnis my main point guy is a Hindu.. , I don’t have any bigoted problem.
With any community per se.
It was camera and photography five years back that bought me to a Ashura Julosos proceeding towards Rehmatabad, I met Baqar Nasser , Habib Nasser who bought me and fine tuned me as a Believer and a Reborn Shia.
Maulana Abbas Irshad proclaimed my love for the Ahle Bait by calling me Moulaiee.,.
I think Allah knows better my credentials as a believer as Truth or as my pretentiousness
My elder son is developing an exclusive Shia site that will house my Shia Images and my Shia poetry….including places where Janabe Sayyada sent me with a hanky to record the love of a race that was exclusively made for Maksade Hussain…through my pictures , including the ones I shot in Lucknow and have not seen as yet..…more than 2000 or so.
These will be last recordings of Moharam..
I believe in live and let live.. mutually.
If I have erred I have not gone defiant but corrected myself with honor without disrespecting the views of my elders.. my parents are dead , in their place I have chosen my father in law Abbas Bhai Qazilbash as my father, my mother in law who I call Mother..

On my home site my poetry , my thoughts are of an adult mature nature, those who think otherwise should keep away from my site…I don’t go to sites that don’t concern me.,.
For the first time in my life I don’t have to be seen or heard from the shoulders of western minarets of Buzznet Bloggererspot or Word Press….
I can stand on my own.
I have taken a lot of bashing as a Blogger , for being a vociferously proud Indian, on western blog sites, I have hit back too, I have been bashed by fundamental elements by Shia Haters and Baiters .for my tirade against Yazidiyat and the genocide in Karbala, that has been deliberately ignored all these years.
I remember one of the last living, members of the Moghul Empire telling that she would go to the Golden Temple to seek forgiveness for the atrocities committed on the Sikhs by her forefathers, I felt like throwing up, as the first people she should ask for forgiveness are the Shias ..
Muslims are Muslims by any other name.
This is the myopic mindlessness of Misplaced Religious priorities.
I have been bashed as a Muslim on Indian Blog sites, my Moharam pictures were deleted at Fotothing and Webshots , but it is the first time I have been bashed for being a Shia by the Shia community..
I cannot stop being a Shia …from within or without.
Let him caste the first stone who is a better Shia than me..
I have also decided not to be buried in a Shia cemetery have pledged my body with all its mental hallucinations, megalomania of my Indianess to Medical research..
Firoze Shakir
15 th Feb 2007

to be buried in a shia muslim cemetery
i resent no mausoleun no tombstone no
cornerstone made of cement
i pledge my body to science my brain my heart
my flesh my organs
my last will and testament
yes i give back all of me
to mankind the 54 years or more that i
have on this planet spent seeing muslims
killing muslims as a natural event
sectarian violence fragmented Islam in so
many segment
born as man lived as man
die as man nothing else to repent
no fools paradise for me to invent
he came he saw he went
lived peacefully died content
please on my passing do not cry or lament
dont make it into a melodramatic event
instead let it be a happy event
my dying soul please do not torment
i have my dear wifes tacit consent
my memories , my dark thoughts
she need not represent
my best regards to my unborn grandchild
in my line of descent

Silhouette of Shame

Silhouette of Shame
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Darkness marauding darkness
Society to blame
A system that sucks
Plucks fucks for fame
A wild orbit a stellar system
Cant tame..
Turner Road Traffic signal kids
Are kids like yours and mine
By any other name
Slogging morning to dusk
Child labor ill fame
If they come under a speeding car
No insurance claim
Mother father will do it one more time
A new child, new name reclaim
So see my picture
Read another story
Beyond the archival of my picture frame
I see I shoot I aim
Popleys Motivalas Moti Mahal
Orra Diamonds are forever
They scintillatingly proclaim
Giving a jolt to my sense of shame