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My Regrets In Life

As a person who learnt photography very late in life through my teachers all connected to camera club..I have a lot of regrets ,,some satisfaction too ,,first I left the camera club seminary and stealthily in oxymoron haste flew the cuckoos nest ..I unlearnt photography when I entered cyberspace first Buzznet Blogspot and finally Flickr .

Flickr has been my school of unlearning ,,I met a lot of photographers I became a street photographer thanks to Flickr ,,it was late Fred M. Miller who told me the genre I shot was street photography ,, I frankly did not know about it in 2007 ,,, the time I joined Flickr after leaving Buzznet .
There were many photographers who inspired me at Buzznet but mainly it was Tom Andrews my friend from Buzznet from Hollywood,,his street photography BW was just out of the world.

I met many others too the list is very long ,,I did not need to ape anyone as I was groomed on film roll slide photography .
Now almost 25 years as street photographer I am still unl…

70 Independence Remembered ,

70 th Independence day when we broke the shackles of slavery under the British empire ,,but than another poison called politicians we sired ,,again held captivity our dreams mired ..a freedom struggle that backfired ,,cow protectors in disguise Dalit killers on hire ..rapes scams corruption ,,,liveware ..hope uprooted by misplaced love and desire ...the flesh was willing the soul on fire ..our motto we are politically engineered incorrigible liars... dedicated to Mr Rodney Pike ,,

We Are Still Held Captive 70 Years After Independence By Our Politicians