Friday, March 11, 2011

The Truth Behind The Garib Nagar Fire Will Never Be Known

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simply because mans life
inflammable is fire prone
what belongs to him
is not his own
everything burnt out
as the poor families
homeless moan and groan
god has forsaken them
the government has
forsaken them
hopeless in desolation
despair all alone
politicians who degrade
their humanity call
them outsiders
hearts of stone
Indian they are
flesh blood and bone
miserable in muted tone
will you burn your own house
a thought one cannot condone
even god is a terrorist
their fate all blown
what they reap
is not what they
had sown

Athvi In Lucknow

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These are pictures shot by a close friend of my daughter when they had both recently visited Lucknow to celebrate Athvi the day Moharam ends for the Shias .

Her friend is a budding photographer with a lot of talent and I am showcasing her pictures on my photo stream at Flickr.

Athvi in Lucknow is a one time life experience to be felt and experienced ..including the Navi celebrations when Moharam ends and the Shias celebrate Navi as Eid e Zehra Mother of all Eids. also known as 9 Rabilawal.

Memories of a Black Friday Garib Nagar After The Fire

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god the artist
created pain
with swift brush strokes
a canvas he doomed
he stained what was
going on in his mind
as a picture for posterity
he completed they
whined but never
as is is where is
as painting it remained
etched as blood sweat tears
man to his cosmic fate
held captive bound enchained

Parallel Lines of Pain Garib Nagar As Seen From a Moving Train

Yeh Ag Kaise Lagi Yeh Kaun Batayega

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rahe guzar waqt muflisi main
beet jayega anewala kal
is ag ko bhool jayega
thoda bahut compensation dekar
ek naya jhopda purane jhopde
par ban jayega yeh vote bank
ki politics hai yahan admi ke
sat sat iman bhi bik jayega
ghar ka bedi lanka dhaye
jalewe sapne toote irade
age dekhiye samne
kya kya ayega

Garib Nagar Where Tomorrow Never Comes

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living on the edge
only for today
from here to
kingdom come
where scams corruption
ton he soul of
deleted depleted democracy
evil deeds are welcome
the politician gets richer
each election makes the
soul go numb because
what they really want
is votes from the dumber
those in slumber
the impoverished
needy and the dumb
slum rehabilation projects
to lne their bulider politician
pockets hastily burn the slums
offer them rs 25000 as easy
as throwaway crumbs
humanity under the politicians thumb

Navi Ke Din Shia Jashn Manate Hain

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is madarchod ko
qatil e insaniyat ko
khule am
par jalate hain
gharon main
gul gule pakate hain
yatim khanon
main batwate hai
sher shayari
ki mehfil
bhitate hain
is madarchod
ki shaan
main bahut
kuch sunate hain
naye rang birangi
kapde pahan kar
shiya bacche
ek putla jalate hain
nachte aur gate hain
hone ke nate
hum unki tasveer
sare jahan
ko dikhate hain
jis tarah ap
dassera manate hain
ravan ko jalate hain
usi tarah shia
eid e zehra
manate hain
yazid par uski
nasal par lanate
pahunchate hain

Ek Putla Bane Nyara

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shot by ashreen

lamba ucha
gol matol
imam ka
ki galiyon main
phirta hai awara
usko angaron
main jalaya sara
sara imam hussain
ke katilon par beshumar
lanat shia lagate hain nara
navi ka din ham sab ko
hai pyara hussain
hamari ankhon ka tara
eid e zehara mubarak ho
ap sab se hamashe rahe
bhaicahara hussainiyat
zindabad yazidiyat murdabad
ek dukhiya ma ne
hame savara jisko chot lage
in jumlon se yahi hai
hamara ishara
hussain jeete
gandu yazid hara

My Pictures of Hijras Look Beautiful on Flickr Than Facebook

At Facebook they officially steal your pictures per se..without even giving you due credit.

Only Poets Shoot Hijras Better Than Photographers