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The poem hunter forum is a common toilet
They all squat shit together you bet
One finishes the other sweats
Talking poetry as bad as it gets
Russan roulettes
after one finishes another guy wipes
the other guys ass incase he forgets
colorful globs and urinating jets
Mr. Bowen was searching for forum quotes
Among these hate hitting defecating pets
Aussie Pederasts, pedophiles
Racists, who issue out threats
Making dud cheque donation
To Poem hunter administration
without any regrets
mouths holding burnt out cigarettes
Abdullah Diriye non stop
Religiously hounding cassette
Liberal pussy missing
A trade off with unimaginable upsets
Kane Hogg Sherrie unforgettable vignettes
Cross dressing plump asses blondes and brunettes

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Red Light of Hijda Pain

Red Light of Hijda Pain
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She is the new face at the Turner Traffic Signal Bandra.
Her name is Suvarna.She is the New Traffic Signal Hijda Queen.
I told her she looked gorgeous in her red saree she blushed and was overjoyed at my words of appreciation.This is Hijda simplicity of uncomplicated human emotion.
And she knows this man with his camera means well, no ulterior motive, no photo journalistic spiel.That is why I reiterate to shoot life on the street you must have the soul of a poet.A poet that paints with light.. no cumbersome words no restrictions of grammar punctuation spelling or syntax.
This is a poem read by all , except the blind..
The blind are poets too they feel poetry on the darkness of their retinas , I have yet to meet a blind eunuch..I get a lot of mail from troubled souls languishing in male bodies who want to become Hijdas, they drive me up the wall, I shoot Hijda pictures , their pain..Hijdas of the upper echelon have no time for novitiates , they have their own precarious survival to take care of..
The Hijda has balls , he is street smart , he fights his way up, he is not afraid.
That is why as a safety mechnism, the Hijda move in wolf packs. they take care of their own..their births , their deaths are a mystery, they come into te fold respect their ethnicity laws, rituals and life is a closely guarded secret.
The Hijda loved with abundance, the toy boys they rear for their love demands are worshipped , taken care of , a wrong move or a roving eye of the toy boy , well they will cut off his balls and he will be back with his face biting the dust of ignominy.
I know a case where a young guy who had come to Mumbai to become a filmstar, but it did not work out, got entangled with a pretty Hijda, the family of the boy wanting to save him , tried to get him married away to a girl from a good family.When the Hijda it is alleged came to know of this she killed him in cold blood, the cops closed the file , as there were no complainant or witness.The Hijda I was told moves about , with no fearof law, such is the evil power and being politically connected you are scott free..
This is not a stray case but Love can make a criminal out of a Saint.
I do not bad mouth the Hijdas, there are bad members in every society , and it does not make sense calling them all bad.
The Hijdas are human like all of us, but more sensitive to the dichotomy of their engendered pain.That I see it within me , and bring this out in the pictures I shoot of them.

At the TrafficSignal
The Red light of Pain
The Hijda wont sulk
or complain
or with his misfortunes
chew your brain
his engendered pain is simple
straight forward plain
much before Adam or Eve
Adam or Cain
was Bhaichura Mata
the Eunuch Goddess
the divinity of hope
a transcedental plane
the hijda hijdadom
their androgynous domain
being born man
living in the shadoow
of this goddess
as women
a yearning sustain
but a dichotomy
a division
a cleavage
neither completely man
nor completely woman
the feeling remained
clapping their hands
dancing at births weddings
mujra dancing musical strain
society entertain
vaginal vagaries in a rectal vein
a moksha a nirvana
hard to obtain
esoteric ethnicity
life unliving
ritualism arcane

Endless Wait ...a Hijdas Pain

Endless Wait ...a Hijdas Pain
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the lights blinking away
the lights of life
at the Traffic Signal
the Hijda waits
on two legs between cars
buses and rickshas
he begs and skates
his distant dreams tyrannized
his karma deflates
punctured sorrow
from one moment of pain to another
he escapes
he his vulnerabilty
the system rapes
covered in his disillusionment
his womanly drapes
born man bethrothed to
ignominy hijda landscape

White Supremacist Racist Whores and Posturing Poets

White Supremacist Racist Whores and Posturing Poets
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Member: Val Morehouse

Comment: I just looked at your biography firoze. It sez 'Racist in poetry is white.' Now without the rest of the statement [since this is either a beginning or an ending] the thoughtful one cannot know what you really mean. But, the thoughtful one can state an idea from one's own experience. Racism is not white; it is every color the human skin can assume. Poetry is not white; it is every color the human skin came assume. Racism is instead, the person who in the first 5 minutes of acquaintance tells you whom they hate. And that comes in EVERY color. Then firoze, is that you? I don't see it on your face, and the face is a mirror. The thoughtful one sees, leave the hate on the back burner and seek the essence in the poetry. Posturing is not poetry: there's been a lot of that going on lately on PH. We should leave that dreck to the politicians, while we seek to write poems about the bad and the good, not just all one or all the other. Poems don't have skin colors. Poems should have human truth, which is blood red. Only blood red.

I appreciate your comment on my poem, what you write stands the time of test provided you are not black or brown.
I have seen so much of hate here at PH as a colored man, and this from people who pose as the Top 500 Poets, people who hate your guts, spill your guts publically, I don’t go read a persons poetry and bash him up because of his style or because of what he has written, he writes in the idiom of his experience, his metaphors his similes..
I read him move on, I don’t impose my views, I don’t tell him he writes shit, he is a member here and in the end he is saying his thing, his freedom of expression in mind.You cant expect to write like Yoonus, or Carsewell or Ian Bowen or Aldo or Fred Gold.. This is an ocean of poetry big fish small fish all moving freely..stating beautiful thoughts poetically.
Here at Poem hunter Big Fish want to eat small fish, white fish want to devour black fish.
I have seen this for last two years.
I have met some great poets here at Poem hunter and shall remain indebted to them for life..
I try to stay away from trouble but trouble does not stay away from me..I hit when I am provoked and it can be God I shall defend my Honor against hate remarks or vitriolic comments, I was given a thrashing by Tai Chi Italy because Bowen is her friend, well she can thrash her kids for all I care I owe her nothing.. I would have given it back to her but I share some moments so I kept my silence.
Bowen is the worst monster of a man and a hypocrite like Carsewll all playing God here at Poem Hunter general ward
And Jim Hogg the racist playing God at the Poem Hunter Forum along with the children of Hate..his coterie..
These are my views..
Blood you don’t know the power of Blood I cut myself every Moharam and know it and feel it too..I shoot I see it on the Viewfinder of my Soul..

Firoze Shakir

White at poem hunter is the color of hate
Yes a few White Racist poets
the sentinels the guardsmen
At the Poem Hunter Racist Palace
Standing at its Gate
To clobber a brown poets head
They unashamedly wait
Yes they are more erudite
Bought up on cornflakes of English
He merely third rate
How dare he write in their language
Says Bowen the White Ape
Of this Indian rhesus primate
Tai Chi Italy his confidante
English mate is hurt because this posturing
Pimp of a poet I berate
We all prostitute our poems
That other lesser prostitute’s rate
Yes comments sown as poisonous
Seeds of Hate calumniate
Friends who change color
Become foes an ongoing tirade
With racist remarks they bait
Indians Dogs rights of Admission reserved
You are left to your fate
Children of a Lesser God..
Thank you Val Morehouse
You at least had the decency to
Dialogue and Debate

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The Hijda Will Rule The World

The Hijda Will Rule The World
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The older lot of Laksmi the Beggar Hijda are not to be seen at the Turner Road Traffic Signal,also the Tunrner Road Traffic Signal kids have disappeared, this kids I think must have gone towards the Durga Pandals as there is more money there than at the signals.
This Hijda was very coy I took her permission before taking a few shots, and at the back of me is running vehicular traffic.
The Hijdas are here begging at the signal, when the traffic halts, peeping into rickshas, knocking window screens,pleading for alms.
Most of the Hijdas that I have met at various traffic signals in Mumbai are friendly, polite, shy, well behaved.And for them its a change posing for pictures, a feeling of a three second fame..Most of the Hijdas seem to know me, than there is the imposter variety that wears sarees and begs, these are unemployed youth that behave like Hijdas and encroach on their ethnicity and their territory.
They are mostly drunk, like the ones I shot at Carter Road recently,they avoid having their pictures taken as I wont be surprised if they are into petty crime.
Each set of Hijdas have their lines of demarcation, by a higher Hijda authority, aided by Gurus and Naiks.
The train beggars work in groups, this is a tough violent lot, the Hijdas who beg outside at the stations, the Hijdas who patrol lovers points, embarassing lovers with their girlfriends if they are not suitably paid, this variet is found at Bandstand Bandra..they are mean and tough..than the traffic signal hijdas..
The other variety is the prostitute Hijdas they are mostly found near the notorious Mumbai Cages, they walk the streets, and for about Rs 50 or say Rs 100 they will take you into a building which has Hijda rooms or brothels..
Here they will take you in a dinghy , sweat smelling urine smelling room, and start work on you, they charge extra for the condom..They take your money first,...
Just neneath these building directly opposte the Cages or Peela House or Falkland Road as this area is called are the Hijda Call girls these are very pretty , stunning , and are for the highest bidder, they charge perhaps about Rs 500 for a shot, or a short time.Full night where you pay the hotel charges , dinner drinks for the hijda can set you back by Rs 3000 to rS 5000.
Than as you walk from the Cages to Kamatipura you come to the most famous Hijda address hIjda Gully No1, here the hIjda Guru is Zeenath, I have shot her recently and you can see my hijdagallery at
The entire building is Hijda residence, crampy rooms, and young pre pubescant hijdas in training.I was told threateningly not to shoot them, the bathrooms or toilets are in the passgae with the hijdas bathing together
Outside the Hijdas move about in the Hijda Gully, some have their good looking toy boys.
Than late in the evenings the richest variety Hijda the Mujra ueens move out to private parties , functions, the closing of the Ladies Dance bars hit them badly.
The Mujra Queens are the most gorgeous , very pretty and are keeps of the local Mafia dons even the security authorities are lovers of this breed of polished Hijdas.. the Mujra Queens.
They are called at Births known as Badhais, .paid a fortune, hen parties and wedding receptions and they perform with gusto.Rich people prefer them to Tawaifs or Dancing Lady Prostitutes.
Actually the Hijda Mujra Queen is perfect you will never know she is a trans gender unless you are informed of this.
There is so much to Hijdas I dont know where to begin where to stop.I am lucky that most of the inputs have been given to me by close Hijda friends.
That they chose to be Hijdas is their sexuality choice, they are feminine with all womanly feelings except the genitalia, that too is possiblw if one has ample funds.
The homosexual and the Hijda are two different entities..
The Hijda is a homo but he has his cultural transgender ethnicity.. his Gods Goddesses.. his ritualism , his esoteric upbringing..
The Hijda inner working is closely guarded secret..
Once a Hijda always a Hijda .There is no going back.
The Hijda community is in the throes of change with the rise of the Metrosexual Hijdas, the Hijda has expanded his vision , he flies to Amsterdam, to Toronto gives lectures at Aids sponsored World Health Organization events..
The Hijdas are into politics, patrons of Art,they are well connected.
They are entrepreneurs, poets, writers, and parents too having adopted eunuch born children.
I know Hijdas happily married to normal men and no divorce no alimony no lawyers fees..
Hijda children are taught at home by the best tutors, dance music the works..
This is what I have gathered from my Hijda friends..
This Hijda community one day will be a force in the coming years, disgusted with man and woman.. the human community will seek Moksha from the Eunuchs..
Mark my apocryphal words on your scarred souls..

Racist Hate and Jealousy-Stats and Hypocrisy

Racist Hate and Jealousy-Stats and Hypocrisy
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Firoze Shakir (10/18/2007 9: 34: 00 PM) | Delete this message


Dear Yoounus

You can find it all around the poet sphere at poem hunter, poets locked in battle headed by a racist coterie that guards its stats, you hurt one they will all gang up against you, this is white racism in poetry at poem hunter.
If a white man writes bad poetry the Bowens Carswells will dare not open their minds, its the black and the browns that make easy picking.
And after all how can the white man write bad poetry after all its his own language..
Yes Yoonus this is jealousy, inborn passion of a racist poet, he knows and I as a Sufi mystic know it too..There is a Racist Regime at Poem hunter...throttling the voice of Truth...
What amazes and shocks me is the rating of poets that is a a totally wrong enterprise, fools judging a fools poetry, there is no transparency what so ever, you scratch my back I scratch sucks.
Take Care..

inborn passion of a racist poets heresy
from the manacles of this evil
poetry we have to free
the bowens the carsewells jim hoggs
allen james saywells
white mans hope
white mans hate
against anyone
that writes Truth
about them
they will collectively disagree
their hate filled followers
who rate their poems
stat pumping artificiality
you scratch my back
I scratch your back
no transparency
top 500 poems
top 500 poets
the road to opportunity
white mans poetic agenda
at poem hunter
as I see.
Racist Hate and Jealousy
Stats and Hypocrisy

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Founder Member Dead Poets Racist Society

Founder Member Dead Poets Racist Society
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photo courtesy

an Englishman who farts poems
on the face of adversity
a heritage he leaves
for prosaic posterity
this old man one leg in the grave
searching for forum quotes
his essence of living and priority
incorrigible bigot conceited pedantic notoriety
founder member of dead poets racist society
a bowel of hate bursting forth more hate hypertension
arthritis asthmatic anxiety
poetically misplaced piety
this devil in a saints clothing
much hated among natives
racially ruptured
English Neanderthal deity

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The Hijdaeroticness

The Hijdaeroticness
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I shoot Hijdas , I somehow find that I meet them in all walks of life, they are aware of my existence as I am of their existence, more harrowing than my own.
I shoot the pain in their eyes , their muffled cries, I shoot their ancestry , their ethnicity as I see it reflected on the viewfinder of my raw human soul.
I started shooting the Hijdas quite recently about 2 years.
This is a srange fascination, a magnetic pull that brings them towards my picture frame.I missed Ajmer Sharif , and her partner who had met me at Ajmer last year was surprised at my absence this time .
At Ajmer Sharif the Hijdas book both sides of the lane that leads to the imposing Bulund Darwaza, but the richer ones dominate Moti Katra the Hijda Paradise..
Yes I missed Ajmer and the hijdaeroticness of this mystical ethnic community.
Here in Mumbai , I meet them , some let me shoot them , some abusively shoo me away, the other place that fascinates Hidas is the Urus of Haji Malang in the mountains on the outskirts of Kalyan.
Here they dance, with joy, and their sheer devotedness is a enticing quality.
Near Taragadh, there is a Shrine of a Hijda Saint who had given birth to a child, this part of ancient folklore , he had asked for a boon and the Khwajah Moinuddin Chishty the Sufi Saint had granted him, tough the consequences were painful, the Hijda pregnant had relented and jumped into the mountains seperating the child from his womb as the story goes, I had walked 45 km barefeet a long route both ways and shot the graves at Wadi Noor ..
You can see the pictures at my homesite
in the Eunuch gallery..
The Hijdas visit this place as one of their Holy Pilgrimage ..
I had a dream and had trekked barefeet jagged rocks .. and landed there exhausted dehyderated , a spiritual experience of a life time.
One of the most impoertant person to who have influenced me is Basanti the Eunuch Queen, she has tribal genealogy, gypsyish , she is a mystic, she reads minds, and she hates any Hijda that shows any softness for me, Basnti is fiercely dominating , she does not like me shooting pictures of other Hijdas other than herself.
I miss her tenderly, my relationships with the Hijdas is completely of the mind, though I confess I was as a poet besotted with Priya the Hijda from Singapore, this lady is the lustiest lass I have ever seen.
Zeenat at Ajmer is from the Afro tribe of the Siddhis and she is another primal force of errupting eunuch sexuality..The Hijdas are vindictive , God save yo if you spurn the Hijdas advances , you can say goodbye to your human soul for good,even the cops close all unsolved murder crimes of passion of Hijdas I was told by the Hijda Guru at Ajmer.
This is the flip negative side , but mostly the Hijda is pecae abiding, hand clapping peson, the handclapping is a yogic therapy, it is the sign of their calling, a releasing of a Kundalini based force.
The lower echelons of Hijdas when angry lift their sarees exposing their genitalia , if provoked or abused and this in Indian society is a stigma a curse of the Hijda.
There are rich kids who are men by day and Hijdas by night, these are not just camp or gay, but harcore Hijdas , playing their music of sexuality to both the worlds.They are patronised by the powers that be who want deviant sex..They are protected too, have body guards, I met a few at five star hotels, but wh requested me not to shoot them in a nice threatning way..these are not gays or crossdressers these are the Metrosexual Hijdas they come with a price,,
They are taken care of by the patrons , have lavish appartments are invited to Delhi Farm House orgies I was told in secrecy. its big bold bucks..
Some of them I was told are so pretty converted to Islam and kept in Hijabs by their Muslim lovers.. without the wives ever coming to know about them..And if you see the pictures of Hijdas I have shot you will believe me.
This is a new brave world of Hijdas , the old world has been discarded and done away with, so you see the older Gurus not taking to the new order ..and the champion of Hijda Rights is Laxmi Narayan Tripathi who leads from the front trying to make the change smoother..
Yes The Hijda has come of Age..
Hijdaeroticness the catch phrase of Laxmi Narayan Tripathi .

Stay Safe Stay Indoors

Hi! Trust you are doing well and staying safe in these tough times. Just wanted to send out a personal note praying for good health an...