Sunday, April 12, 2015

God Created Beggars Accidentally

No Gloves No Safety Shoes No Masks Foot Soldiers Of Modijis Swach Bharat

The Real Garbage That Celebrities Will Never Come To Sweep...

its about paid media
TRP  a celebrity with
a broom in his hand
having his pictures
clicked for main
stream media TV
the plastic smile
white kurta pajama
modi jacket smiling
mouthing Swach
Bharat ...for all
to see ..while the
real municipal
worker without
safety shoes ,
gloves or masks
on a mound of
garbage defecated
on the soul of

Bandra Skywalk For Drunks Drug Addicts Its A Hotel Open Round The Clock

Unborn Dreams Of An Unborn Child

i was fucked the day
i was born.. on the
soul of my poetry
maggots mourn
as words flow
go on and on
i shoot beggars
i shoot migrants
i shoot garbage
porn on the
threshold of
his mothers
over worn
womb the
unborn child
i warn ..once
he steps out
into our chaotic
world his dreams
will be shattered
torn..his face
forlorn ,..he
will wonder
mama where
have my dreams
gone ..deleted
hope deleted
dawn.. mama
for the sake of
pappas fuck
i was conned

there alex .. you asked for it