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DeMonetization The Devil And The Deep Shit

Dear Modiji #DeMonetisation  would have been a good thing in the long run but badly executed  poor implementation all ur  good work undone .

#DeMonetisation  where the poor stand in long serpentine lines suffer die as they wait for their turn ..your good work un done

#DeMonetisation  if this suffering continues dear sir you and your party in the next elections by the people will be spurned .

#DeMonetisation  now waiting endlessly to get back their money held captive in the bank that with the sweat of the brow they had earned .

#DeMonetisation God bless your mother with a very long life making her stand in a line could have never been the response of a good son .

#DeMonetisation the Mallyas Lalit . Modi  with the bank loot to other countries have run while  the poor with heartburn  wait under the hot sun

Good Morning America

image sourced from net
what you vote is what you get
please dont forget ..the new
icon all American God Blessed
he too has a 56 inches chest
he is reality however hard you
detest ..i am sure to the good
people of America he will give
his  best ..he safely flew over the
cuckoos nest ..governance only test

Chalo Bombay Protest By Mumbai Photo Journalists Against Tata Sons

7 Day Ganesha Immersion Pandals Marziya

7 Day Ganesha Immersion Pandals Marziya

Ganesha Pandals Juhu Bandra 2008 Farzads Ganpati

6 Day Ganpati Visarjan Mahim 2008

Late Gopinath Mundeji at Advocate Ashish Shelars Ganpati 2008

Behrampada Fire 2009 Remembered

Behrampada Fire 2009 Remembered

Peace March 2008 Gateway of India Leopold Hotel Chabad House Colaba

Peace March 2008 Gateway of India Leopold Hotel Chabad House Colaba

Photo Shoot With My Guru Shreekanth Malushte Rani Bagh 2007

Durga Puja Pandals Mumbai

Mount Mary Bandra 2012 Shot By Marziya Shakir 6 Year Old

My World of Imagery ,,Photography and More

The Shia Sword Matam of Mumbai

The Shias of Mumbai use the sword as their way of mourning . the wounds are very deep stitched without anesthesia no ointment no anti septic

Marriammen Feast Juhu Nehru Naga Sacrifice and Pongal

Marriammen Feast Juhu Nehru Nagar Part 1 2009