Thursday, July 11, 2013

Getting Ready For Iftar Breaking Of Ramzan Fast

In Muslim areas , or predominantly Muslim food lanes there is a mad rush from 4 pm on wards to buy dates , fruits and other hot spicy snacks like chana ragda, samosas cutlets pattice be it JJ Colony Lucky Food lane , Bandra Bazar , or further ahead at the crossroad of Waroda and Chapel road ,Muslims are busy adding flavor to Iftar time.

The other places in Bandra , are Bandra Station Road , Compound , and a few stalls that do brisk business near Bandra Juma Masjid.

Mahim is all time favorite for the folks living in the suburbs.

These are old pictures I am posting to add as visual.. some hot headed Miyas get uptight when you shoot pictures and so I dont think I will be shooting any new stuff in this segment ,, and strangely even in Ramzan a few Muslims love to lose their cool and intimidate others , well it comes with the territory.. I have no issue ..

I dont sell my pictures and my blogs are in no hurry to be part of mainstream Paid Media ..
These are my Ramzan Blogs ..showcasing my culture and its overall peaceful harmonious ethos.

Ramzan luckily is universal though our timings differ by a few minutes , the Bohras began their fast two days earlier .. the Shia keep extra fasts known as Shaban Fasts.

This is the first time I am not fasting because of kidney stones , I have been advised by my doctor to abstain from fasting.. and it hurts me the most.. Being a diabetic I fasted completely all these years .. but now with the stones the pain is all the more unbearable ... and I need to to drink copious water to drain my kidneys.

Mama .. This Uncle Loves Shooting Our Pictures ..

are we different
from the rest
nobody wants
to shoot
our pictures
not the press
why is this
uncle his
so obsessed
what is he
trying to
our destiny
our despair
our distress
will he give
us a copy
on request
but he cant
post it
our home
has no

kholi no4
gully no 1
pipe ke
apna der
allah khair
sabse dosti
na kisi se
bair .ajeeb
aur garib
nagri bambai

Beta Ramzan Mubarak.. Apna Khayal Rakhna

Ramzan Nights Bandra Station Road West

Ramzan Nights Bandra Station Road West

Ramzan Nights Bandra Station Road West

Ramzan Nights Lucky Hotel Lane Bandra

Ramzan Nights Bohri Mohalla Mumbai

Ramzan Nights Bohri Mohalla .. Mumbai

Ramzan Nights Minara Masjid Mumbais Pride

Zinnia Saif Shakirs First Ramzan

Nerjis Asif Shakirs First Ramzan ,, 18 Days Old

Marziyas First Ramzan..

Peace And Brotherhood - Ramadan 2013

Chand Rat Mubarak.. Date With Destiny

Ramazan Ka Chand - Garibon Ki Ankh Main Nazar Aya Hai

phiri nayi khushiyan
umeed ko sath laya hai
bhikari eid nahi mana pate
ek lifafe main unke nam
allah ke ghar se paigham aya hai
inhe izzat se jeene ka dubara
ek moka pir se aya hai...

Rumi Jafri Sab Get Well Soon Sir - Ramzan Mubarak

Ramzan - The Month Of Peace Piety Charity And Humanity

The Awakeners - They Wake You Up In The Morning For Sairi .. To Begin The Fast

I Am Recycling The Old As New This Ramadan

where the old
days have
peace ,,
has changed
nothing will
change after
i am gone
the world
of pain
on the
of life
as bombs
go off
in bodhi land
dead on

om mani padme hoon
where have the old
days of love peace
humanity gone

Ramzan Mubarak To All Of You From Bandra Where I Stay

i shot
this last year
it is the same
this year too
old is gold
old is new
a thought
that grew
color hue
the soul
of my poetry
my virtue
open to
as garbage
porn poetically

Ramzan Ka Chand Mubarak Ho

Marziya Shakir Has Understood The Spirit Of Ramzan... It Has Not Changed Much For The Muslim Beggar

Ramzan Has Not Changed Much Since Marziya Was 2 Year Old .. Only HopeRemains Unchanged

Ramzan Has Not Changed Much Since Marziya Was 2 Year Old .. Only Hope Remains Unchanged by firoze shakir photographerno1

last year or
year before 
last the same 
ramzan same 
fast ..this year 
future or past 
dark clouds 
but hope 
keeps the fight 
alive ..till the 
breath lasts 
no doubt
we are 
this stream 
or the cliched 
our fate
with bombs 
as outcasts 
by paid media 
light shade 

The Muslim Beggar And The Hijra

in a way
you are
than me
you changed
your biological
but will you
ever be able
to feel
the womans
angst that begs
within me
my humanity
you a man
in a womans
body ...could
you feel my
angst ..

Ramzan Mubarak.. Khuda Apko Abad Rakhe

Ramzan Is Hope For All

The beggars most of all
waiting for the muezzins call
a comforting moment ..for
the poorest of the poorest
homeless hopeless all
the spirit of peace harmony
food for all..quenching
the thirst of the tiniest
the smallest all ...
the beggar on
the sidewalk...

Lalbaugh Chya Raja Mukut Darshan 2019

I am perhaps the only Muslim shooting Lalbaugh Chya Raja for over 20 years or more ,,thanks to Mr Sudhir Salvi head honcho of the Mandal.....