Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stolen Wood To Burn The Body of a Beggar Poet

Jesus And I Understand Each Other As Poets of The Street

Saying It With Flowers Stolen From The Grave

Photography Is About Being Poetic From Within

My World Is as Crazy as I Am

Birth of a Beggar Child

The Beggar Lady And Her Child Who Loves My Camera

The Karmic Wheel of Silence

Jesus Has To Go.,..

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the municipal
says it so
is obstructing
the traffic flow
yet those
criminal dens
hooch joints
prostitution dens
gambling dens
over the soul
of mumbai
city overflow
as some more
to keep the hafta
system happy
for cash flow
but jesus
has to
pay a price
the cudgel blow
as they break
him up
his cross
as they fall
why i dont know
he can be
moved gently
be transplanted
like a tree
that they
show more
before they mow
jesus followers plead
at the municipal
commissioners doors
closed forever
much before
the tiger
in his den
this time
wont let
out a roar
jai maharashtra
jai ho

The Story of Garib Nagar Is a Screenplay Written By An Evil Hand

pyaali gayi toot munna gaya rooth laayenge nayi pyaaliya baja baja ke taaliyaan

chandamama dur ke, puye pakaayen boor ke
aap khaayen thaali mein, munne ko de pyaali mein

Its Time For Bollywood To Come Out Help These Other Rubina Alis of Garib Nagar

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No Milk Plain Water Story of Garib Nagar After The Fire

These Are Images I Shot As a Beggar Poet of Mumbai

Na Raha Roti Kapda Aur Makan Garib Nagar

Rendered Homeless Garib Nagar Bandra East Mumbai

Rendered Homeless Garib Nagar Bandra East Mumbai

He Wont Eat He Wants To Watch Cartoon Channel ..Garib Nagar Over And Out

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Who Will Tell The Truth About Who Set Garib Nagar On Fire ?

The Relief On The Soul of Humanity Gariib Nagar

Yes Its True This Is My 175000 Photo Blog at Flickr.Com

Yeh Bat Sach Hai Ke Yeh Musalman Hain

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is mulk
aur desh ki santan hai
mahzab nahi sikhata
ke yeh nahi insan hain
apni muflisi se yeh
pareshan hai
kisi ne zaroor inki
zindagi ko ag lagayi
aj yeh bhikari
aur berozgar hain
bure waqt aur kisi
ki saazish ka shikar hain
aj yeh beghar lekin
inke pas iman hai
yeh bat sach hai
ke yeh musalman hain

Rendered Homeless Garib Nagar Bandra East Mumbai

Clarence Gomes And His New Baby Bandra Times

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Clarence Gomes stays at 100 Bandra Bazar Road, in an ancestral cottage , and has been my friend guide and mentor , he has been a pillar of support ..

I had taken Dr Glenn Losack MD to meet him at NAB Worli Feb 16 2008..and Clarence was a perfect host, these are a few pictures I shot at NAB..where Clarence has been working for 27 years ..
His son Stallone a very good looking lad , works as a football coach in Dubai.

7 March 2011

Clarence Gomes will soon be coming out with a brand new paper called Bandra Times I am the press reporter for this paper , a honorary position to poetize the life in and around our beloved Bandra.

Earlier Clarence published the very successful Bandra Samachar . a social service tool of peace and harmony to society beyond caste color and community..

Bandra Times is for all youth and old folks like me an earnest request please support Clarence Gomes and make this paper the Queen Of News of the Suburbs...

Eat your heart out Bombay Times...

ruk jaana nahin tu kahin haar ke kaanto pe chal ke milenge saaye bahaar ke

Over 1000 Pictures Shot In Five Hours at Garib Nagar on Saturday

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That was Our Home Where We Lived ... At Garib Nagar Bandra East

Rendered Homeless Garib Nagar Bandra East Mumbai

Allah Malik Garib Nagar Bandra East Mumbai

Rendered Homeless Garib Nagar Bandra East Mumbai

Rendered Homeless Garib Nagar Bandra East Mumbai

Rendered Homeless Garib Nagar Bandra East Mumbai