Monday, August 23, 2010

This Is My 139,022 Photo Blog at Flickr in 3 Years 1,075,883 views

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Thanks to all of you and each one of you , without your support best wishes it would have not been possible and to Dr Glenn Losack MD my mentor from Manhattan New York and Marziyas American Guru and Godfather who bought me this Flickr Pro account for two years.

Two Street Photographers at Moghul Masjid

A Poet Held In Captivity

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Prometheus bound
to images and words
of street angst and despair
a pain captured as
it mushrooms everywhere
only poets enter where
angels fear to dare
pedestrian pathos
on the soul
of humanity

A Poets Vision of God and Peace

A Poets Vision of God and Peace

A Poets Vision of God and Peace

god lives here
my heart tells me
what my soul feels
in the fountains
fishes of all size
different sects
live together
the spirit
of nature reveal
while we as Muslims
kill each other
our sectarian
hate conceal
every time a Muslim
kills a Muslim
to Allah a death blow
he deals
when will we be One
bound to a single ideal
in his Oneness
beyond sectarian ordeal
when will
our ancestral
wounds heal
an image
i shot as a poet
a vision
of god and peace

I wrote this for Marziya my two and a half year old grand daughter the spirit and her zeal

To All My Friends a Message Of Universal Peace of Ramzan

Moghul Masjid

Namaz at Moghul Masjid

Moghul Masjid Where God Lives

Moghul Masjid Where God Lives

Majlis For a Dead Soul

My son Saifs wifes uncle had died recently he had just undertaken his fast said the namaz and within minutes died of a severe stroke , cardiac arrest so his majlis was held at Moghul Majid by Saifs father in law Mr Sardar Nawab .

This was a very tender moment , a moment of reflection as we all have to go one day , had come here with my family to pay my tribute to departed Momin a humble man, devout Shia ,

And though this was a very sad moment I shot pictures to show you the pain on the faces of the relatives and the beauty of Moghul Masjid.

Non Muslims are barred fro entering within so I share a whole lot of pictures of this Iranian Mosque , my favorite and I believe God lives here .

The entire series is on my Flickr photo stream..

Allah Embedded In A Nukta of Faith

Once Upon a Time at Mogul Masjid

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spent at Moghul Msjid
even time cannot erase
a fountain of memories
ghame hussain
as base
in the reflections in the
water you see
the maker face to face
lost friends moments
washing of
the scourging blades
the alams
the flowers floating
on the surface
the busheri matam
athar saabs majlis
the niyaz e hussain
ashura chehlum
the splattering
drops of rain
keeping faith alive
on the heart
the soul and the brain
chants from here
reach the roza in karbala
tears on the soul of hussain
every brick in its walls
gives evidence of
as he walks
as he falls
seeing the ladies
of his house
heads uncovered
a weeping sakina
the tragedy
of sham
zainul abedin
in chains
yes we bleed
the last moments
of hussain
a 1400 year
old protest
we curse the killers
of hussain
again and again and again
on the floor
in the courtyard
of moghul masjid
even time could not wash
away our bloodstains

dedicated for his service and love for the shias of mumbai
Maulana Athar Saab Mirza

Moghul Masjid Where God Lives

Moghul Masjid Where God Lives

The Story of The Indian Woman and The Cow

both are considered holy
respected revered and how
both are abused slaughtered
the Indian woman and the cow
justice in india is speedy
only for the rich man so
those who slaughter and abuse
with a great defense lawyer
escape the bars somehow
travesty of a system
corroded eroded up to now

The Marathon Man From Mumbai Wont Be Running For The Games This Time

with a huge burden of his life
he runs the marathon man
of mumbai barefeet
with great caution
living from hand to mouth
poverty ridden existence
while those entrusted
with the integrity
of the games make millions
trampling the hope of
the poor man of this nation
call it a misplaced
political aberration