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Sometimes I Shoot Landscapes too

Sometimes I Shoot Landscapes too, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 136,273 items / 1,052,488 views

He thought I was crazy and was wondering why I was shooting his car , I liked the reflection and in a way it resembled my own penury of pain and pathos , my inner turmoil and the silhouette of a barrenness on my blog of life.

This was shot before Mr Satheesh Balachandran the bigot and cyber bully on Facebook zoomed into my life , so in a way pictures are premonition of what will happen ..

The only place I was voluble and talkative was Facebook and the avenue too has been locked up by me for good like my Flickr photo blogs.

No Comments No Headache No problems.

Well this is the last time I mention my antagonist in my blog post..

Now imagine had I not clicked this picture and moved away , but I did go a step ahead and came back to shoot it.. pain always calls me from every available nook and cranny where it hides and reflects itself on the windscreen of my soul too.

Living …

Caught In The Rains

Caught In The Rains, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 136,272 items / 1,052,426 views

mumbai rains
are unpredictable
can take you
by surprise
you have
to get wet
alas there
is no '
other choice
mother and child
searching for shelter
before it stops and dries
she was in a great hurry
to pick up her son
from school she
the umbrella
at home
a thought
that annoys
the hustle
the bustle
the noise
a monsoonal
she enjoys

Give Till It Hurts

Give Till It Hurts, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 136,271 items / 1,052,136 views

every single drop
till it quenches
his thirst
first things first
his life
a balloon
ready to burst
what could be
putrid flesh
ashes to ashes
dust to dust
his soul
bleeding rust

Click Click Click

Click Click Click, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 136,270 items / 1,052,064 views

the sound
of my camera
my soul tick
each time
my grand daughter
marziya shakirs
pictures i click
i dont shoot nature
or still life or the ramp
its her life i pick
from the tapestry of her
innocence holy
smoke of
an incense stick
my dream house is built
on this single brick
to my poetic angst
as a poem of joy
it comes and sticks
so i shoot what i shoot
shooting like
cartier bresson
is out of the question
not my choice or inclination
i would be mentally sick
i am a street photographer
my soul embedded
in the arteries
of an internet wire
passion pathos
in a mouse click
your height
your grandeur
your wealth
is humility
on the soul
of a measuring stick

Man Is a Tree

Man Is a Tree, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 136,269 items / 1,051,472 views

a tiny
he grows
into a tree
as shade
for posterity
but sometimes
ill winds
uproot him
he falls
to the ground
crushed by his
own weight
they call vanity
a little child
drops a few coins
on his palm
he sees hope
while you
see charity
a lot trees
in the garden
of hope and humility
we call humanity

dedicated to Tysa Konstancja

‎~ I wanted to express how honoured and privileged I feel at having the chance to see Firoze Shakir's work and being tagged in his albums. I have often felt we have met before, and believe that it is not chance that I came across him here on FB ~

dedicated to Marcel Duvoix
Marcel Duvoix August 6 at 4:50am

Dear Firoze,
You're a respected figure in my religion of Legacism, so of course, when i see someone defaming and attacking your character and your artistic works, it bothers me. I'm ever in firm support of all that you are, your: photograph…

We All Beg From Our Children One Time Or The Other


What She Gives Is Not Money But Hope


You Are What Your Parents Made You

You Are What Your Parents Made You, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 136,269 items / 1,051,472 views

I gave Marziya money and before I could tell her something she was rushing to give the same to the homeless beggar on Bandra Hill Road .

And as a child has been toilet trained so has Marziya been trained to see feel observe pain.
But much of all this was there much before she was trained it was her heritage and her parentage is what she displays through her actions that I have documented as a street photographer.

At least I have clicked clicked clicked a childs story from the day she was born till date on Flickr 11000 picture private and public tell her story I have kept nothing back, I want Marziya to see all this once I am dead and gone.

Very few of us remember our child hood , I was lucky I had a camera and time and love to shoot her growth and through her growth my own.

And so I share her life and the life of the people around her to show you the dominance of pain abo…

I Have Turned My Back On Facebook

I Have Turned My Back On Facebook, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 136,269 items / 1,051,472 views

On the face of it and this is I say with sheer honesty and pain, I have perhaps a million flaws but I am what my parents put in me, I have never boasted of being literate in a pedantic or a showy way,

I have read books but luckily no book has inspired me to write the way I write I write from my heart . my verse is simple words I dont use a dictionary , perhaps I play with the same end words adding a new context every time I pen my pain.

I dont plagiarize .

The only two people who influenced me to shoot pictures the way they wrote their stories is Honore de Balzac and Charles Dickens , Dostovesky to some extent.

I shot Dickensian characters in Mumbai in my local surroundings Uriah Heep. Micawber , Fat boy, Barkis Aunt Peggoty and so on and so forth.

I feel pain much more than you as I am constantly shooting pain in one form or the other .

So the attack on me by holier than …

The Beggar Hijras of Mumbai

The Beggar Hijras of Mumbai, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. The most lowly , the most degrading, the most humiliating the most painful the most inhuman is the life of the beggar hijra of Mumbai or any other city for that matter.

The beggar hijra is stuck till doomsday , he is a hijra which as an ethnicity is shunned looked down upon and being a beggar hijra is the worst karmic calamity to befall the hijra.

Now one thing I must mention I am not a Hijra activist , I am not connected to any Hijra NGO, but yes I have a hijra guru Laxmi Narayan Tripathi who is doing the most for hijra community.

I dont make use of Laxmi to get pictures but people who know I am Laxmis heterosexual chela respect me and dont take up cudgels for shooting them , the hijras i mean.

And no where have I ever boasted about my work on the hijras , I shoot pictures show you Hijras are human and I shoot them from a proximity even the angel would fear to shoot.

I just spoke to Kalki Subramaniam, ab…

Adding Friends on Facebook Is A Pain In The Arse

Adding Friends on Facebook Is A Pain In The Arse, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. I normally go about with my postings on Facebook , I try not to send chain mail or write on peoples wall unless it is their birthday.I wish everybody on their birthday those on my friends list as a habit.

I got a message from a pseudo literary book seller who allegedly works on commission for the books he sells he sent me message , telling me to visit his blog , I sent him a message to remove my tag from the message as I get inundated with unnecessary notifications and the person concerned took offense and this is from a guy who does not even have the balls to show himself in on his profile thumbnail..

My message to him in sheer good faith and his reply I paste here so you know I am not the only spammer or weirdo at least I dont sell books , or my poems or my pictures and fuck Cartier Bresson I shoot what I shoot..

But yes I pimp my blogs and poems on Facebook and Twitter ..without shov…

Please Dont Take My Pictures - Said The Hijra To Me

Please Dont Take My Pictures - Said The Hijra To Me, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. on the fucked streets
of despair let me be
the traffic lights of my life
got hit by a fatal stone

hijra sorrow
hijra pain hijra poetry
castrated cast away
from society
fucked by a system
fucked by cars
fucked by fate

testicular fortitude
slashed by a sharp razor

born as a hijra
in the body of a man
my fucked destiny

will prince of raj pipla
manvendra singh gohil
use me on the front
page of his new gay
no it wont be
she said scathingly

my body
my butt
my angst
with a drop
of tear
from his eye
said the hijra
to me sighingly

My Haunted Hand

My Haunted Hand, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. up my
fucked up fate
in quicksand
as i sink
every second
every minute
no one there
to hold my
fucked hand
a bloggers
last stand
in mud and sand
like a Google buzz
post they all see
it when they
read their mail
but who the fuck
has time
to read it
or expand
so i twitter
in short hand
pimp my pathos
on facebook
some share it tag
it like a friendship band
a street blog
of poetic passion
most wanted brand
no editorial
on its own
fucked leg
it stands