Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thank You Mr Shreekant Malushte

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i never knew
i would give
up drinking
an old monk
a bitter alcoholic
locked up
in a glass bottle
as i drank
my life away
till i met you
by chance
to kick my habit
you showed
me a more
intoxicating way
you gifted
me the vision
that has made
me a street
photographer today
you taught me to
read light on faces
dying burning away
half lit shadows
silhouettes of
slithering silence
that haunt and stay
of hungry beggar kids
holding the mothers
nipple that was
bleeding eaten away
dry scorched
mind play
you gave me a gift
that in all humility
i have bequeathed
to marziya shakir
my 2 year 11 month
grand daughter
who shoots
better pictures
than me i must say
she is my guru
unteaching the art of
unlearning photography
in a way blind folded
she shoots darkness
captures spectral light
praising his glory
his essence his
through the camera
an instrument
of peace hope humanity
a picture greater
than a prayer
holistically healing
with others we share
our pain within
the soul of another
mans pain we bare
yes we are human
we feel we care
beyond darkness
doom and despair
we shoot what
angels fear
to dare

To My Guru Who Made me a better human being than a better, better photography photographer honest sincere and fair ...

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