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Hassan Ganda - Don Jaun Bawa

Hassan Ganda - Don Jaun Bawa, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 106,291 items / 689,351 views

Deedh Haidar Ki Ibaadat Hai Yeh Farmaan-E-Nabi
Hai Ali Rooh-E-Nabi Jism-E-Nabi Jaan-E-Nabi
Gul-E Tatheer Ali, Haq Ki Shamsheer Ali
Peeron Ke Pir Ali Ali

The guy with long locks is Hassan Ganda I baptized him Don Jaun Bawa when I posted his pictures at Buzznet six years back.

He was at the Dhuni but sat away from the Chancawalli Rafaees , and this was shot on 9 Dec I think, he was very happy to see me we have been old friends and he is one of the most artistic body piercer on the Urus circuit.

He is called Ganda as he usd to lift a 50 KG stone with his penis back home in Rajasthan close to Ajmer Sharif, he is now a head of dargah in the jungles close to the Gir forests , all his life he has lived with wild animals , and he is got a temperament of a Naga Sadhu as he has been living in their proximity.

While we were sitting having tea he asked me to come to the Dhuni at Ali Maulah Dar…

Muslim Beggar Lady at Crossroads

Muslim Beggar Lady at Crossroads, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. for a few coins
from your miserly pockets
she sits and waits
Muslim community
builds houses of gods
madrsas ..
she a demolished
house without gates
oh to see them begging
everyone hates
in silence her pain
of being a Muslim
destitute she narrates
while the jihad continues
killing of innocent people
in the name of Islam
wont abate
eunuch silence
just diatribe and debate
a suicide bomber
on the soul of humanity
has sealed his fate
virgins in paradise
as his soul mate
the mullah frowns
a question mark
that time negates
another pawn
hate only
more hate

Life a One Way Lane

Life a One Way Lane, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 106,252 items / 689,054 views

school girl
in a rush
going to school
to enhance
the gloomy corridors
of her brain

poor muslim
beggar woman
her impoverished child
life's tutorials without gain
lifes report card filled
with pain
life going going gone
under the drain
acid rain
karmic chain
life a one way lane

suspended in misery
your soul remains
unless you are
hit by a running train
cutting your wrists
without complain
a death certificate
without money
you cant obtain

Made In India

Made In India, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

What is Woman?

What is Woman?, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. The Lady Fakir

What made her renounce life beg at Dargahs..she pierced my soul evading my man like curiosity..bawas have strong fields of energies pervading their mind space..they just block you period.

What is a woman ? born as a beggar bowl, if she is not begging from her parents than it is her husband , a woman is a beggars bowl that gives gives gives and yet never remains empty..and read this positively..I am not denigrating womanhood at all..

Was this bawa lady jilted , was she shown the door when her Muslim husband bought in a more beautiful, nubile doe eyed seductress ..Allah Knows..

Every woman is a fairy tale seldom having a happy ending.. and her Prince Charming well he is laid up with some other woman..for all you know.

Woman's final betrayal is always at the Hands of Man..

I rest my case .

The Khasi and the Hijra

The Khasi and the Hijra, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. I tried my level best to get the castrated goat and the Hijra in the same frame , did not work..both will be slaughtered one by faith other by fucked up society.

Shamem Hijra had me impressed , all my life I have never met a hijra with her knowledge and charm, I exclude Laxmi Narayan Tripathi from this opinion as I am talking about the grass root hijra and Laxmi is far above Shamem both in intellect and in beauty.

I have a fascination for the beggar hijras , their life style their angst and their destiny.

A destiny caught running behind cars at Mumbai traffic signals. its really sad these creatures not created by a racist God..

I did not ask for Shamem Hijras mobile number , I dont ask personal questions , I shoot pictures endlessly and this is my high.. I can go on shooting Hijras , and they cross my path , be it any where , I am destined to meet Hijras on the cross roads of my life.

No Hijra came to my house fo…

Blowing Loban Smoke at the Possessed Women Mahim Dargah

Blowing Loban Smoke at the Possessed Women Mahim Dargah, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 106,128 items / 688,701 views

I was leaving the Dhuni , but almost turned back as I saw this heart crunching mind boggling scene, the effect of loban smoke on the possessed women at the Mahim Dargah.

I dared to shoot this frame after frame without stopping and all this was shot at the Urus of Makhdoom Shah Baba.

I cannot tell you the pain ,the agony I personally felt shooting these pictures, and this was the ultimate pain deprivation of their senses , their frenzy , their continuously shaking of their heads , their grunts and groans.

The loban blowers went about their jobs clinically and the cops were standing a feet away from me mesmerized too, I shoot pain, and pain is the only human factor that joins us all beyond caste color or creed..pain is the only element that makes us all human irrespective of our wealth or our poor state in life.

After shooting human pain on the streets ,…

Blessings of The Blogger Bawa

Blessings of The Blogger Bawa, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. blessings of the blogger bawa he takes
I too will be a photographer his head shakes
a genuine smile he does not fake
a childhood of peace and innocence
without heartbreak
pearls of wisdom thus Zarathustra spake
a blogger asleep a blogger awake
diverse cultural inheritance
your thirst he will slake
cinemascopic captures
no retake
on the soul of the viewer
another cosmic earthquake

Altaf Siddi from Mumbai and Me

Altaf Siddi from Mumbai and Me, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. All this was shot a few weeks back at the Makhdoom Shah Baba Dhuni, because of a slow Internet connection , I have not been able to upload my stuff at Flickr where all my blogs originate.

Altaf Siddi works as a junior artiste for Bollywood films , his uncle was famous fight master he told me.

He was happy that I was documenting the Siddis of Junagadh..Altaf has been a great help perhaps I will meet him at Haji Malang next year at Urus time.

I have not uploaded a single picture at Flickr today, and I have a 5 GB card that I want finish before I add my new Moharam set to Flickr..

I wont be shooting Moharam in Mumbai this year, I plan to go elsewhere for a change..Mumbai will miss my Tandav on the streets of JJ Junction..

I wont carry my dagger or my flagellating blades for security reasons I will use the one all others use at the venue..

I have asked a friend do get me a Japanese Samurai sword to cut my back.…