Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sare Jahan Se Acche Bandra Hamara Har Gali Main Kachra Yeh Gulistan Hamara

Khokla Pada Hai Yeh Swach Bharat Ka Nara .. BMC ne Kar Liya Kinara ..

Happy Birthday Benn Bell My Best Friend

a friendship with a buzznet beginning 
but no end on his auspicious birthday 
loads of blessings positive energy 
prayers well wishes to my friend i 
send he is an american i am an indian 
but on the soul of humanity we amicably 
blend he gets angry hates injustice a 
thorough gentleman benn my friend 
none like him on either end humanity 
at all costs he defends to the bell 
family love hope peace harmony 
i extend ..benn if you do visit india 
remember i will dress you up like me 
drive you all over mumbai round the bend

Once Upon A Time With Bajrangi Bhaijan

My friendship with Bhai happened much before he joined films I did the costumes of his first film a very long time back and as I had worked with Sangita Bijlani at Mudra I was the fashion co ordinator I knew him much before my tryst with Bollywood .
Than I did some of his stuff for Chal Mere Bhai ,,a film by Mr Nitin Manmohan.. and than Army during the lifetime of late Mr Mukul S Anand .
Last I did an ornamental waistcoat for his ad shoot when he called me over to his house met my Wife and Marziya Shakir my granddaughter 3 yer old at that time .
Later I met him again at his house when I was making two jackets for Salim sab for his friends son wedding..
I have not been to Galaxy since a long time now ,,,

The Beggar Poet Who Poeticizes The Pain Of Beggars

I Am What I Am But Not Spiritual Spam

my religiosity
my ideology
my sociology
my psychology
my spiritual vision
different from yours
same house but different
doors ..and windows
we may follow the same
faith but we are paths
diverging course,
a drop of tear from a
mothers eye  my ancestral
source ,,yes i am a shia
of course ..i dont have
to write it on my forehead
or cry out hoarse embedded
on the soul of my hearts poetry
is pain and remorse ..year after
year in black clothes with bleeding
heads we mourn a mothers loss ..
like the  Euphrates non stop
tears from the river of our eyes
on the soul of humanity flows
what i am who i am is between
god and me .. he surely  knows