Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Kettle and the Vessel

the kettle and the cooking vessel
in their spare time were having a chat
 the state of our politics of tit for tat
 political parties fighting among
themselves for the poor common
man nobody bats politicians
who came to serve the nation
 living in huts hovels now live
in mansions princely towers
 lavish flats to appease
the industrialists for forest
 lands they conspire with
 rogue hunters to kill wildcats
 destroying forever tigers habitat
 offering Acche din 15 lakhs in
your  bank account is the format ..
dance of democracy with thugs of
 Hindustan corruption inflation
 they promise to combat
 once they win the elections
 they crush the common man
under the door mat.. infighting
 among the higher echelons
 conniving bureaucrats ..
building statues instead of
 building infrastructure
building state of art schools
 colleges hospitals this is our
 political stand people dying
 everyday on railway tracks
but we have to show the world
 we have the bullet train from
Mumbai to Ahmedabad
our success and stats

 Finally progress development
 totally forgotten changing names
 of Muslim sounding cities
Faiizabad becomes Ayodha
  Pryagraj new name of Allahabad

Unable to build the Ram Mandir as
they were busy with cow lynchings
 ghar wapsi 4 years gone down
the drain just like that ..

2019 is not about wining or losing ,,
a fragmented opposition each one
wondering as PM who will bell the cat ...