Thursday, December 27, 2012

Abbas Qasim Qazilbash My Humble Father In Law

The Common Man Was put to Death In Every City of India

This Was A Bustling Street Slum I Shot Now It Exists No More ..Slumbai-Mumbai

This Was A Bustling Street Slum I Shot Now It Exists No More ..Slumbai-Mumbai

“You cannot be a great writer in a shop where words are sold in tens and twenties.” ― Rick Aster

An Orphan Called Dadar Without Mother Without Father ..

The Beasket Weavers of Mahim

And now for the first time I am using the drag and drop New Flickr uploader , it takes a lot of time I placed 22 files in a batch, one bonked you have to re upload the whole lot again.. I think for the one and only good photo management site that Flickr is it should make uploading fast and user friendly.. that I am a Pro paying user does not matter ..

Well I sent them a message and hope they consider my constructive criticism and dont give me a robotic response.

Even pictures I shoot dont desrve robtic response I shoot life my surrouundings my back yard , but I shoot other peoples life their pains travails and imagine this basket weaving community lives on the pavements sleeps on the road , for natures call they use the roads the railway tracks or pay and use lavatories .

And this area is notorious for drug addicts drunkards molesters too.. and they have young daughters children too all helping in making baskets ..the Marathi Manoos sells the flowers these are migrants that make the flower baskets , baskets for bouquets too.

Morning I had gone to Juhu to Mr Shatrughan Sinhas house .. and than finished my work.. came home showered ate dal gosht rice slept .. than had a long chat with Mohsin Bhai from Hyderabad a good friend ..

My wife is in Lucknow ... her hometown she does not miss her mothers annual majlis ..

The Sengwala of Zaveri Bazar ..

As nobody shoots them and they cant afford advertising I do it free for them and they are from Uttar Pradesh the State where I was accidentally born..I was supposed to be born in Maharashtra but God goofed it at the last moment .. I came to Mumbai when I was one year old I have been here ever since ..

Street Photographers Are Born Dreamers

Once Upon a Time Mumbai Was A Bustling Mill Town..

258,096 items / 2,094,196 views

till bad times
closed it down
the death warrant
of the mill workers
pronounced .
mill land now
for shopping malls
towers ..the builders
pounced ..hopes
trounced ...


i walk to zaveri bazar via bhuleshwar from cp tank

old mumbai was form endearing aesthetics we have towers of babel

the dabbawala ...serves humanity

old mumbai cp tank

“Hope is a waking dream.” ― Aristotle

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” ― John Lennon

The Lousy Flickr Uploader

Of late I have to manually reload my pictures as the Old Flikr uploader has been giving me a lot of trouble .. and this happens when my Internet is running smoothly ..I have Internet problems at ertain hours from 8.10 am the Internet stops for several minutes and than again at 6 pm and again at midnight , in between I have no problem .. and my Internet provider is a horrendous monster called MTNL Broadband .. and they are all aware of my problems but can do nothing about it , and I hope it is privatized .. and given into good professional hands .

I sent a message to Flickr Help through Email.

Of late my uploading stops midway, I use latest Google Chrome .. and it has been going on for quite some time now I never used your new uploader because it is worse than your old uploader and being a Pro member at Flickr I dont think you have done anything to make your Flickr uploader fast and friendly.. Sorry to say that..

Firoze Shakir Photographerno1

I am uploading from home my own laptop

I am not getting any error message after uploading 6 files on a bath of 22 at 28% the uploader refuses to budge forward..

Is an artist much more than a beggar? Clara Schumann

There are people who can never forgive a beggar for their not having given him anything. Karl Kraus

the street photographer

as a street photographer i shoot moving objects

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Appu My Friend ..

I Call Out To Appu From My Cab

I had a hectic day had gone to town all alone gave my dagger for sharpening at Do Tanki and than proceeded to CP tank from CP tank after completing my work to Zaveri Bazar via Bhuleshwar, and from Zaveri Bazar came to Crawford Market to buy female finches for my grand kids.. they have a bigger cage , the guy at Bandra who took our old cage and charged a hefty price for the new cage told Marziya the 4 finches we had were all male .. so I bought her 4 new ones all females today.

From Crawford Market I walked all the way and got a cab before Nal Bazar , than I went back to Do Tanki to collect my dagger that I had given for sharpening to be used during Chehlum..

On my way back to Bandra I saw Appu shouted out to him , but did not get off the cab as I had a lot of stuff on my person.. the cab driver was an excellent old man and we talked about the usual affairs that touch all of us ..