Friday, May 22, 2009

Maryamma Feast Madras Wadi 2009- 400,183 views

I receive over 400000 visits on my Flickr site from 10 June 2007.

I have posted 77699 images till date.

At Blogspot I would have been considered a positive spam and Word Verification stuffed up my rectum...

The Maryamma Feast Madras Wadi Worli 2009/Some Stray Thoughts

I have now put another batch of 98 pictures for upload I still have some more in my camera, I have to finish all this by today or tomorrow ..I will undertake another shoot on Sunday.Uploading pictures is like emptying put the reservoir of my spiritual Flickr.

I have another story a very painful one I normally shoot two urchins not beggar kids who stay at the Garbage bin with their alcoholic mother and a useless father.

Last week or a week before the mother ran away with another man.. and the kids are totally clueless , I give them money , buy them sweets cold drinks etc.

I spoke to their father he said that she had left 6 kids in Chattisgarh, ran away to marry him..more than that he would not divulge..

Their life is in a real mess, I will talk to Rahebar Khan our Bandra Corporator to rehabilitate them in an institution.. if he can..and he is a good man.

Man is a Miracle - Hooked to Faith

man is a miracle
that god made
born of faith
a faith he wont trade
over embers of fire
bare feet he will wade
man only by man
yet it is god
who comes to mans aid
man may die
but mankind wont fade
in one hand a holy book
another hand a grenade
man against humanity
an unending crusade
to preserve peace
man another mans
country will invade
weapons of mass destruction
in his own house displayed
war and peace like two hooks
on the shoulder blade
man an evil face
in total masquerade
man his religiosity racist
his religiosity bigotry
hate home made
man born a coward
becomes a giant unafraid
he has disgraced
man a miracle
playing god
playing a satrap
a man misplaced
man from the path
of mankind has strayed