Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Silhouette Of A Hijab

Captivating the Soul of Humanity ..the Beauty of the Hijab
Modest but an Irresistible Mystical Garb..

Times of India reports

French lawmakers
full veil ban

wrong perception
of a garment of modesty
by the misguided white man
the hijab is a friendly attire
part of a muslim woman's tradition
core of her womanhood
part of a divine plan
her ancestry her life span
the time has not come
to burn it or ban it
or dump it in trash can
racially profiled
wrongfully scanned
the hijab the source
of peace goodwill
dignity grace
poetically positive
since time began

Photo Journalist of Mumbai Special Idd Picture

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photo journalists
of mumbai
are a helpless lot
what the photo editor
wants has to be caught
on his editors table
by hook or by crook
has to be bought
children hugging on idd
forcibly on the soul
of photography
what a blot
once i told
a photo journo
cant you come
up with something
better on the spot
he got mad furious
told me to fuck off
his abusive retort
this is what his
fucked parents
had taught
in elitist
on the dot
how they stink
how they rot
idiotic plot
if i tell them
cameras dont
shoot pictures
they would
stupidly answer
fuck so what
comes to naught
basics they forgot
shooting images
some snapshots
in name only
these hot shots
once again
at grass root level
need to be retaught
khat a khat
continuous mode
these robots

Idd Namaz

Idd Namaz, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

From the fast the rozas
we take a pause
early morning
the call for the Idd Namaz
our salvation
our redemption
our spiritual cause
others for their flaws
while on the periphery
of prayers
those who beg
face covered
as the time draws
on idd day the poor
have a bridge to cross
idd a message of peace
brotherhood is what
comes across

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