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Om Namo Narayan

Sukh Shanti Sab Se bada Dhan
For peace hope humanity the poetry of my soul yearns the flame perched precariously on the candle burns ..what I lost perhaps may not return memories of her love spent out ashes in an urn every disillusioning turn ..
Caught in a vice between my dead father and the burnt out dreams of my son..
I move but I cannot run ..

The GSB Seva Mandal King Circle ..Ganesh Visarjan


Memories of Advocate Ashish Shelars Ganpati pandal


Lost Memories Bandra Shot By Firoze Shakir


The Beggar Hijras


Yes I have something to say ..

Fate controls our lives our moments our destiny .
From the second day that Marziya my first granddaughter was born I bent down on my knees beneath her cradle and thanked God for this generous gift of life love and truth .
And by the time Marziya was born 9 years back from this day I had given up boozing I was absolutely clean in mind heart and soul when I took my grandchild in my arms and when I put her back in the cradle she gave me a godly smile .
So the first thing Marziya saw on 25 Nov was my face and Shiva's third eye holding sway in my camera .
She was born with the umbilical cord choking her neck on ,24 November ..and I was at my studio on 29 Road Bandra I had not seen my first granddaughter I was crying and here you won't believe what I am about to say even as a Muslim ..a few Naga Sadhus walked in as they loved coming to my shop for my blessings before leaving for a pilgrimage ..these ones mystics seers were going to Ganga Sagar.
I had told them nothing my face was w…

Bandra Blues Street Photography by Firoze Shakir


God is an umbrella above a Muslim beggars head

Hope won't turn hunger into bread
Being a Muslim beggar
an untouchable
Half living half dead .
His dying soul made of lead .
To despair remorse he was wed
A few coins as gratification in
His beggars bowl his cosmic fate
Fled ..once he is dead and gone
On his unmarked grave a patch of a green bed
 ...grass weeping in the winds
He was a a devout man tears they will
Shed ...
So beware beneath your feet lies dreams
Unfulfilled when hastily you tread ..
A Muslim cemetery invokes you recite a
Fatiah for those ..lying inert stone dead
Poeticizing a street moment that
attracted and repelled ....
words that sought comfort in synchronicity as
They cosmically rebelled ..