Thursday, December 20, 2007

Groping Santa Claus

Groping Santa Claus
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A woman was charged with sexual assault after allegedly groping Santa Claus at a Connecticut mall, Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2007. The mall Santa told police the woman had touched him inappropriately while sitting on his lap.

(CBS/AP) A woman was charged with sexual assault after allegedly groping Santa Claus at a shopping mall.

Sandrama Lamy, 33, faces fourth-degree sexual assault and breach of peace charges.

Santas have a very tough time
women groping for their family jewels
squeezing them like sweet lime
now this Santa was a gay man
the thought was disgusting
and not sublime
he would prefer making
little cheeky buttocked
children sit on his heaving lap
and teach them nursery rhyme
santarchy and some
pedophiliac grime

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year
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Santa comes year after year
and though he brings gifts
peace hope happiness
on his favorite reindeer
its still not clear
why the human cheek
shelters the sobbing tear
nothing has changed
says Santa even this year
people living in poverty
racist environment
agonizing fear
alabaster faces
that mock and leer
poetic smiles
behind evil veneer
in cyberspace
today even the good shepherd
takes his lambs to slaughter
brings no cheer
on black faces
cow dung they smear
they kick you in the front
they kick your posterior
paying tribute
to the birth of Christ
life and resurrection
the end is near
the poor colored man pays for
the sins of the killers of the Messiah
proselytize him to the Lord endear
covert him make him a Christian
Merry Xmas Yule time
Happy New Year

Racism at Poem Hunter Poetry Website

Racism at Poem Hunter Poetry Website
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My name is Firoze Shakir I am an Indian poet from Mumbai who has been racially abused , debarred from Poem Hunter poetry site for exposing rampant racism under the guise of Poetry..
I give you a sample of the vitriolic racist poems written about me, and Mr Trade Martin eminent American Poet has written to the Management of Poem Hunter…

Please help or giving me a link where I can place and seek redressal for my grievance..12/19/07 Attention: Emily at PoemHunter. (URGENT)

Dear Emily, I’ve also seen others, but these kinds of ugly writings

should be totally banned, along with the writers of these vile

postings. They are NOT GOOD for your site.

Sincerely & respectfully, Trade Martin.

Love poetry Hate racism is gay

People of poem hunter..i am sorry to inform you that the indian satanist also called ‘Love poetry Hate racism’ is GAY! ! ! !
he fucks man..and he also loves one pussy that is cow pussy

Amberlee Spurling


It is sad for a lonley man..
who has no future
no life
no plan

For him to eat nasty poop
Thats all he can eat for thats all he has to scoop
He has no teeth with mangled hair
One eye to see out of and one leg to spare

He spreads diseases like Gonnerea
he also has Koro it is a psychiatric illness most common in South and East Asia whose primary symptom is an overwhelming fear that the penis is being slowly sucked into the body, resulting in death.
He is crazy
He talks about people…because he really admires them
he also admires being rammed up the ass by a rino
his legs start shaking by overjoyment…and he tiny penis may raise of a milimeter of an inch..and for him thats big

Amberlee Spurling

firoze shakir sucks gay american penis

firoze shakir sucks penis
so one day in india after fucking his god cow
he came to realize that he is gay now
so he flew to america to find a gay man
firoze shakir likes the cum from the gay man
then he got he went to the doctor and the doctor said
you gave the world aids from fucking the cow
firoze shakir hated white people because he is nasty
so nasty

Amberlee Spurling


Reply to all


Trade Martin
12/19/07 Attention: Emily at PoemHunter. (URGENT) Dear Emily, I’ve also seen …

12:24 AM (3 hours ago)
firoze shakir to Trade

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Thank you Sir

This is nothing but hate for my country, she has written such vile stuff on India , that I took up cudgels against her she has denigrated the Holy Cow , she has called us Indians stupid, now she is getting back to me as she knows I cant attack her having been banned from Poem Hunter…
I am now convinced that Poem Hunter supports Racism completely to the hilt..
An Indian man when he attacks people who provoke him racially with offensive abusive language , instead of giving him a warning is thrown out from a site that promotes Racism, neo nazism..
I have reported this to a few anti racist sites..
I have no problem, no regret being adversely punished by Poem Hunter, but justice should be equal to all irrespective of caste color or creed…

Firoze Shakir

I recieved message from Poem Hunter Management that they have deleted her poems.

" Stop Writing Poetry "she said

" Stop Writing Poetry "she said
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you keep getting into trouble
you and your hot air
balloon head
the poet racists of
a hate filled poetry world
want you debarrred and dead
with the connivance
of hackers
website managements misled
stop writing poetry she said
with your poetry blogs
you dont earn your daily bread
its poetic truth
that racism exists
in cyberspace
that they dread
many a
poet from the dark nether world
the racist poets have bled
aldo , arizona angel and also our own fred
their juggernaut wheels
over dead bodies they sped
these academicians
pompous poets well read
the law of nemesis
will catch up
before they get ahead
i dedicate these lines
to trade howlin hazell
ray lucero and ted

Indians Dogs Not Allowed

Indians Dogs Not Allowed
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racism lives behind these poetic doors
a world of black and white poets
universal color of blood racist sores
less poetry more hate
pimps pretending to be poets
poets pretending to be whores
colored men made to walk on fours
indians dogs not allowed
lungs bursting encores
in the modern cybernetic
world of hate
racism over
anti-racism scores
welcome to racial profiling
indoors and ourdoors
pompous pedantic poetic bores
acid rain on colored skins
as hate down pours.

Doomed Destiny of Man

Doomed Destiny of Man
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sheathed in a polythene gunny bag
sleeps the last vestige of an exhibit called man
tired hungry dreamless pangs
his doomed destiny on the shores
of despair his head bangs..
and lying to marginalise
him death bares her fangs