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Reminiscing The Ujjain Kumbh Mela Through The Eyes Of The Lens

There is a huge unexplored canvas waiting to be shot at the Kumbh Mela ,,and though I hardly moved out from my Akhara where I lived with the Nagas of the Juna Akhara and my Naga Guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj,,, I shot extensively mostly portraits of Naga Sadhus ,, the naked Naga Babas on Bhuki Mata Road ,.and we had a large exotic group of Naga Babas ..there was Ghantiwale Baba a bell dangled from his flaccid penis .. you dangled the bell to take the blessings of the Baba ,,, you paid him for his blessings and there was a huge crowd of men women mostly kids dangling the bell of Hope . There was another Bollywood Naga Baba with sexy dark glares every time I shot him I had to offer him from my depleting money pouch.. My favorite was the Naga Baba on the swing he took an instant liking to me ,,though he was not aware I was a camouflaged Muslim in the garbs of a Sadhu he thought I was a NRI Sadhu.. but could never understand why I gave him Indian currency instead of crispy dollar bills ,,…