Sunday, November 30, 2014

Muslim Society Watches As Motherhood Begs On The Street

I got a message this morning from a Flickr member ,,
He does not know me I do not know him...just the image stands between him and me .. this image I shot of a Muslim mother and her child getting used to the idea of learning to beg on the streets .nobody even among the Muslim brethren or women has time to go up to her why is she begging ? What happened to her life ? No our compassion is tight fisted and based on a few coins and move away , some in a hurry to catch up with God waiting at the Mosque.

The Flickr members message to me he could have sent to others too who shoot Muslims beggars but than I am really not sure if there are photographers who would dirty their vision shooting Muslim beggars .

The Message

Subject: Muslim Society Watches As Motherhood Begs On The Street
Date: November 29th, 2014


I am starting a baby swaddle blanket company and would potentially like to use your Muslim Society Watches As Motherhood Begs On The Street photo on my package and website. I am willing to pay or if you choose to donate this image as some other photographers have, I am going to donate a total of 1% of sales spread out among all photographers and subjects to charitable organizations of your choice, in your name, for as long as your images are used. Or some combination of payment, usage, and charitable donation that we can work out.

A commercial model release is not necessary because the subjects in your photo are not personally identifiable so their rights would not be infringed upon. I would also need this to be a one-time transaction, royalty-free, with unlimited use on my package and website. But I don’t need to own the image and you’re free to sell to others and would maintain all image rights.

You will be given credit on the package and a link from the website of course. I can send screenshots of how your image will be used on the package and website.

I think it can be a win-win for everybody involved. If you are a professional or novice photographer you get some publicity with your name attributed on the package and a link to your website/photo and we all (photo subjects included) get to do some good in the world. I want hand-up charity and environmental responsibility to be a pillar of my company and while I’m not perfect, this is a step in the right direction.

Just to protect myself, I will have final say over the charitable organizations.

I have with held his name lets call him John Dick or Harry does not matter he is a Westerner white man perhaps God alone knows.

My reply to him in good faith without malice or hate ..but perfectly the voice of my inner conscience .

Thank you John Dick or Harry

I dont sell my images , I am not interested in your offer ..

The reason for posting this image was to wake up Muslim society to the sufferings of their women as they turn their eyes away from reality fighting stupid battles, and to those who have usurped the message of peace and brotherhood , killing innocent people , in the name of Allah..

There is a deeper meaning in my images which I am sure shell shocked Muslims will read and awaken themselves one day .

I am a amateur photographer ,totally dumb assed I think with my heart .. and I guess more Human than a Muslim in more ways than one ..

Take care friend I am sure there are photographers who would kiss your hand that offers such generosity ..

As Ever
Beggar Poet

From Mumbai

Not Interested in you offer at all