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The Malang from Bollywood

Today I was in a state of sartorial confusion

This black robe is two in one if I wear it with a white pajama it becomes a Malang attire but I can change the spiritual contours of this dress if I wear along with it my Skull beads the Aghori Guru at Khamakhya gave me the skull beads hoping one day I will take Deeksha from him at Tarapeeth Kolkatta.
He was serious when he said I had both the Sufi and the Aghori  in me I remember while doing his Havan he called me aside whispered in my ears I was dead I was alive.. I did not ask for an explanation  a lot of me is dying everyday and lot of me is rising from the fire in my kundalini.

The Aghori Guru and I got along very well he had known me since my first trip and 2017 was my second trip.

I had told him my desire to document  the Aghoris  and he allowed me to shoot his rituals exorcism and his power over Evil forces and occult.

Where he did not want me to shoot a certain ritual he would tell me to stop recording he trusted me he could read…

Gods Promoters of Peace ..Muslim Beggars

Give in the name of Allah
in his painful voice he pleads
abandoned by his family
old muslim beggar,,
an untouchable by his
caste society holding
firmly to his faith creed
man is known not only
 by his words but also
by  his deeds ...
extra food he gets other
beggars he feeds ..
god takes care of his
 needs ,,taking money
from me he curtsied
Cursing the ISIS
enemies of Peace
Brotherhood in Islam
Our Religion they have
hijacked dirtied ..
I nodded my head agreed
The Shias Ahmediyas Jews
Yezdis other minorities bleed
by the rabid children of Yazid
The Butcher of Karbala
The Wanting Seed
Power lust and greed .

Hussain did not give him his hand
only his head ..Karbala a sacrifice
as a thought embodied ..

Happy New Year Message From Mr David Jim

This is to inform you that this bank has appointed a New managing Director and on this note informing you about your withheld fund

$950,000 Dollars been held by pass administration.

As the New appointed manager, collaboration with Benin republic government and governor central bank directives. We have decided to process your fund $950,000.( NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ) THROUGH  ATM CARD and send it to your Home address via delivery courier service.

For safety delivery of your $950,000 Dollars  ATM card. We required details such as.

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Immediately we received your details, your $950,000 ATM CARD shipment will be provided Home address.


Mr. David Jim

+229 65801133


Good Morning
For such a beautiful
 message of joy
May God Bless Him
Kind generous helpful
Mr David Jim

Wake Up You Tube


@YouTube @YTCreators
As a photo journalist I document #KumbhMelas #NagaSadhus Nagas who live naked their rituals is not sexual explicit content I am amazed at your regressiveness  strike against my channel is biased and uncalled for
I dont post porn.

You should have sent me a warning at least before removing it  I would have removed it ..this is a documentary of Naga Sadhu life and no titillation or sexual performance lol

Nasir Bhai Qadri Rafaee Silsila Sandal of Hazrat Ismail Qadri Shah Baba Jamli Mohalla Mumbai 2017


My Message to You Tube ..Naga Sadhus Ling Kriya and Penile Yoga

Dear You Tube

I am deeply saddened at your mindset and your regressive attitude as a You Tuber I follow You Tube guidelines.
I am a Muslim photographer an Indian by birth and my main concern has been promoting Hindu Muslim Amity through my documentation of diverse cultures that unify India a land of peace hope humanity.
I shoot Sufis Shias Naga Sadhus Aghoris Tantrics Hijras but no porn

You removed one one of my videos NagaSadhus Pulling a car with a penis an integral part of NagaSadhu rituals I do not mind the stance you take but to add that as a strike to my profile and character I think is biased and racist on your part..

Please remove my videos if you feel they are not proper as per your Victorian mindset but don't term as pornography it is an insult to my Hindu culture and all that it stands for.

I am deeply hurt and I think your You Tube curator has certainly lost it ask him to see Nat Geo and NagaSadhus and penile yoga and Ling Kriya.
You can age revise such videos but rem…

Firoze Shakir - Artist Feature - Rodney Pike Humorous Illustrator

Meet The Magician Artist Rodney Pike


In his own words

We first met at Google Plus and crossed path again at @Twitter
I am his hardcore fan .
Thank you RP ..

My name is Rodney Pike
Rodney Pike portrait
and I’m a humorous Illustrator from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was asked to write a little something and share some of my expertise and knowledge about what I do for a living.
Well, I’m not sure how much of an expert I am but I am very passionate about my art and about Photoshop as my chosen software. I also use a 21″ Cintiq Wacom which really makes life easy and is a great compliment to Photoshop which is where I live for the most part. My opinions and experiences are a bit one sided because I am a photomanipulator using Photoshop as opposed to some photographers who may use Lightroom or other editing software. I’m more accustomed to using Camera Raw for my initial adjustments.

So, a little about what I do:
I am a humorous illustrator, photo-manipulator and most recently a digital painter specializing in photo-ma…

Mahim Police Sandal Makhdhoom Shah Baba 2017