Wednesday, November 18, 2015

hatt Puja Juhu Beach 2015

This is a Bihari ritual called Dand during Chatt Puja and the devotee man or woman on the fulfillment of a wish crawl on the road for some distance till the waters of the Juhu Beach ..once the ritual is completed they do sit ups ask forgiveness and pay tribute to the Sun God ,
I try not to miss this ritual and this year shot videos ,,I found the Juhu beach to b very crowded this year so I shot selectively ,,as the light began to fade I moved out ,,I have been shooting Chhat Puja for over 15 years now at the Juhu Beach..

The Beauty of India Lies In Its People

“On the path of Love we are neither masters nor the owners of our lives. We are only a brush in the hand of the Master Painter.” ― Rumi

“Woman is the light of God.” ― Rumi

The Magic Of The Bihari Effect Of Chhath Puja At Juhu Beach 2015

I have been shooting the Chhath Puja for over 15 years at Juhu Beach,. and the festival kept changing evolving getting bigger every year ,it was highly political too.. political parties trying to undo one another ,, but I came to shoot the Bihari ethos , the humble migrants of Bihar ,,
This year I shot a few videos too.. and I shot till 8 pm and than decided to take a cab back home as there were no rickshas Juhu beach was totally packed ,, and I wish our State government had more mobile toilets , more buses for the devotees to take them back to Santacruz or Ville Parle stations ,, most ricksha guys refused to go to Juhu.. others were overcharging the devotees .
I shot this bareefeet and was too tired to upload these pictures last night ,, there was a foreign crew video shooting this glorious event ,,
Chath Maiya Ki Jai was the cry on the beach..