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Lotus Feet of the Master - KGM

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lies under the
lotus feet of the master
wisdom its roots and stem
kg maheshwari
a sparkling
creating pictorial
that needs
no stratagem
painting with light
a signature collection
that says
I am what I am

II हनुमान मंत्र II

photo courtesy

Photography & Art by Richard Lazzara, shankargallery,
Boulder, CO. USA.
Art for the Soul

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"Maarutatulyavegam Jitendriyam
Buddhimataam Varistham,
Vaataatmajam Vaanarayoothmukhyam
Sriramdootam Saranam Prapadhye"

Meaning: Lord Hanuman is the messenger of Lord Rama. His pace is as rapid as the wind and as quick as the mind. Hanuman has constrained his sense organs. He is the most intelligent among the intelligent ones. Hanuman is the son of Vayu (Pawan) and the chief of the monkey tribe. We surrender ourselves to Lord Hanuman

ripping open his chest
he showed
in his breast
a slave of god
the very best
Lord Hanuman
loved in the east and the west
he welcomes all to his nest
friends relatives and guest
those that have lost hope
completely depressed
those over stressed
under his shadow recover
get back their life and zest
his mantra his chant
you are blessed
close your eyes for a moment
from hope to humanity
peace love and harmony
your soul has progressed
humility tolerance
you have passed the ultimate test

dedicated to Richard Lazarra very good friend and guide..

12 August 2009 6.54 am

The Artist shot by an Artist- Mr K G Maheshwari

shot by Mr KG Maheshwari

model late Mr B W Jatkar

“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did he would cease to be an artist.”
Oscar Wilde

the photographer
the artist
the poet
mutually co exist
the soul
of a human canvas fit
beauty that the maker lit
his creation
more creatively they transmit
a part becomes a whole
even if you see a little bit
a thin line of demarcation
a circle of confusion
between the witless and the wit
one bequeaths a heritage
while the witless says I quit

Dedicated to Mrs BW Jatkar..a brave lady who faced the odds and was a sheet anchor to a great man Mr BW Jatkar....she faced all the storms and stood by him..may God give her the strength to bear this irreparable loss with the rest of her family..

No Challenge by Mr KG Maheshwari

shot by Mr KG Maheshwari

model late Mr B W Jatkar

The Brave One by Mr K G Maheshwari

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shot by Mr KG Maheshwari

This was a photo shoot at Mr KG Maheshwaris house and Mr BW Jatkar was present at the shoot assisting with the lights, this the humility of a great photographer in the presence of a great photographer Maheshwariji..

Jatkar Saab called him Babuji..they were very comfortable in each others company.Both were knowledgeable, creative distinctly apart from the new breed of photographers who want to shoot fashion models the moment they are born from their mothers womb..they want big bucks..I dont begrudge them, but what I learnt under these two great artists was not just photography, or reading the light , or exposure I learnt humility, I saw dedication and devotion,I picked up a treasure trove that is the soul of humanity.

I dont know whether the title given by Maheshwariji befits my character and nature as a poet photographer blogger and a professional tailor.


For public awareness

Swine Flu Symptoms
Swine Flu Basics

By Vincent Iannelli, M.D.,

Updated August 02, 2009

Although the name 'swine flu' brings up a lot of extra fear and worry, it is important to note that swine flu is just an influenza A H1N1 virus.

That means that it is just another type of flu virus, just like that causes our typical seasonal flu symptoms. The big difference is that the current swine influenza A (H1N1) virus has components of pig and bird influenza viruses in it, so that humans don't have any immunity to it. That is what made it more likely that it would become a pandemic virus (have the ability to cause a global outbreak) because it could easily spread from person-to-person.

So far, even as you see swine flu cases increase on this swine flu map, experts don't know if this swine influenza A (H1N1) virus will return in the fall for another wave. It could or we just continue to see sporadic cases for a few weeks or months until it stops.

We do know that swine flu symptoms are just like seasonal flu symptoms.
Swine Flu Symptoms

According to the CDC, like seasonal flu, symptoms of swine flu infections can include:

* fever, which is usually high, but unlike seasonal flu, is sometimes absent
* cough
* runny nose or stuffy nose
* sore throat
* body aches
* headache
* chills
* fatigue or tiredness, which can be extreme
* diarrhea and vomiting, sometimes, but more commonly seen than with seasonal flu

Signs of a more serious swine flu infection might include pneumonia and respiratory failure.

If your child has symptoms of swine flu, you should avoid other people and call your pediatrician who might do a rapid flu test to see if he has an influenza A infection. Further testing can then be done to see if it is a swine flu infection. (Samples can be sent to local and state health departments and the CDC for confirmation of swine flu, especially if a child is in the hospital.)
Swine Flu High Risk Groups

With regular seasonal flu, infants and the elderly are usually thought to be most at risk for serious infections, in addition to people with chronic medical problems. Swine flu high risk groups, people who are thought to be at risk for serious, life-threatening infections, are a little different and can include:

* pregnant women
* people with chronic medical problems, such as chronic lung disease, like asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and immunosuppression
* children and adults with obesity

Serious Swine Flu Symptoms

More serious symptoms that would indicate that a child with swine flu would need urgent medical attention include:

* Fast breathing or trouble breathing
* Bluish or gray skin color
* Not drinking enough fluids
* Severe or persistent vomiting
* Not waking up or not interacting
* Being so irritable that the child does not want to be held
* Flu-like symptoms improve but then return with fever and worse cough

Swine Flu Symptoms vs. a Cold or Sinus Infection

It is important to keep in mind most children with a runny nose or cough will not have swine flu and will not have to see their pediatrician for swine flu testing.

This time of year, many other childhood conditions are common, including:

* spring allergies - runny nose, congestion, and cough
* common cold - runny nose, cough, and low grade fever
* sinus infections - lingering runny nose, cough, and fever
* strep throat - sore throat, fever, and a positive strep test

What You Need To Know

* Swine flu likely spreads by direct contact with respiratory secretions of someone that is sick with swine flu, like if they were coughing and sneezing close to you.

* People with swine flu are likely contagious for one day before and up to seven days after they began to get sick with swine flu symptoms.

* Droplets from a cough or sneeze can also contaminate surfaces, such as a doorknob, drinking glass, or kitchen counter, although these germs likely don't survive for more than a few hours.

* Anti-flu medications, including Tamiflu (oseltamivir) and Relenza (zanamivir), are available to prevent and treat swine flu.

* The latest swine flu news from the CDC includes advice that children should not attend summer camps if they have had swine flu symptoms in the previous seven days and that camp staff should be quick to identify campers with swine flu symptoms and separate them from well campers.

Keep Swine Flu Away with Basic Precautions 1.Wash your hands frequently
Use the antibacterial soaps to cleanse your hands. Wash them often, at least 15 seconds and rinse with running water.
2. Get enough sleep
Try to get 8 hours of good sleep every night to keep your immune system in top flu-fighting shape.
3. Keep hydrated
Drink 8 to10 glasses of water each day to flush toxins from your system and maintain good moisture and mucous production in your sinuses.
4. Boost your immune system
Keeping your body strong, nourished, and ready to fight infection is important in flu prevention. So stick with whole grains, colorful vegetables, and vitamin-rich fruits.
5. Keep informed
The government is taking necessary steps to prevent the pandemic and periodically release guidelines to keep the pandemic away. Please make sure to keep up to date on the information and act in a calm manner.
6. Avoid alcohol
Apart from being a mood depressant, alcohol is an immune suppressant that can actually decrease your resistance to viral infections like swine flu. So stay away from alcoholic drinks so that your immune system may be strong.
7. Be physically active
Moderate exercise can support the immune system by increasing circulation and oxygenating the body. For example brisk walking for 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week will significantly perk up your immunity.
8. Keep away from sick people
Flu virus spreads when particles dispersed into the air through a cough or sneeze reach someone else’s nose. So if you have to be around someone who is sick, try to stay a few feet away from them and especially, avoid physical contact.
9. Know when to get help
Consult your doctor if you have a cough and fever and follow their instructions, including taking medicine as prescribed.
10. Avoid crowded areas
Try to avoid unnecessary trips outside. Moreover, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread this way.

The Beggar Hijra Beauty of Mumbai

I had a visit from the hijras the day I was going to town to shoot the Ganesh Gully Ganpati workshops and the photo exhibition..of Girish Mistrys students.

They were in a group and a few from this group had visited me a few months back.

This was a crazy shoot to say the least I shot over 68 pictures in 15 minutes..

50 Lacs On Dustbins Instead of Face Masks

The local MLA
from his funds
for dustbins
will pay
as cleanliness
in buildings
is more important
than human beings
or human infrastructure
they say
N95 face mask
back marketeers
have field day
what sold for Rs 50
is now being sold for
Rs 350 in market gray
with human life they play
on the gullible the helpless
they prey to become
multi millionaires one day
swine flu is here to stay
to test mans fortitude
his social decay
prayer and a positive approach
is what is needed today
its all about resilience resurgence
at the end of the day
games on the soul of humanity
that some politicians play

The Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai

The Fucked Race of Life

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carrying the weight
of humanity
on his three legged bike
looking at him the cars
the ricksha
his humility they did strike
dickhead go take a hike
its not you but your disability
we dislike we are totally unalike

Photographers Without Borders

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a moment
in eternity freeze
photographers without borders
promoting safe guarding peace
everyone you cannot please
as photo bloggers poets
satirizing life situations
we love to tease
we dont kiss ass
god our country
and our family
our friends
we have no other
master to appease
on the wings of chariots
we flow with the breeze
we have no hands
to grease
our souls
made in india
our camera
made by the japanese
we have art
they have the expertise
poems will flow
like the river ganges
words volley of words sourced
from a grateful god
will never ever cease
he who protects us
from every kind of disease
swine flu will come and go..
man on a life's trapeze
prevention is better than a sneeze

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