Sunday, November 4, 2007

All Racists are Atheists

All Racists are Atheists
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They don’t believe in god
They don’t believe in man
They believe in anarchy
Yes all racists are atheists
Their world of black and white
Where hate and no God exists
Two fingers up their victory sign
The other hand a fist
Only neo- Nazis
Only Anti-Semitics
Only White Supremacists
The Ku Klux Klan
Mutually co-exist

Love Poetry Hate Racism

The Noose

The Noose
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The noose is a knot, normally made from a small-diameter rope, that is often used by campers and hunters to catch small game. The noose has also traditionally been known as a suicide method; however the actual knot associated with this is the Hangman's knot, which is also known as the 'hangman's noose'.

In 2007, there were several incidents involving nooses at the University of Maryland and Columbia University. The Maryland incident took place at a dorm in front of a minority's window. The Columbia incident took place at a professor's door.

In 2007, in Jena, Louisiana, a group of black teens fought a white teen who angered one of the members the weekend prior.A year earlier students hung nooses from a tree. While the school board dismissed this as a prank it raised racial tensions until the attack. The fight became a court case when the 6 black teenagers were arrested and charged for the fight. They are known as the Jena Six.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Following a rash of cases involving nooses, the state Legislature Monday (10/22/2007) moved toward making it a felony to display the symbol of lynchings in the Old South in a threatening manner. 'We won't tolerate this, ' said Sen. Dean G. Skelos, a Long Island Republican who sponsored the measure that passed Monday in the Senate. 'There is no place for racism and intimidation in America.'
Terre Haute, IN.10-25-2007 A noose was found in a tree on the campus of Indiana State. ISU police informed the FBI, who will look into possible 'hate crime' violations.'A noose is a symbol of America's oldest form of domestic terrorism, ' said Hilary O. Shelton, director of the NAACP's Washington office. 'It was held up as an example to show that whoever you are, you could be taken this way.'


Dangling rope
Dangling hope
The noose
A present
For colored abuse
A gift
He dare not refuse
Being born
As children of a lesser
God he has nothing to lose
Just a neck to deduce
In a world of hate
Discoloured truce
What you sow
Is what you produce
Being the downtrodden
Underdog colored slime
Is no excuse

Love Poetry Hate Racism

wordless poem dickless whores

wordless poem dickless whores
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Benn Bell says: (5 hours ago)
Your pictures are like wordless poems
Your critics are like dickless whores!

At poem hunter my pictures they don’t see
My text pictureless poems
Which I post at Flickr Word Press
Bloggerspot and Ipernity
My critics racists
Dickless whores
Pedants trafficking comments
Ghouls eating into the flesh
Of poetry
An Englishman old retired
Starched the other a pederast Aussie
Another an arse as well as horsy
Adding fuel to fire
Pandering poetic controversy
as a footnote at the feet of my
poetic rendering their uric hate
come and pee
with their women supporters
a tai chi italy
lizbeth of lambeth
cajun recipe
burning the brown bastard
in Madras Masala Curry
hate is a dish
served piping hot
full of calorie

My love to you from India -Unguarded so

My love to you from India -Unguarded so
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Bhagalpur Blindings Remembered

Bhagalpur Blindings Remembered
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Bhagalpur blindings is the incident of 1979 and 1980 in Bhagalpur in India when the police blinded 31 undertrials (or convicted criminals, according to some versions), by pouring acid into their eyes. The incident became infamous as Bhagalpur blindings. The incident was widely debated and discussed by several human rights organisations.

2007 Torture by Bhagalpur Police
On August 28, 2007, Salim Ilyas aka Aurangzeb, a 20 year old man, snatched a gold necklace. When searched, the necklace was recovered from him. Bhagalpur policemen were recorded by Indian television crews brutally lynched and tortured Salim Ilyas publicly until he lost consciousness. The incident acquired Indian and global recognition further worsening Bhagalpur's notoriety as one of the most lawless areas in India's so-called MOST lawless state, Bihar. Bhagalpur police have had a long history of extrajudicial and excessive violence. The pattern is endemic in all of Bihar, but the Salim Ilyas incident in Bhagalpur and its coverage in India's activist, investigative television journalism has highlighted the nature of human rights violation. Internet videos of Salim Ilyas's torture wherein he is shown to be chained to the rear of a Policeman's motorcycle and being dragged barebodied through 5 odd metres of dirtroad have proliferated.

Bhagalpur is a city and municipal corporation in Bihar state in eastern India. It is the administrative headquarters of Bhagalpur District.
Bhagalpur is a divisional town of historical importance situated on the southern bank of the Ganga river. Situated 220km east of state capital Patna and 410 km north west of Calcutta, it is well connected by rail and road.
Bhagalpur is famous worldwide for its silk production. The silk industry in this city is hundreds of years old and a whole clan exist that has been producing silk for generations. There is a Silk Institute and Agricultural college here, as well as a University, and Engineering, Medical and Homeopath colleges.

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They were criminals they got caught
31 under trials
In 1980 in Bhagalpur
Misery savagery their lot
Beaten black and blue by the
Khaki hoodlums rabid cops

In their eyes it was acid
calling it Ganga Jal
Water of the Ganges
they poured
Eyes burnt gouged and gored
Such is law and order
Bhagalpur Blindings
Sends a chill down your spine
Oh Lord
Eye sight that will
Never be restored
Law and Order
Human values
on a weeping
chopping board