Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Lady With Two Faces

I was climbing the mountains barefeet to connect ith the Dam Madar Malangs who park themselves near Taragadh foothills , and I spotted her at first I thought walking up to her and shooting her would be inappropriate but nonetheless i took this shot .. and this is a huge stretch where all the beggars who come to beg during the Ajmer Urus stay in makeshift tents and in deplorable conditions , there is no facility for them but one thing is certain , they get good returns and I am sure they pay protection money to beg without being booked ,,and the beggars at Ajmer are unique in a strange way , they are physically challenged , mentally challenged ,, blind cripple lepers and like the child with no hands ..

Some of the beggars in Ajmer you see them every trip but some just disappear , and the only beggar I interact with is the beggar at Dhai DjinnKa Jhopda with curved bent legs , he has a mobile phone he gave his number but I misplaced it..

At Taragadh too a few km away from Ajmer there are lepers , beggars with open wounds and toddlers begging ...along with monks and mystics ,,

Flickr Help On Twitter Is No Help At All

Flickr Help On Twitter Is No Help At All

I Went To The Bonesetter SV Road Bandra My Fourth Session

I had not gone to him for almost two weeks so I thought of showing my leg as the pain has not yet gone .. This morning too I had walked about 4 km at MET Gardens ..
And even during the course of the day I  walk about 3 or 4 km for work purpose ,, and this guy in the picture has been taking care of me for bone related problems he was on leave .. and as his boss was not around he checked my leg , and tried to align it by tying a rope and giving it a big pull ,, than he applied lep herbal ointment,,

I felt much better and shot a few frames of the holistic procedure ,,

This guy is very good and highly gifted and does a great job massaging and taking care of your bone related and muscle pull problem , he hardly talks while working I thought I would take a video my Xiaomi note hangs while shooting , and it has several problems all related to its camera .. but as it is a gift from my son I take all this in my stride ,,

The Muslim Mans Dilemma To Vote Or Not To Vote ..

acche din ayenge
sab ka sath sab ka
vikas on these
two magical
mantras his
dreams were
afloat but than
they banned
his beef now
they want to
take away his
voting rights
the muslim man
appeased by all
parties is now
called a turncoat
slaughtered for
the wrong reasons
this sacrificial goat
to vote or not to
vote  silenced
by his bleeding
throat ..

Indian Political Party Advocates the Denial of Voting Rights for Muslims  a Times quote ,,,

"that Muslims should indulge in family planning or be “stripped of their voting right”....Is how some right wingers viciously emote

Live And Let Live
A Secular Nationalistic Footnote

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