Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Better Photography Forum
No moderator
No help of an administration
A bunch of Muslim hating
Racists led by a Panditji
A title of spiritual devotedness
Transformed as Hate
A curse to humanity
And an ugly pot of a bigoted
Muslim Basher Panditji
Pompous so called photographer
Calling the poet black
At a forum that is not his property
His vociferous cronies
Wolf cubs carnivorous hyenas you can see
Yelping his hateful tune
A racist blasphemy
Yes they hate Bloggers
Their cursed minds
Pictorial poverty
Panditji dreams gone dry
What a pity
analpgous anomaly
Because my presence
Was a dent to his popularity
Jokers spamsters camel driven
Nincompoops giving a bad name
To Better Photography
All defecating collectively
No Guru to guide them
These misfits
Hate spewing
Hurling racist remarks as comments
Bashing Muslim heads
Is their gift to a secular Indian society


To be or not to be
Mind over matter
Matter over mind
Asymmetrical attack
By a viciously racist
Muslim hating Panditji
His fiefdom the forum
Of Better Photography
His dislike for me
Overtly covertly
Disguise as a comment
To blasphemously batter me
Yes this racism not just in poetry
It has it hate filled toad like
Presence in Amateur Photography
This man who eulogizes
Kenji Nagaji
On the other hand clobbers
Muslim photographers
With a pugnacious ferocity
Such is his mediocrity
He who searches for words
In an outdated dictionary
Not knowing the difference
Between bombast verbiage
An air filled pictorial balloon
Of Pomposity
I have unsubscribed myself
In 8 days who will take such
Unpardonable depravity
Panditji a misnomer
For this venomous vituperative
Pictorially corrupt banality
should retire with the over excess baggage
doomed to his generic inherited inferiority
rest in peace once and for all
bitter photography

Do Not Disturb Spiritual Sleep

all these are pictures of my kumbh mela lot posted at flickr and my blogspot kumbh mela site..