Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Cast My Vote For a Better Tomorrow

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i cast my vote
for a better tomorrow
kapda roti aur makan
beyond pedestrian sorrow
his vote the politician
need not borrow
when he dies
his useless body
will be carried
on a wheel barrow
an aborted flight of misery
of a wingless

Andhen Kisko Vote Kare

adnhen kisko
vote kare
sabka malik ek
kiska hath dharen
salon se
raste par
yuhin hin
se kya laden
ped kya dega phal
kha gaye jaden

to ray framroze
my childhood friend

God Did Not Vote This Time

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god busy
bringing relief
to people all over
did not vote
this time
in protest
who for the welfare
of his people
dont care a dime
his people suffer
rising electric bills
rising taxes
rising cost of
living dead
in his lifetime
long live crime
says a nexus
of leaders and criminals
every time
as the bells chime
his people
becoming old tired
in their prime
children begging
on the streets
no school time
on the backs
of a single vote
to vidhan sabha
of success
the candidate
the poor man
for his life
in the meantime

Break Dance of Democracy

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I bring my elections documentary to its climax with a new set at Flickr titled Break Dance of Democracy ...I left home this morning at 8 am to cast my vote at St Stanislaus School..making sure that I had deposited my camera to the watch man at St Peters Church..I carried my Bandra Samachar Press Card..

I am 55 years old and do not possess a Voters card, I had applied for it but have not received it as yet, though my wife and son Saif Shakir are the only ones who got it in my family..

I carried my pan card and cast my vote .. the time I reached the polling booth the turnout was very poor , just a few dozen people mostly Christians and Bohras two communities that are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Well I think people will come post noon , all shops at Bazar Road are closed , my shop is closed too, I will resume work after 2pm.

I shot party members sitting all over Bandra with the voting list guiding people ...I shot Bazar Road , Bandra Reclamation , JJ Colony, St Aloysius School ..

The residents of Bandra Reclamation near MET were all lined up going towards the polling booth guided by the BJP Shive Sena volunteers..This area is predominantly a Hindu vote bank, with ex government officers.

Outside the Bandra Municipal School there was a lot of commotion between the NGO Agni and the cops regarding their checking voter cards ..Finally all were removed 200 meters away from the venue..including me.

So this a small set that includes the holiday atmosphere ,the irony is that Bandra roads are filthy dirty , I shot pictures and hope who ever comes to power gives a better deal to those who vote him to power..

And dont let him down again this time..leaving him stranded to the wolves , as they have been doing if for years.

Once upon a time every kid wanted to be a film star , live at Pali Hill have imported cars , but today the kid has changed he is happy to become a politician making money 1000 times more than he would make as a film star and with money can make any Salman or any super star dance to his party's tune..and this is fact without denigrating Salmans contribution to society through his erstwhile foundation..

So this is the break dance of Democracy as I see it through viewfinder of my soul..

Go And Make Your Vote Count

go out and make your
vote count
13 october
election day
8 am to 5 pm
fixed determination
no discount
from the horse
of your laziness
time to dismount
with your
take the
into account
no one can buy
your vote
whatever amount
the politicians
dread another
an attack
on a sucked
to surmount

At the age of 55 years I have yet to get my voters card like a chappati on the tawa burnt dark brown those who issue the voter card gone out of town...to cast their vote in their hometown...democracy weeps face down.. as it waits for the final count down, party .heads in line for Maharashtra's crown

Vote You Must

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in liberty
truth you
wake up
to the call of
however hard
you have to adjust
13 October
vote you must
brush your teeth
say your prayers
god will quench
your thirst
be in the line
with your voter card
into the face of politics
your vote thrust
be first
with the poor
Bombay Times
Page 3
Upper Crust
the system sucks
it cant get worst
with iron in your soul
turning to rust
ashes to ashes
dust to dust
choose responsibly
the right man
who will fight
for your right
be accurately
if you dont vote
you disgust
to society
your act

Vote Vote Vote (13 Oct 2009)

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vote vote vote
the public
a sacrificial goat
to keep
democracy afloat ...
in the moat
your dream boat
elect one
who will
rip your throat
vote vote vote
read this as a
musical note

to Vishwajeet Pradhan