Wednesday, January 19, 2011

10 Safar Hardcore Zanjir Matam at Moghul Masjid Iranian Mosque

Shiasm and Faith

Shiasm and Faith

I Searched For God Everywhere I Found Him At Moghul Masid Iranian Mosque

Habib Nasser

Baqar Top Spin Nasser and Me

Baqar Top Spin Nasse and Me

The Soul of a Photographer Lies In His Camera

Bandra Is Where Each Persons God Lives In Peace

Idris Nulwala Listening To Piped Music

wa waila sad wa waila ibn e zehra wa waila

Marziya and Ghame Hussain

Bibi Sakinas Taboot and Marziya

Bibi Sakinas Taboot at Our House

Mehnat Rang Layegi


Marziya Reciting Noha and Expressing Pain

Marziya Reciting Noha

My Bejewled Hand Kissed By A Goat Before Slaughter

Barbed Wires of Sectarian Hate

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an Indian born
shia hindu
with your
your caste color
i have no issue
i am a muslim
it is true
a land called
my imam loved
here i was born
here i grew
Free Palestine
Free Tibet
as freedom is
important to
me or you
mutual coexistence
tolerance hope humanity
a pact renew
my best friend
my blood like brother
is an American Jew
self respect
no hate
to spew
if i was not
born in India
it would have
been the greatest
curse out of the blue
every land is karbala
every day is ashura too
hussain is humanity
a thought in lieu

Thank You Mr Marc Zuckerburg .. I Have Moved Out of Facebook

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high resolution
my ass
my pictures
they steal
pictures i shot
that holistically heal
my inner turmoil
my eternal ordeal
my karmic sorrow
of a blurred tomorrow
reveal no right clicks
no downloads on
our pictures I appeal
as the blood on the
soul of my blog congeals
i will return one day its a deal
if you step into my shoes
you will know what i feel
a fish out of water
this slithering eel
a poetic pause
from facebook
my latest update
on a wall minus
the zeal a social
calisthenics of chaos

Abey Bade Screen Ka Maza Le..Ticket Ke Paise Ham Dedenge

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Aye Shehre Lucknow Tujhe Akhri Salaam

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Every time I came to Lucknow during Athvi I would rush to the house of this giant of Arts and Creativity , touch his feet , this was my tryst with a great human being, a writer , a poet , a historian, a camera repairer , Lucknows son of the soil.

I would shoot his pictures and today I do not have a single one, to post here as his obituary, maybe he wanted it this way.

Mr PC Little whose pictures hang besides Deen Dayal Sharma in the Gallery of Modern Art passed away last evening while I was sitting at my computer,

I called up his sons Bhupeshji and Avinashji and paid my condolences on the passing away of a legend of Lucknow , the photographers of Bada Imambada will be hit the hardest as he repaired their cameras with love and care , their film cameras the sole bread earner kept the chulaa burning at home , and he loved them all.

Mind you PC Saab as he was lovingly called was a camera buff a camera collector and gizmo freak.

He knew my passion for Moharam in Lucknow the city of my birth , he told Ms Sunita Aaron editor of Hindustan Times Lucknow about me and saw that a few of my pictures were published , such was the love of a man for an amateur photographer ,, he was extremely kind made me the honorary member of his camera club Horizon.

Of late I had not met him but I remembered him always , he was working on the history of the Nawabs in Lucknow..

These are my few lines for him in humility and gratitude.. people like P C Little dont die they go on living and living in the the hearts and souls of people they loved.

Aye Shehre Lucknow Tujhe Akhri Salaam
Adab aur Tehzeeb Mohabate e Lucknow
tere naam kashmakash hazrat ganj ki
hasraten woh akhri jam
aye shehre lucknow yeh akri kalaam

10 Safar Hardcore Zanjir Matam at Moghul Masjid Iranian Mosque

The Shia Story of Pain Never Ends

I continue with 10 Safar Moghul Masjid pictures..after the Dongri Juloos

The Shia Head Cutters Of Mumbai

Jinhone Khushiyan Bazar Se Kharidi Hon Woh Ghame Hussain Kya Samjhenge

Din Rota Hai Raat Roti hai ,Har Momin Ki Zaat Roti hai Jab Bhi Muharram Aata ,Hai Khuda Ki Qasam Gham-e-HUSSAIN (a.s) Main ,Saari Kainaat Roti Hai

The Traffic Lights of Faith .. Allah Through Ahle Bayt

Hussainiyat the Ultimate Gate
ghame hussain a pain
our hope into humanity
translates the poetry
pathos passion
of our spiritual state
for His zahoor we wait
cursing the soul
of yazidiyat
their evil intentions
we frustrate through
blood sweat our tears
the history of karbala
we eloquently narrate
as shias our
black clothes
our bleeding faces
our bleeding heads
our bleeding backs
need no nameplate
1400 years from
one generation to the
next we mutate
niyaz e hussain
we ate our destiny
engraved to
which we relate

now a facebook

Abbas K Katey Baazu Ki Jab Wafa Yaad Aai

Abbas K Katey Baazu Ki Jab Wafa Yaad Aai
Bint-E-Zehra Tere Sar Ki Rida Yaad Aai
Dekha Jab Teer Ali Asghar K Halaq Par
Hoz-E-Kausar Ko Pyaaso’n Ki Sada Yaad Aai
Bujh Gaye Chiraag Jab Zehra K Laal K
Momin Ko Maula Ki Aza Yaad Aai
Dekha Jab Sar-E-Hussain Ko Nezey Ki Nok Pe
Mustafa(S.A.W) Tere Deen Ki Baqa Yaad Aai

Parchame Abbas Uthate Rakhna

Nam-E-Ghazi Se Khushbu-E-Wafa Aati Hai. Un K Roze Say Ya Hussain(A.S) Ke Sada Aati Hai. Jab Bi Bathay Hain Hum Abbas K Percham K Tale. Aisa Lagta Hai Janat SAy Hawa Aati.Hai

He Has Cut His Head For Maulah Akka Hussain

Remembering Maulah Akka Hussain at Kurla Imambada