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Lailatul Qadr: Night of Power, Night of Destiny or Night of Majesty

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On the Night of Power pray to God with all your heart and He will definitely answer all your prayers. The Quran says : "Surely We revealed it (the Holy Quran) on the grand night. And what will make you comprehend what the grand night. The grand night is better than a thousand months. The angels and Gibreel descend in it by the permission of their Lord for every affair, Peace! It is till the break of the morning." (97:1-5)

The Night of Power is full of blessings because the Eminent Quran descended in it. The Quran is peace by itself. It distinguishes between the good and evil and shows the path of eternal Peace and Bliss to all Mankind forever. This being so, the Night in which this Divine Book was sent down is worthy of great esteem. During this night, as explained in the verse quoted above, the Angels and the Heavenly spirit (Hazrat Gibreel Alai-his-Salam) descend. Their nearness to earth gives a spiritual luster to the hearts and souls of the believers. The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) and the 12 Imams (A.S.) passed this night in prayer and worship of God.

Those who pass his night in Prayer, experience an unimaginable bliss, a deep feeling of great pleasure as a result of immense heavenly blessings in this night.

Recite the Holy Quran, seek Allah's forgiveness and pray for the good of this world as well as the hereafter.

The A'maal of Shabe Qadr (19th, 21st & 23rd of Ramadan)

Shab-e-Qadr is the night, which is the best night among the nights of the whole year. The "A'maal" (religious performances) of this night are better than the A'maal of 1000 nights. In this night the divine Annual Decree is passed. The Angels and Roohul Ameen (A highly dignified Angel) descend on this earth, in that night. These call on the Imam of the time, and what is ordained (by Allah) for everybody is presented before the Imam.

The A'maal of Shab-e-Qadr are of two kinds. Some are common to all three nights others are particular for one of those three nights. The common A'maals are: -

01. To take a bath. Allama Majlisi says, "It is better to take a bath before sunset so that the night prayers may be performed after bath".

02. To offer two Raqats of Namaz, in every Raqat offer Surat-al-Hamd, and Surat-al-Tauhid/ Sure Ikhlaas (Kulhowallah) seven times, and after finishing the prayer 70 times recite: "Astaghfirullaaha Wa atoobu ilayh" i.e., "I seek forgiveness of Allah and I turn (repentant) to Him".
03. The Holy Quran should be opened and placed in front, then one should recite, "Alaahumma inni asaloka be kitaabekal munzale Wa maa feeh, wa feehismokal akbaro wa asmaakal husnaa, wa maa yokhaafo Wa yurjaa an taj-alani min otaqaaeka minan-Naar", i.e., "O Allah treat me as one of those who are free from Hell, in the name of this Holy Book sent by Thee, whatever there be in the Book. Including Ism-e-A'azam and Asmaa-e-Husnaa and the things to be dreaded, the things that may be expected and desired, like blessings of Jannat. Do forgive through the grace of this book". (SALAWAT-After this he may beg from Allah whatever he wants).

04. He should place the Holy Quran on his head and say, "Allaahumma be haqqe haazal Quran we be haqqe man arsaltahoo beh, Wa be haqqe kulle momenin madahtahoo feeh, we be haqqeka alaihim fa-laa ahada a'arafo be haqqeka mink", i.e., "O Allah! I appeal to Thee in the name of this Quran and the Rooh that was sent along with it, and in the name of the Momin (believer) whose praise is contained in this Book and Tine obligation that is on them. No one else recognizes the right and truth more than Thee". (SALAWAT-After this he should repeat 10 times each): -

Then he should invoke to Allah whatever he likes.

05. To recite the Ziarat of Imam Hussain (A.S.). According to Hadis, during Shab-e-Qadr an angel proclaims from the Arsh (Throne) on the Seventh sky, "Allah the Benevolent forgives him, whosoever performs the Ziarat of the grave of Imam-e-Hussain (A.S.)."

06. One should keep himself awake throughout these three nights. The vigil during these nights carries great Sawab (heavenly reward).

07. To offer 100 Raq'ats of Namaz. It has been highly recommended. It is better to recite (after Surat-al-Hamd) 10 times the Surat-al-Tauhid/ Sure Ikhlaas (Kulhowallah

08. Recite: "Astagferullaah Rabbi Wa atoobo elaihe" 100 times (i.e., "I seek forgiveness of Allah and I turn (repentant) to Him").

09. Recite: "Allaahummal'an Qatalatal Ameeril Momeneen" 100 times (i.e., "O Allah! condemn those who killed Ameerul Moimeneen Ali ibne Abi Talib").

Du'a for the 19th night: -
O One Who was before everything and then brought everything into existence. He will remain while all else will be destroyed. O the One sole and solitary excepting Whom there is none else in the high heavens or low earths or above and below them, or in between them who is worth worshipping. Only Thou art the deity and none else deserves to be worshipped. Thou only deserves the praise which cannot be encompassed but by Thee. Therefore bestow Peace and Blessings on Muhammad (S.A.W.) and Aal-e-Muhammad (A.S.) such as no body else has the power to encompass.

10. Recite the following Suras from the Holy Quran:
ANKABUT (the Spider) 29th Sura.
RUM (The Roman Empire) 30th Sura.
DUKHAN (Smoke or Mist) 44th Sura.

11. This du'a is to be recited: -
I have passed the evening as a very humble servant of Thee. I have no control over the gains and losses for my person. I cannot remove any evil from myself. I depose against my conscience. I admit my weakness and inability of managing my affairs. Bestow Tine blessings on Mohammad (S.A.W.) and his Aal (A.S.). Whatever Thou hast given me or promised, fulfill that. Verily! I am Tine humble, weak and destitute servant. O Allah! Let me not forget the blessings that Thou hast bestowed on me, and let me not be forgetful about Tine kindness. Do not deny me Tine acceptance though it may be delayed, may it pertain to sorrow or happiness, and may it be connected with peace and tranquility or hardship and vicissitudes or pertaining to blessings. Thou hearse and accepts invocations in every condition.

The Prophet (S.A.W.) when asked what should one invoke Allah during these nights, said: "Ask for your safety (here and in the hereafter)".

DU'A: -
O Allah! Whatever is decided and ordained by Thee during Lailatul Qadr (night of Destiny) is final and full of wisdom. Whatever changes are affected, in the Night in previous decrees that could not be changed by anybody else. Do let me be one of those whose Hajj is acceptable, whose efforts are rewarded, the efforts of those respected Hajis whose sins have been pardoned and whose errors have been forgiven. Add to my destiny the length of my life, increase my life, increase my livelihood and fulfill my desires. Note: Beg from Allah after this whatever you desire.

Du'a for the 21st night: -
O One Who turns day into night and night into day. O One Who brings out living from dead and dead from living. O One Who gives sustenance to whomsoever and whatsoever he likes. O Allah! O Merciful! O Allah! O Allah! O Allah! The best names are for Thee alone. The best examples are for Thee. The grandeur and choice things are for Thee. I beg of Thee to bless Muhammad (S.A.W.) and his Aal (A.S.). Write down my name, in this night with the fortunate ones. Let my soul be in the company of the martyrs. Let my good acts be reckoned as "Illyeen" (exalted). Let my sins be condoned. Bestow on me that belief by virtue of which Thou may be nearest to my heart, that "Eemaan" which may remove all doubts from my mind. Let me be satisfied with that whatever Thou hast ordained for me. Let me have the virtues of this world and the other one (Aakherat or Hereafter). Save me from the fire of Hell. Let me be attentive to Tine praise and thanks and let me present myself in Tine court. Do bestow the same "taufique" (ability) to me which Thou hast bestowed upon Muhammad (S.A.W.) and his Aal(A.S.).

Lord of Lailatul Qadr! (Night of Destiny!) Who has made it better than 1000 months! O the Lord of the day and the night and the mountains and oceans, the Lord of light and darkness! O the Lord of the earth and the skies! O the Creator! O the Designer! O Kind! O One Who favours! O Allah Who maintains everything! O Allah! O the Kindest! O Allah! O the Creator of new things! O Allah! O Allah! O Allah! The best names are for Thee alone. Thou hast control over all virtues. I ask Thee to send blessings on Muhammad (S.A.W.) and his Aal (A.S.). Write my name, in this Night of Qadr, among the names of the fortunate. Let my soul keep the company of the martyrs. Let my good deeds be reckoned with "Illiyeen" (those exalted). Forgive my sins. Bestow on me such belief that Thou may be nearest to my heart. Give me such understanding that all the doubts may be removed. Let me be contended over that which has been ordained for me: Let me have goodness and virtues in this world and the next. Save me from the glowing fire of Hell. Encourage me towards Tine remembrance with pleasure and to be penitent. Give me all those virtues that Thou hast given to Muhammad (S.A.W.) and Aal-e-Muhammad (A.S.).

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Bare Feat

Marziya Shakir

Little Hands of God

in lucknow
poor homes they come
little hands of god
working night and day
for a petty sum
the emperor
has new clothes
in his kingdom
jeete hain shaan se
as they sing and hum
child labour
tattooed on their bum

Warring Emotions

warring emotions
of a rare kind
haunting memories
that charge from behind
satanic silence
the curse of mankind
power corrupts
corrupting the soul
of the power blind
political wizardry
thus defined

Yeh Lucknow Ki Sarzami

daroga nabban saab
of imliwali galli pata nala
lies at gufra map
under an unmarked stone
breathing the decadence
of his home town
sad and all alone
flesh is to flesh
ashes to ashes
that was once some bone
mir anis his ancestor
in some corner moan
the flesh was willing
but the spirit its coop
has flown
demise of lost memories
seeds he had once sown
thus spake chaudhan
a remorse overblown
naneh miya in pakistan
blown by a tragic cyclone
fakir bhai in good old england
breathing above his tombstone
translating words for emotion
huzoor miyan lost in delhis drone
huzoor jahan
begum choti begum
mohomed miya
nazni begums brood
all bad luck prone
a branch
called the shakirs
for the sins of the forefathers atone

A Beggar Poet on a Lonely Planet

The Beggar Poets Pain

the monument
of eternal love
he stood
his love
deleted doomed
her attitude
was never good
a pain within
his pain she
with a
but dont
a bleeding

Happy Ramadan..

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Shaheed e Salis Agra

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hui nadi
ka nam
hath gadi
hai puthi
biwi hai
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thoda anadi
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ke irade
dil hai

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