Monday, February 27, 2012

Merely Having a Camera Does Not Make You a Photographer ..

The Beggar Poet of Mumbai Searching For The Holy Trail

A Beggar Poet Who is a Dam Madar Malang of India

I Belong to the Order of Dam Madar Malangs of India

because of the corporate nature of my job I cut my hair ...

Muslim Beggars of India

Muslims killing Muslims Is Certainly Not Anti IslamThe Rogue Mullah and The Muslim Lady Pimp Will Sell Her To An Arab For a Few Coins of SilverHer World Is Worse Than a MarketThey With Blinkers Tell Me Shooting Muslim Beggars Is Anti Islam//No Not Milk of Kindness Just Harsh RealityHer Childhood Is a Dream Her Future ... It Was Lost The Day She Was Born
Her Future was At Stake The Day She Was Born.. The Muslim Beggar ChildMuslim Girl Child RamzanMuslim Beggar Child Lives on Left Overs Of SocietyThe Awakeners of RamazanThe Blind ManDespair
The Muslim Woman WaitsBeggars of Bandra Bazar RoadBeggars of Bandra Bazar RoadAllah ke naam peAllah Ke Naam Pe High End Muslim BeggarsThe Poor Muslim Man on Idd
WaitingMuslim BeggarMuslim Beggar WomanIt Hurts1 January  2009A New Day Has Dawned

Muslim Beggars of India, a set on Flickr.

Wild Orchids in Bloom

on the road
a path
to their doom
they watch
in your car
as you zoom
weft and warp
from a broken loom
wild orchids in bloom
my blogs vying
for attention
despair and gloom
a cosmic poet
in a strange costume
rings on his fingers '
as heirloom
life a fucked showroom
tears of sorrow
manufactured from
a dying womb
a child buried
on a mound
of a tomb

We Beg So We Live

the man
dead drunk
who fucked
our mother
we forgive
we beg so
we live
if we die
our mothers
will outlive

The Haunted One

he is under
a smoke screen
once he was
her lover
now she calls
him a fiend
his bank balance
his house his shop
in one stroke
she swept it clean
although he has
deleted her
from his fucked
the ass hole
still calls her
his mystery queen
he has gotten over her
fallen in love
with a shemale
with a 7" dick
36 "boobs
who calls herself
mera jasmine

Bare Ass Bare Feet

thrown out on the road
by the woman he loved
fucked forever
bare assed barefeet
from his fucked
the bitch he did delete
his fucked luck
he could no cheat
a few love letters
some used condoms
sepia toned as memories
as he lies on the street
fucked humidity
fucked heat
a cosmic poem
of failed love
for one last time
he did tweet
on her fucked wall
on facebook
lies the seminal stain
of her new lover athlete
ripping away the soul
of a semi virginal
bed sheet
love is nothing
but ultimate defeat
for the woman you loved
you wont ever meet
love is nothing
but a failed
nothing new
only deceit

I was once a romantic on Facebook she left me I became a beggar poet .. I beg on Google+

Before God Put The Camera In My Hand He Killed Me Too

We Are Beggars Too We Shoot Pain We Dont Get Alms- Street Photography Serves as A Soothing Balm

Deformity Called Life

life is a circus
you enact
your part
without fuss
a deformity
called life
you wont see
on googleplus
you rust
ashes to ashes
fucked dust to dust

I Spent My Lifes Savings To Become a Good Photographer And Now I Shoot Crap

Once Upon a Time I Thought Photography Was Filters Lenses and Camera Bodies

Dont Think I Only Shoot Beggars and Hijras ..I Put My Life On The Line To Shoot This

Imagine the Conceited Pompous Arrogant Muslim on Bakra Idd Buys a Goat for 5 Lacs But Wont Give a Dime For a Poor Girls Education

We are a leaderless society we call ourselves Muslims on the face of it but are million light years away from what the Holy Messenger taught us about humility charity and Faith..

Nerjis Asif Shakir is the Worlds Youngest Photographer Waiting in the Wings

People of India Support Freedom and The Will of the People of Bahrain

Bahrain.. Tears That Fall Like Rain On The Soul of Humanity On The Soul of Hussain

Hitler Was Human..He Killed ..In Bahrain The Despot Tramples Peoples Will

The Butcher of Bahrain

Saudi Terrorism Imperialistic Hegemony On The Soul of Bahrain

The World is a Place Where Dictators Rule and Humanity Rots ..Bombs GunShots

They All Shot The Protest I Blogged It For Humanity ..

Because Saudi Arabia And America Support Bahrain's Khalifa .. The Will of the People of Bahrain is Trampled More Powerfully

In India The Media Only Writes About The Syrian Problem.. Bahrain Gone Down The Drain