Monday, August 18, 2014

Good Girls Go To Heaven Bad Girls Go Everywhere

Good girls
have simple looks
some things they
do not share ..
in the grave for
the worms
everything they
will bare .

Bad girls give
everything away
every man
they snare
sultry dark looks
plastic smiles
silicon silence
as hardware
the moment
she saw the poet
ogling at her
she smart assed
dont you like my
pair my ash blonde
hair ,,artful her flair
cross legged
as she sat on
the directors chair
v for victory a sign
stiltedly that scared

God You Did Not Give Me A Choice To Choose My Gender

my survival
as a girl child
very tender
will i make
it till womanhood
slender ..

my services to god and man i was born to render .. i submit
i surrender ..acid thrown on my face raped brutalized  hung from a tree pieces of my flesh  shredded along with my soul in a blender ..

Breaching the Wall of Fate

there i stood on the ramparts
of a ruined fort wanting to take
a plunge from the gaping walls
i wanted to forget living take a
free fall but than i heard the
piercing echo of my name
she had called devastated
wastelands of my worldly woes
my time with her i recalled
her cherry like cheeks her
pesky bosom titillating
the soul of my poetry
wrapped in a shawl
delusional state of my
serenity my loneliness
as time crawled ..
midway between her prose
my poetry was her silence
as it tip toed for a final assault

a beggar poet with dreams in
broken beggar bowl at fault
sepulchral soliloquy entombed
in a burial vault ..