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Shooting Moharam In Hyderabad Is a Lifetime Experience

The Hyderabadis are kind courteous people ,and I shot the blue blooded Nawabs and the man at grass root level and they had one thing in common besides their love of Hussain , hospitality , khulus and respect that we call Athithi Devo Bhava .. guest is god in Indian cultural terminology, the azadar respects the zaireen and that is the crux of Moharam for among those who come to the majlis or farshe aza are the ladies of the Imams house the ladies that stood against the might of mighty Yazid.. and they say if you see the silhouette of three ladies its possible a mother a daughter and a little grand daughter might be the reflection of our pain that we call Ghame Hussain.

Wherever I went I was treated with humility and humility is the essence of Hussainiyat and the Imam did not bully his enemies he did not do what they did to him an his family so it hurts me when I see one Shia unnecessarily finding faults with the matam of another Shia .. heckling him abusing him ..and so I have kept away from Mumbai azadari completely .. my photography does not make me a Shia .. but what makes me human is the essence of respect for others and their faith.. I am lucky I was bought up very differently .. I have lived among Hindus Christians Anglo Indians Parsis Buddhists Sikhs Jains even Jews .. but their association did not mar my humanity or my love of Hussain.

My children my grand children follow the path of peace as taught by my parents..

I came to Hyderabad not merely to shoot pictures but to emotionalize what I saw what I felt , people who gave me shelter , and though I took limited sum of money I had to spend nothing on food .It was free Niyaz e Hussain.

I bought a bunch of memory cards and I still returned home with a unused amount of Rs 2000.

I should have not traveled by bus I am a diabetic , kidney stones but I had to get back to Mumbai my work my commitments , my responsibilities.

And today I am happy at heart on seeing my grand daughters Marziya Shakir and Nerjis Asif Shakir return from Lucknow after 25 days.

And they love me a lot.. I took Nerjis to the bazar and I realized she knows everyone shaking hands waving out to all the shop keepers .. this young street photographer waiting in the wings.

So shooting pictures and blogging are two different ends of a spectrum..

Luckily I am my own boss so I am able to upload my pictures without a Seth breathing down my neck.. and after I finish this Moharam lot I will post the pictures of a Hindu feast Chath Puja that I kept on hold because of Moharam..

I am trying not to shoot pictures till I finish this backlog of Hyderabad spiritual experience ..I did not visit Charminar area to meet a few Malang friends there was no time all.

Moharam In Hyderabad - 8 Moharam Choti Bargah

Out of 15 Memory Cards I shot of Moharam this is the Fourth one I am uploading at Flickr - it includes pictures of Choti Bargah 8 Moharam and Darbare Hussaini the Iranian Markaz I shot extensively on kind request by DrMansoor Showghi Yezdi..

Moharam in Hyderabad 2012

My Head Was Bleeding.. While My Soul Was Speeding..Moharam in Hyderabad 2012A Nightmare of a 18 Hour  Return Journey By Bus From Hyderabad To MumbaiA Nightmare of a 18 Hour  Return Journey By Bus From Hyderabad To MumbaiA Nightmare of a 18 Hour  Return Journey By Bus From Hyderabad To MumbaiA Nightmare of a 18 Hour  Return Journey By Bus From Hyderabad To MumbaiA Nightmare of a 18 Hour  Return Journey By Bus From Hyderabad To Mumbai
The Other Side Is Not Always Green..End of a Long Journey ...I Reach Hyderabad Choti Bargah Chatta Bazar on 8 MoharamChoti Bargah Hazrat Abbas Chatta Bazar HyderabadNaqi Bhai Head Quarters ..For Making of Niyaz E HussainGetting The Lamb To Slaughter ..
Getting The Lamb To Slaughter ..Getting The Lamb To Slaughter ..Naqi Bhai Gets The Lamb Ready For Slaughter ..Halal Meat ..Halal Meat ..Halal Meat ..
Naqi Bhai Moharam Niyaze Hussain Master ChefThe Silence of the LambGiving The Animal Water Before Slaughter Is What Makes It HalalHalal MeatHalal MeatHalal Meat

Moharam in Hyderabad 2012 , a set on Flickr.

ay shere nayastane hyder abbas

abbas ay shere nayastane hyder
deti thi sada zainab rokar
abbas ay shere....

kya isi din ke liye maangi thi baba ne dua
aake pardes may hojaoge tum humse juda
sotay ho chain se darya ke kanaare bhaiya
kya sunayi nahi deti tumhay halmin ki sada
abbas tanha hai khade ran may sarwar
abbas ay shere....

ay mere shere jawan ay mere bhai ho kahan
shaakh hai dil pe mere teri judaai ho kahan
dayr se deti hoo bhaiya mai duhaai ho kahan
lut-ti hai fatema zehra ki kamayi ho kahan
abbas khanajr hai halqe sarwar par
abbas ay shere....

kya isi din ke liye saath behan thi aayi
aagayi neend jo darya ki tarayi paayi
phir palat kar hame soorat bhi nahi dikhlayi
aagaya ran se alam tum nahi aayi bhai
abbas phat-ta hai mera sadme se jigar
abbas ay shere....

girke ghoray se sada baap ko akbar ne jo di
dibare fatema zehra ki ajab haalat thi
haath malte thay kabhi ghaat ko taktay thay kabhi
thaam kar tooti kamar kehti thay farzande nabi
abbas laaun kaise laashe akbar
abbas ay shere....

haal shabbir ka ab to nahi dekha jaata
hai kamar kham nahi aankhon se soojhayi deta
ye zeefi ye jawan laal ka sadma bhaiya
thaam lo badke zara haath tumhi bhai ka
abbas khaate hai thokar par thokar
abbas ay shere....

bhai ko bhool gaye dhyaan na behno ka raha
yaad aaya na koi paayi jo darya ki hawa
haye kis dil se kiya tum ne gawara bhaiya
har tamache pe sakina ne tumhay yaad kiya
abbas jab cheene gaye kano se gohar
abbas ay shere....

hai qayamat ka saman loot hai har simt machi
koi pursa nahi haalat ajab bachon ki
taaziyane koi khaata hai tamache koi
aag daaman may hai masoom sakina ke lagi
abbas bhaiya utho lo jald khabar
abbas ay shere....

chor kar dashte musibat may behan ko bhai
tumne acha hi kiya door basayi basti
dekh sakte thay kahan tum to haye halat meri
balwaye aam may bhaiya mai khule sar hoo khari
abbas aada le gaye chaadar
abbas ay shere....

azmato izzate saadat bhula di bhai
aag qaimo may layeeno ne lagadi bhai
masnade ahmade mursal bhi jaladi bhai
taaziyano se hai abid ko saza di bhai
abbas ghash may hai pada mera dilbar
abbas ay shere....


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