Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ek sneha ek akarshan..ek ma ki mamta anokha dashan

Bengal Club Durga Puja 77 Th Year Shivaji Park Mumbai

Mobile Camera Phone Wale Ma Ka Tujhe Salaam.. Karta Hai Accha Kam

na tujhe shaurat
ki zaroorat na
tujhko chahiye nam
na tujhe chahiye
inam teri tasvirein
na paison ke dam
jai durga mata
jai shiv shankar
jai shree ganesha
jai shree ram

Goddess Durga At Bengal Club Shivaji Park .. She Manifests Herself as Poetry In My Pictures

Bengal Club Durgotsab Shivaji Park Dadar 2012

After I had shot the Notanpalli Durgotsab Bandra I came home I got a call from Facebook friend Sagar Bekal he had never shot a Durga pooja , I suggested Shivaji Park and bought him here ..I love this homely place and I still took permission to shoot the pictures .

After shooting here I decided to take Sagar to Durgabari Samiti Durgotsab Tejpal Hall Gowalia Tank as I have never shot any Puja site in SOBO.

About The Bengal Club from their website
The need for the main socio cultural activity of the Bengali Society –Bengal Club started the Sri Sri Durga Puja , initially on a rotation basis between Parel , Dadar and Shivaji Park. With the construction of the Club premises at Shivaji Park and increasing difficulty in locating suitable sites in Parel/Dadar, it was finally decided in the mid-fifties to celebrate the puja at the Bengal Club ground, Shivaji Park, on a permanent basis. Intially Shri Shri Durga Puja utsav were taken care under the name of Sarbojonin Durga Puja Committee under the auspices of Bengal Club until 2008. Since 2009 Sri Sri Durga Puja is organised under the banner of Bengal Club Durga Puja Committee under the auspices of Bengal Club.

Sometime in the 1980s, a member devotee of Sri Sri Kalimata dreamt of Kali Temple near the Ganesh temple at Shivaji Park . Under the auspices of Bengal Club Sri Sri Kalimata idol was put on ground next to the existing Club premises in 1980, which are attended by thousands of devotees every year.

Currently Club has various ambitious programmes under new dynamic president Dr. Utpal Mukhopadhya, Retd. IAS.


Beware of This Ricksha Guy MHO3A2378 .,,His Meter is Rigged He Is a Con Man

I have been travelling from Bandra Reclamation to Nadiadwala Colony 2, Malad via the highway and the fare even with traffic is Rs 200 maximum..

This Sunday no traffic I hired this guy from Bandra Reclamation and before we reached the Jogeshwari flyover on the side road he stopped the ricksha and said it had broken down I told him it was I was getting off , I asked him the fare he said Rs 200, I told him to show me the meter card , he refused but I pulled it from him it was dated 2011 , and he was either doped drunk , he called another ricksha guy at the back and as per his mete reading I had to pay 167 .. I had an urgent appointment there was no cop in sight , so I took another ricksha but when I turned round this crooked guys was abusing me and rode away , ..I took his picture 2 shots he said Police Mera Kya Ukhadegi..

So this is directed to Mr Shashank Rao .. after the meter hike are we to be taken for a ride treated shabilly abused , from Jogeshwari till Nadiadwala Colny 2, I ended up paying another 80 bucks ,, so I was taken for a ride .

I hope some action against rogue ricksha drivers like this who give bad name to the Union and to the honest good rickshawalas.

His ricksha number MHO3A2378..

On my return journey from Nadiadwala Colony 2, Malad to Bandra Reclamation same route the fare was Rs 180..


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We Are One Within The Spirit of India ..Only the Bigot Calls Me a Muslim When He Needs Someone to Punch

I love Hilsa Have Eaten it at Bengal Lodge Crawford Market

I love Hilsa Have Eaten it at Bengal Lodge Crawford Market


Blogging Is Not Just Shooting Pictures But Poetizing The Story of Man And His Culture

Hilsa Fish Rs 200 A Plate At Nutanpally Food Court Bandra

Hilsa or Ilish belongs to the species Tenualosa of the family Clupeidae, order Clupeiformes. Shad or Herring are a near relative of hilsa. Locally known as Ilish, the fish is an addiction of Bengalis especially to those who originated from Bangladesh. The body of hilsa is strongly compressed and moderately deep with dorsal and ventral profile equally convex.

The upper jaw hasa distinct central cut. Regularly arranged medium-sized scales gives a metallic silver shine. Body length may vary from 40 cm to 60 cm. A large-sized hilsa weighs about 2.5 kg. Hilsa is primarily a plankton feeder and feeds on blue-green algae,diatoms, desmids, copepods, cladocera, rotifers, etc. A change in season and age varies the feeding habit of the fish. Female hilsas grow faster, and are usually larger than males. The hilsa is known to be a fast swimmer and can cover even 60 kilometers at a time. It attains maturity in one to two years. Hilsa is a Pariah fish. Though basically a marine fish it thrives in estuarine and riverine environments. The fish is found in the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, Vietnam Sea and China Sea.

Their habitat covers the Satil Arab, and the Tigris and Euphrates of Iran and Iraq, the Indus of Pakistan, the rivers of Eastern India, the Irawaddy of Myanmar, and the Padma, Jamuna, Meghna, Karnafully and other coastal rivers of Bangladesh. It swims upstream as the inland stretches of these rivers are the breeding grounds for the fish. In West Bengal Hilsa is available in five regions - from Farakka to Konnagor, in the sweet water region; Konnagor to Diamondharbour, in the slope of Ganges; from Diamondharbour to Sandhead, in the distributaries region of Bay of Bengal. Besides hilsa is also available in Matla and Rupnarayan River.

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Kolkatta Mouth Watering Cuisine Nutanpally Durgotsab Bandra

Two Photographers In Ma Durgas Court

इतनी शक्ती हमे देना दाता , मन का विश्वास कमजोर हो ना हम चले नेक रस्ते पे हम से , भूलकर भी कोइ भूल हो ना

Captain Bose Shot By Firoze ..Hope Humanity Up Close ..Freedom From Woes

This Dasshera Let There Be Light Within .. Soul Devoid of Sin..

Dance of Durga Tandav On The Soul of Scams And Corruption

Our Goddesses We Treat With Respect But On Our Women ... We Have No Time To Reflect .

if they
bring dowry
on fire we set
woman a liability
not an asset
hapless creatures
of doomed destiny
caught in a cosmic net
tortured brutalized
used as commercial
commodity to pay off debts
the system blindfolded
like the just lady
killed much before
she step s into the world
from her mothers
cavernous womb
i say this with poetic regret
if she is successful
she is seen as a threat
mostly used as
unit children beget
woman even the macho
male loving god tends
to forget ...says the
woman hating man
her time has not come yet
blood tears and sweat

My Simple Wife Tells Me Why Do I Shoot The Same Thing Over And Over Again,

so i tell her
i was born
with a heart
i gave up
the slavery
of the brain
my heart
is the camera
it shoots pain
man held
to a cosmic chain
i see the world
through the world
of hussain ..my karbala
is the land of my birth
so it is so it shall
me a new lease
on life every time
it rains ..

I Became More Human By Seeing My World Through The Peephole Of The Camera

Sombody Asked Me At Durgabari Samiti What Do You Do WIth Durga Pictures .. I Told Him I Stick it As Hope On the Wall of The World

Peace Hope Harmony Thy Name Is Durga

Oh Goddess This Year Please See That MTNL Broadband Gets a New GM Who Will Improve Its Service Holistically

I Use My Camera As An Instrument Of Peace

in a world
within walls
in a world
where the pompous
is big the small
very small
in a world where
one indian hates
another indian
the soul of the same
mother assaults
i use my camera
to show you your
world my world
as one without
faults ..weft and
warp of a single
tapestry of hope
harmony yet we
love to revolt
are we less human
by default .
sons of the soil
in agony anguish
chariots of hate
time wont halt