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This Happens Only In Bandra ..

@poonam_mahajan @ShelarAshish @PriyaDutt_INC Our Congress Corporator Does Not Know

Half Awake Half A Sleep

He is the North Indian migrant .. a Muslim man who does odd jobs , crushing bread all night to make batter and sells it to the filthy rich caterers of Bandra. He is in  very bad shape , his health is failing , and he tells me he will die soon.. I give him money but that cannot strengthen his will to live ,,His will to live is already leaving his flesh.
He walks from Bandra to Mahim Fort to bathe and wash his dirty clothes every morning.
And he sleeps here on this platform near the Bandra Bazar Beef Market ,, Is he ready for Ramzan.. I dont know ,.

A few weeks back I gave him money I told him to get himself checked at Bhabha Municipal Hospital.. will the caterers who slave drove him help him.. no .. caterers only help themselves .. and sadly he is a migrant like them from their hometown he was married twice both his wives passed away due to terminal sickness , he married one after the first one passed away , he has no offspring no next of kin.

When he dies the Municipality will dump h…