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Hindu Festivals Like Durga Puja Add To Family Bonding Family Unity And Strength

If you happen to come to Juhu Beach by chance by accident and you dont have to be a photographer , just shoot feel with your eyes , the culmination of Joy among the people who are here with their favorite Deity Goddess Durga or Goddess Ambe Mata Gauri..

The adults men women children faces covered in vermilion , children ecstatic to be on the beach.. some of the very poor ones live in the slums and bringing Durga for Immersion is a great escape for them.

The most joyous community by large are the Bengalis and mind you without disrespecting them some of them I have met hate photographers , are curt impolite and I have seen them at their worst behavior , highly possessive about Durga , and if you have a Muslim name like mine sometimes even with a Press Card it is difficult to explain the reason for shooting their Goddess and spreading the Message of Peace .

And it is not just a few Bengalis even my own community you have hotheads , who hate you shooting their rituals in a public place ,…

The Life Of A Juhu Tourist Photographer ..

This is a very ironical situation and makes me sad of my assumptions ..and you dont have to agree with me ,,

The photographers at Juhu Beach are mostly migrants , they have come from distant places , bought a camera and shoot the local tourist as Juhu Beach or Juhu Chowpatty which  is  Mumbais pride and No1 Tourist spot ,, badly managed and no effort made to keep it pristine clean .. politicians are busy touching those schemes that generate profits and most of the schemes are moneymaking apparatus..

Not a single politician even those that are photo enthusiasts have tried to help the Marathi Manoos learn photography , give him the push impetus to become photographers and earn money like the migrants and living in Mumbai for last 60 years I know that the Marathi Manoos is not lazy , most of the graphic designers creative artists are Marathi ,, but yes they dont come from a rich background they need financial support vocational guidance ,, and yes they cant afford the fancy exorbitant p…

About Pitru Paksha Banganga 2014

From Wikipedia

Pitru Paksha (Sanskrit: पितृ पक्ष), also spelt as Pitr paksha or Pitri paksha, (literally "fortnight of the ancestors") is a 16–lunar day period when Hindus pay homage to their ancestors (Pitrs), especially through food offerings. The period is also known as Pitru Pakshya, Pitri Pokkho, Sola Shraddha ("sixteen shraddhas"), Kanagat, Jitiya, Mahalaya Paksha, Peddala Amavasya (in Telugu) and Apara paksha.[1][2][3]

Pitru Paksha is considered by Hindus to be inauspicious, given the death rite performed during the ceremony, known as Shraddha or tarpan. In southern and western India, it falls in the Hindu lunar month of Bhadrapada (September–October), beginning with the full moon day (Purnima) that occurs immediately after the Ganesh festival and ending with the new moon day known as Sarvapitri amavasya, Mahalaya amavasya or simply Mahalaya. The autumnal equinox falls within this period, i.e. the Sun transitions from the northern to the southern hemisphere…

I Have A Cosmic Connection With Banganga

My childhood has been spent at Wodehouse Road Colaba , and it was once when I was very young my Dad bought me here to the Shoe House at Hanging Gardens .That was it.

I discovered Banganga as a photographer late in my 40s and the most memorable outing at Banganga was with late Prof BW Jatkar. and I fell in love with this beautiful Tank.

I came to know about Pitru Paksha  through the pictures of a friend Ranjit Shashank my PSI Club senior member and mentor I decided I would shoot it too.. and thus began my tryst with Banganga and Pitru Paksha.

And it became a ritual to shoot the Banganga Pitru Paksha every year ,  barefeet and from there come to Napean Sea Road Maheshwari House take the blessings of my Guru Mr KG Maheshwari House. And these subsequent Pitru Paksha I have not met my Guru for many years now .that is the only sadness while coming to  Teen Batti as this area is called .

And strange it may sound after shooting the barbers , the beggars , my first shot before entering the Ta…

Pitru Paksha Banganga 2014 ,,

Since last evening I was trying to find out the exact timing of the Pitru Paksha rituals , I called up a few people but got no response than I finally called my dear friend Prashant Singh from my camera club PSI  Mumbai,,

He told me that it was 23 September and 24 September till 9 am.

So after feeding Marziyas Java finches her Flowerhorns Blackghosts ,,I showered  took a rick to Bandra station and a train to Grant Road Station a share a cab to Banganga .

I  had about an hour and a half and there wasnt much crowd so I decided to shoot the religious tonsure and barbers after shooting the rituals of Pind Dan on the steps of the Banganga Tank.

I met my good friend Danish Siddiqui from Reuters and another Kashmiri photographer friend ,, there were two photographers from Bangla Desh students actually.. and photographer enthusiast Brij Lakhani with his dad.

Everyone knows me as I have been shooting the Pitru Paksha for almost 10 years now.

I took a bus on my return and a from Charni Road re…

Got A Raw Deal From Supermax Pest Control Malad

Supermax Pest Control Malad 

Got a cockroach treatment done not satisfied they dont answer calls , or respond to emails bill no 8867 Shakirs

Shiasm Is The Oldest Protest Against Terrorism And Misplaced Jehad In The History Of The World

I have shot Moharam Ashura in almost all the major cities of India , starting from Mumbai , Lucknow Hyderabad Mehmoodabad Kolkatta Hussan Tekri  Chennai Delhi
and Shiasm is a path of  Peace ..Moharam has been a protest the only Protest 1400 year old against Terrorism in Islam .. propagated by the Umayads and in its new avatar as ISIS.

Sunnis and Shias live in mutual coexistence but the Wahabis Salafis Tablighis dont want it ,,

I have documented Moharam in pictures for the Non Muslims foreigners ,,

If you knew why we bleed

if you knew why we bleed
you too would join us in
cursing yazid ,, son of a
serpent seed butcher of
karbala a lowly breed
killer of the gandson of
the holy prophet ,,yazid
his lust for power evil
deeds lust and greed

As Photographers We All Shoot What Suits Us Best

It is very easy to criticize a persons cultural phenomenon or his religious diversity as absurd , depraved , monolithic or whatever , as the culture background you come from this is an aberration , unseen absurdity ..

But for those who partake of this self infliction , this bleeding which is a fervor not a trance not under the influence of drugs but a spiritual protest by  a section of Muslims who believe in the same Maker the same Holy Prophet the same Holy Book.. but they believe in the Progeny of the Holy Prophet too his lineage his bloodline that passes from his daughter Princess Fatima her husband Ali Ibne Talib and her children Hassan and Hussain.

The Holy Prophets grandson was brutally murdered while he was praying in the battle of Karbala , the genocide the brutality the bestiality of Yazid s butchery , Yazid was the Caliph of the Umayad Dynasty ..

This chapter has been removed from most of the books of History by vested interests , and made this battle a political one thereb…

Shooting Moharam In Chennai ,, Ashura 10 Moharam

I began shooting Moharam about 15 years back after I took up Photography as a hobby..

My genre was documenting the various cultures rituals in my city Mumbai.. and being a Shia has nothing to do with my shooting Shiasm..
I shot Shiasm mainly to showcase to my non Muslim foreigner friends the world of a Shia during Moharam. and soon it became a passion I tried to shoot the main Moharam days  Ashura Chehlum  in Mumbai.

Than in 2003 or 2004 I shot Moharam in Hyderabad both Ashura and Chehlum  , later shot  Athvi a very important day when Moharam ends in Lucknow and Eid E Zehra the happy Shia day also known as Navi .

I shot Kolkatta Ashura , Hussain tekri Mehmoodabad , Chennai this series in 2010,  and Delhi Ashura with my close American  friend Dr Glenn Losack.

I shot Lucknow Ashura and Chehlum too big huge Shia days in the city of the Nawabs ,, A Shia citadel Nakhas and Kazmain.

This year an eminent French photo journalist wishes to accompany me to shoot Ashura inHyderabad , another Sp…

Aviary Still Does Not Save My Pictures To Flickr

And I will not go cry at the Flickr Forum , it edits to my satisfaction , serves my purpose , I download it as a PNG image , and upload it again as a new post at Flickr ,

I type with one finger so it is painful.. but I am seeing emotions in new light..Ashura for the Shias is an intense moment of pain , a collective memory of the genocide at Karbala . the barbarism of the early Muslims and this barbarism is genetic to Islam.. it will always be there .. and this genetic flaw creates monsters like the ISIS Jehaddists , this misplaced martyrdom serves them well, looting raping , decapitating and showing it to the world this evil visual imagery is the worst form of Terrorism..

If they had not killed the Americans or the Western captives you think the world would have bothered , who cares , the Boko Haram carry on with their killings kidnappings and they should dismantle the eunuch UNO.

And so Moharam Ashura the  Shia chant of Ya Hussain continues protesting against the oppression of Yazid…

The Wordup Indiblogger Meet Blue Frog My Flickr Set


The Indibloggers Neigbors Envy Renies Pride


About Me As A Blogger .. The Beggar Poet

I began blogging first at Buzznet 2004 - 2005 as Photographer No1 And Commentator No1 ,,

Than I joined Blogspot again as Photographer No1 ..

Than Fotothing and Xanga and Webshots .

Than Fan Art ,,

Had a problem when my Buzznet site got hacked .. deleted my Buzznet accounts .. I was helped here by Tom Andrews .

I started Word Press both platforms than my Shia site Wordpress got hacked I gave up Wordpress for good ,, wont ever touch it with a bargepole ,,,

I joined Flickr as Firoze Shakir Photographer No1 in June 200 thanks to my friend Deepak Amembal Magic eye and my son Asif Shakir who gifted me a Pro Account ,,

Views on my Photos Flickr   32,788,990
My Flickr Images 305786

I have a few blogs on Blogspot








I have an active Tumblr Blog…

Wordup Indiblogger Meet At Blue Frog..

I was very tired when I returned from the Indiblogger meet , my wife had already left for Lucknow by the 3.15 pm train,, my phone was on silent I did not say goodbye to her I was all Blogs .

I bought Roshan Sorcerer home from the Meet we chatted a bit than I got busy feeding Marziyas Flowerhorns and Blackghosts .. and than her Java Finches .

Showered had some snacks I was full of Bluefrog delicacies and the most filling lunch.

Later I uploaded the mobile phone pics ..and after a few hours  the camera phone pics that I placed for uploading and crashed , I am up now ..

I have documented most of the Mumbai Indimeets passionately ,,as I owe a lot to Renie Ranvin Father of Blogs ,, he has been a great friend inspiration , and almost family to say the least he and his Indiblogger Hit Team.

This entire set is dedicated to him his core team and all at Indiblogger but hey wait this set is also dedicated to Magic Eye my Blogger Bidu , the guy who pushed me towards Flickr from Fotothing , we ha…

Word Up Indiblogger Meet Blue Frog

word up indi meet pics

This was one of the best Indi Meets thank you Renie Ranvin instead of the BJP speaker you and Big Rock should have had a speaker on Photoblogging .. I surely missed this . why this bias for photobloggers  I fail to understand sadly at Indibloggers most bloggers copy paste articles and hardly use their own pictures .. you could have had a speaker from the Indiblogger member somebody passionate about photography and photoblogging ,

Please take this as constructive criticism feedback from the beggar poet of Mumbai ,,,only because of Renie I attended this Meet missing my wife's departure to her parents by the 3.15 Lucknow Train.. but I am sure my sweet wife will forgive me for this aberration.

This was the most enlightening Meet .

Yes I missed my buddy the one and only Magic Eye Deepak Amembal.. having a ball in Leh.. getting laid in the snow I am afraid ..the flesh was willing the spirit needs an upgrade ..

Word Up Indiblogger Meet Blue Frog

This morning I left home for the Indiblogger WordUp Meet sponsored by Big Rock meet  my Indiblogger friends and My Blog Guru Renie Ranvin and his Hit Team,

But before I go further I missed my bumchum Magic Eye Deepak Amembal he is trekking on his bike in Leh with my other good Bollywoof friend Aditya Raj Kapoor son of vetran heart throb late Mr Shammi Kapoor.

My other two gifted talented friends Aaditya Iyer The Nameless One and Roshan Sorcerer were there .. this was a great meet , great speakers who talked on blogging ,,, and fabulous mindmunching lunch  ,dollops of tea and the works ,, The BlueFrog hospitality headed by my namesake Firoze was outstanding.

This meet was enlightening but I hop the next one has someone talking about Photoblogging Street Photography ,,I reiterated whatever Google Blogspot or Wordpress maybe to Bloggers I use Flickr as my blog platform.. One of the speakers advised me if Flickr shuts down I would lose all my content I answered back Ms Marissa Mayer…

My Tryst With Hijras Is Linked To The Soul Of My Cosmic Poetry

My hijra set is marked Forbidden to Public by me ,,

I have to say without sounding pompous or boastful no one can or will ever shoot the Hijra like I have ,, simply because it is question of Trust .

And above all I am a monk Malang , so I have not miused my hijra pictures or ever written bad stuff about them . I wanted society to accept them and give them space let them live the way they want to live instead of being caged as women in their biologically male bodies .

20000 images I shot over the years poeticized their pain , as  I met them,  my Guru called it the Hijra Vardan.. Hijra blessings  because a clean spirit searches clean human souls .

I was returning from Dadar via Nandi Gully Bandra and I shot her on my new 55 250 mm lens she warned me  but I shot her walked up to her told her about my Hijra connection.

She immediately touched my feet asked my forgiveness ..I patted her  head and told her to take care of herself.. danger is a horny man on two legs ,,

And I meet them where…

Shiasm Has Protested Against Islamic Oppression Terrorism Of Yazid Since 1400 Years

'Yazīd ibn Mu‘āwiya ibn Abī Sufyān, Arabic: يزيد بن معاوية بن أبي سفيان‎ ( 20 July 647 – 14 November 683), commonly known as Yazid I, was the second Caliph of the Umayyad Caliphate (and the first one through inheritance). Yazid was the Caliph as appointed by his father Muawiyah I and ruled for three years from 680 CE until his death in 683 CE.

Rise to power[edit]
According to some sources Muawiyah warned his son Yazid against mistreating Hussein ibn Ali, grandson of Muhammad. His final warning to Yazid was: "Be careful O my son, that you do not meet God with his blood, lest you be amongst those that will perish" [2][3] Robert Payne quotes Muawiyah in History of Islam as telling his son Yazid to defeat Hussein, who was surely preparing an army against him, but to deal with him gently thereafter as Hussein was a descendent of Muhammad; but to deal with Abdullah al-Zubair switfly, as Muawiyah feared him the most.[4]

The appointment of Yazid was unpopular in Madina too. Nar…

You Can Only Shoot What You Were Destined To Shoot ,,,


Old Lady Chennai

every line
every stroke
every wrinkle
in place
her eyes
broken down
of  pain
her tribulations
her sufferings
gasping for
breath on the
emotive surface
of her withered
face aging with
dignity impoverished
grace once she was
young dainty her
rustic beauty worthy
of praise ..but than
cruel time with a chisel
hammer knocked off
her dreams her hope
with a beggar bowl
in ugly hands he
replaced she
waits for her death
to take her back to
the nether region
some other planet
a more human better
place ..her god died
young he committed
suicide seeing the
gross mistake he
made in creating
this race
god forever
parted ways

Chennai Street Life Ashura Day

There are images I shoot impulsively , there is an urge that forces me to capture a face a moment and I forget it , years pass and than I revisit it once again as viewer not as a photographer and I ask myself why did I shoot her ,was it because she was begging , or was it compassion ,,what was it.

Unlike a lot of people that shoot as a photo journalist I record the proceedings of an event but also the surroundings ..I shoot anything everything it has to connect with my inner vision that is more of a poet than a photographer .

And street photography has no limitations , there is is a huge ocean of emotions underlying currents beneath the rippling waves of humanity.

Photography should be held by humility , arrogance has no space , if I had a better camera bigger lens would it change my inner quest would it change the equation of my vision.

I come across situation that punch me right left and I realize I left my camera my mobile phone at home , than I request God to let me get this offe…

Mother Please Tell Me I Wont Be Living On The Streets Like You When I Grow Up

Indian law has a blindfold
it only sees what it is told
travesty of justice ,,,
good days kept on hold
women are bought as
commodities in a
market as flesh are
sold .. the homeless
 living without hope
out in the cold
this is humanity
three cheers behold

a poem dedicated to a friend
from a picture another story
unfolds ,,,

Mother And Child Chennai Street Photography

Shooting pictures is not having a camera and hitting the trigger at random on the streets , the street is a river of life where hope like a little boat tries to remain afloat.

Today a very good client , I tailor his clothes asked me to teach him photography , I told him if you can hold the camera the way you hold a little baby ..the spirit of photography will enter your soul ,, it took me about 15 minutes to explain him everything in a nutshell but I told him to get a good Canon camera , the Nikon D40 he had borrowed from his friend I told him was not good at stealing souls ,,

But I told him I will bring my own Canon 60 D and help him till he gets a good camera ,he can afford any camera , he is a lover of Urdu poetry and I told him shooting the street was poetry too..

He is very close to Imran Khan cricketer , and  the tinsel town called Bollywood ,, he only wears clothes hand stitched by me.

The Blade Matam Of Chennai

between the finger
of the hand it lies
as it cuts through
the chest ya hussain
ya hussain it replies
bringing tears to
the azadars eyes
our pain re echoes
on the sands of
karbala our
maksade hussain
for maksade fatima
our salvation
our paradise

our blood needs
no disguise ,

Must We Always Tell You Why We Bleed !

we shed our blood
warning you of
terrorism in Islam
you shut your eyes
you shut your ears
you paid no heed
now they have risen
the children of a
serpent seed blood
related to yazid
ISIS  by any other
name ethnic cleansing
is not just their misdeed
decapitations crucifixions
rape enslavement murder
genocide by this evil breed
born out of spiritual lust
power greed ..indeed

killing fields ,, we wait
for our Imam the Mahdi
we will give our heads
but for our lives we
wont plead hussain
humanity beyond
caste color creed

Our Imported Red Dragon Flowerhorn Has Grown

Why people like Flowerhorns
The Flowerhorn fish became very popular with Asians almost immediatly once they hit the market. They are thought to have brought good luck and good fortune to their owners. The Flowerhorn is a Feng Shui fish and many people beleive this to be true. Flowerhorn fish even on the market today, can fetch thousands of dollars. The more beautiful the fish the more money will be asked for it. Some have even sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars on the market. The Flowerhorn is a very active fish, and does recognize it's owner, some Flowerhorn fish even allow their owner to pick them up or touch their body and kok. Many hobbyist keep flowerhorns because of this reason, and treat them as good or even better then the family dog. Many Flowerhorn hobbyist have more then one Flowerhorn, and even at their high price tags invest heavily in them.
Breeding your Flowerhorn
Breeding certain types of Flowerhorns can be very easy to very difficult depending on the type.…

A Message from FBI Agent James William.. Catcher In The Eye



Our Education System Is About How Many Rocks You Carry In Your School Bag

a friend asked another friend
why was his daughter hunched
her back all curved as she
munched away her lunch
in her school bag full of
rocks .. space crunch

at school beaten  by her hot tempered \volatile school teacher she is kicked grievously punched

Bandra Bazar Road Is Dying Slowly ,, But Surely

The Heritage Of The Dhobis Of Bandra Bazar Road

Once upon a time , many years back the entire Bandra Reclamation area and parts of Bandra Bazar road was a sea front , where the Dhobis dried the clothes and it was a Dhobi Ghat .

When all this land was reclaimed slums became buildings the Dhobis got rooms in place of their tenements and till this day Shaheen Building houses the Dhobis they wash the clothes get it dried near Carter Road and have it pressed in these rooms .

Most of the Dhobis are Bhaiyyas North Indian migrants .. the other race that stayed alongside here with them were the Kathiawadis and the Karie Muslims of Konkan the place is till this day called Karie  chawl.

With the advent of the jeans and second hand cloth sellers of Bandra Hill Road the Dhobis got a new lease on their profession , these clothes are washed altered pressed and re sold much cheaper than the stores on Bandra Hill Road .

The small time Bakda tailors alter the big size jeans into drain pipe stilettos ,…

Bakra Eid Is On 6 October ,,Tells The Cat To The Dumba Goats

soon you wont be
eating with me
leftovers of bandra
residents she
bemusedly tells
the goats ,,
the butcher
will sell you
to cut your
i will miss you
dear friend
the most ,,
the silken
 warmth of
your glistening
coats the best of
you as biryani
your flesh they
will roast ..we
bought dumbas
to their envious
they will boast

wiping her whiskers
a few drops of tears
their feline friend
their host ,,
dumbass society
they said we hate
it the utmost

The Muslim Vote Bank,, Was Made To Fill In The Blank

15 years
nothing has
so whom
do they
after giving
their valuable
vote the ship
of their destiny
sank..their lives
more miserable
stormy seas of
despair holding
a plywood plank

dreams that tanked

A New Circus Is Coming Town - Dance Of Democracy Upside Down

juggling clowns
kaun banega
ab kya bataun
sabki phati hai
kismet mera desh
mera gaon ,,
billi boli meow
kis chue ko main
kha jaun..

memories of last
election from the
past i bring it to
you every
ounce ,,

the name of the lucky  unlucky candidate
paid media will announce ,,,post dated
cheques that will bounce ,,,

Gar Kute Political Savvy Ban Jayenge

gar kutey
political savvy
 ban jayenge
har gali main
nara lagayenge
stray dog population
ke massiah ban jayenge
inko vote do
yeh raste ke kutton ko
pedigree ke
 certificate dilayenge
acche acche
 khab dikhayenge
hadi accha malik aur makan
bhok bhokke
nara lagayenge
maneka ji ka
adar samman
gas chamber
dog slaughter house
ko completely
band karwayenge
kuton ki nagri ko
insan ki nagri se
accha banayenge
jab kutte neta
ban jayenge
foreign trip lagayenge
bade bade  mall
building complex
kutton ke liye banayenge
kutte insan ki tarah
kutton ko nahi satayenge

dedicated to guido the troll dog ugly pug