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Weeping womanhood in womanly throes

Weeping womanhood in womanly throes
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Saudi gang rape sentence 'unjust'

A lawyer for a gang-rape victim in Saudi Arabia who was sentenced to 200 lashes and six-months in jail says the punishment contravenes Islamic law.
The woman was initially punished for violating laws on segregation of the sexes - she was in an unrelated man's car at the time of the attack.
When she appealed, judges doubled her sentence, saying she had been trying to use the media to influence them.
Her lawyer has been suspended from the case and faces a disciplinary session.
Abdel Rahman al-Lahem told the BBC Arabic Service that the sentence was in violation of Islamic law:
"My client is the victim of this abhorrent crime. I believe her sentence contravenes the Islamic Sharia law and violates the pertinent international conventions," he said.
"The judicial bodies should have dealt with this girl as the victim rather than the culprit."
The lawyer also said that his client would appeal against the decision to increase her punishment.
Segregation laws
According to the Arab News newspaper, the 19-year-old woman, who is from Saudi Arabia's Shia minority, was gang-raped 14 times in an attack in Qatif in the eastern province a year-and-a-half ago.
Seven men were found guilty of the rape and sentenced to prison terms ranging from just under a year to five years.

The rapists' sentences were also doubled by the court. Correspondents say the sentences were still low considering the rapists could have faced the death penalty.
The rape victim was punished for violating Saudi Arabia's laws on segregation that forbid unrelated men and women from associating with each other. She was initially sentenced to 90 lashes for being in the car of a strange man.
On appeal, the Arab News reported that the punishment was not reduced but increased to 200 lashes and a six-month prison sentence.
'Personal views'
Mr Lahem accused the court of letting personal views influence its decision.
"It seems that the sentence was influenced by the fact that the woman escalated the issue with her lawyer and also with the supreme judicial authorities," he said.
"This is astonishing because justice is supposed to be independent from all pressures as well as personal considerations, be it a feeling towards the lawyer or defendant herself," he added.
The Arab News quoted an official as saying the judges had decided to punish the girl for trying to aggravate and influence the judiciary through the media.
Mr Lahem said that the judges' decision to confiscate his licence to work and stop him from representing his client is illegal.

weeping womanhood
in womanly throes
sorrowful seeds to plough
whether she was sentenced harshly
because she is shia or
simply because she is a woman
in a male chauvinistic society
one does not know
Islamic path as it glows
womanhood burns on the pyre
and it shows
woman in Islam were treated thus
as the winds from Karbala blow
sham as damacus was called
yazid on his throne crows
princess zainab of the hashemites
with a single call of kutba
in his courtyard
his power and his
opulence overthrows
tilawate koran
a head of hussain
recites Allahs verses
decapitated but
a head that wont bow
humanity thy name hussain
lost everything
to yazidi forces did no kowtow
True Islam Hussainiyat
to him as a tribute we owe
Peace and Brotherhood
to the entire human world
he did bestow

The sound of a poets fart

The sound of a poets fart
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The sound of a poets fart
Reverberating on the cyber net
A bombastic thunder
That breaks many a readers hearts
Yes a poem as directly diversionary
Dehydrated dart
A prostitute dressed as My Fair Lady
Saying her profession is nothing but art
The pimp pompously turned pedant
As creativity sense of purpose
Says its time to depart
Buy and read recycled poems
From the peanut vendor
Why search for it on Top 500 poems
On Poem hunter celebrity chart
Yes the citadels of poetry
Stupid strengthy blind poet Samson
With his own hands
Is tearing it apart

Love Poetry Hate Racism

'Legal Lynching' of a Black Man American Justice

'Legal Lynching' of a Black Man American Justice
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Rare Robbery Case Renders Cries of Racism.
Friday, November 16, 2007 2:09 PM

In Lakeport, California three young Black men break into a white man's home in rural Northern California. The homeowner shoots two of them dead — but it's the surviving Black man who is charged with murder.
Renato Hughes Jr., 22, was charged by prosecutors in this overwhelmingly white county under a rarely invoked legal doctrine that could make him solely responsible for all the bloodshed. This has brought cries of racism from civil rights groups.
Was it self-defense or murder? Was deadly force reasonable or unreasonable under the circumstances? Was the shooter a drug dealer? Had the three youths bought drugs from him before? Why did they go to his house looking to score some drugs? At what point did they disengage and flee for their lives? Why did he have to shoot two of them when he had already killed one? Was he really trying to kill all three fleeing youths? How many slugs did he pump into the backs of the two that he hit with his unsteady aim while under the influence of drugs? All reasonable questions that the prosecutor must have asked and answered before deciding to charge the fleeing unarmed Black youth with two counts of first degree murder!
This would clearly seem to be an abuse of prosecutorial discretion. The Civil rights Division of the Justice Department should investigate the incident.
District Attorney Jon Hopkins said that Hughes was responsible for "setting the whole thing in motion by his actions and the actions of his accomplices." Three young Black men broke into the Clearlake house of Shannon Edwards demanding marijuana and brutally beat his stepson. Two of the Black men, Rashad Williams, 21, and Christian Foster, 22, were shot in the back. Hughes fled.
Tests showed that Shannon Edmonds, the white homeowner, had marijuana and prescription medication in his system the night of the shooting. Edmonds had a prescription for both the pot and the medication to treat depression.
Hughes, the surviving Black man, was charged with first-degree murder under California's Provocative Act doctrine, versions of which have been on the books in many states for generations but are rarely used.
Hughes' mother, San Francisco schoolteacher Judy Hughes, said she believes the group didn't intend to rob the family, just buy marijuana. She called the case against her son a "legal lynching." "Only God knows what happened in that house," she said. "But this I know: My son did not murder his childhood friends."
The Provocative Act doctrine does not require prosecutors to prove the accused intended to kill. Instead, "they have to show that it was reasonably foreseeable that the criminal enterprise could trigger a fatal response from the homeowner," said Brian Getz, a San Francisco defense attorney unconnected to the case.
The NAACP complained that prosecutors came down too hard on Hughes, who also faces robbery, burglary and assault charges. Prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty.
The Rev. Amos Brown, head of the San Francisco chapter of the NAACP and pastor at Hughes' church, said the case demonstrates the legal system is racist in remote Lake County, aspiring wine country 100 miles north of San Francisco. The sparsely populated county of 13,000 people is 91 percent white and 2 percent Black.
Brown and other NAACP officials are asking why the homeowner is walking free. Tests showed that Shannon Edmonds, the white homeowner, had marijuana and prescription medication in his system the night of the shooting. Edmonds had a prescription for both the pot and the medication to treat depression.
"This man had no business killing these boys," Brown said. "They were shot in the back. They had fled."On Thursday, a judge granted a defense motion for a change of venue. The defense had argued that he would not be able to get a fair trial because of extensive local media coverage and the unlikelihood that Hughes could get a jury of his peers in the county. A new location for the trial will be selected Dec. 14.
The district attorney said that race played no part in the charges against Hughes and that the white homeowner was spared prosecution because of evidence he was defending himself and his family, who were asleep when the assailants barged in at 4 a.m.
"I didn't do anything wrong. All I did was defend my family and my children's lives," said Edmonds, 33. "I'm sad the kids are dead, I didn't mean to kill them."
He added: "Race has nothing to do with it other than this was a gang of black people who thought they were going to beat up this white family."
California's Provocative Act doctrine has primarily been used to charge people whose actions led to shooting deaths.
However, in one notable case in Southern California in 1999, a man who robbed a family at gunpoint in their home was convicted of murder because a police officer pursuing him in a car chase slammed into another driver in an intersection, killing her.

also at AP News

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. "

Martin Luther King (1929-1968)
Strength to Love, 1963

3 black men break into a white mans house to steal
the news reveals
the white man shoots two of the black men in the back
His action the third black man Renato Hughes Jr 22
does seal
He is sentenced instead of the white man
American justice a travesty of a colored man
Is what you feel..
District Attorney Jon Hopkins said. Hughes was responsible for "setting the whole thing in motion by his actions and the actions of his accomplices."
Racism in Lakeport Northern California in a white county
No big deal
Wounds on human flesh made by a colorless God that will never heal
ancestral laws of human hate that humans cannot repeal

Said the English Racist Poet - I am Concerned

Said the English Racist Poet - I am Concerned
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Said the English racist poet
I am concerned
Born White
In a White country
I slaved from morning to dusk
But it was the conniving
Brown man
poetic laurels earned
Me my poetry sweet and soothing
By poem hunter readers spurned
This made me more bitter so
I sent a message to this moronic
Indian poet.. a vital mistake
A lesson where my nemesis catches up
With me bitterly I have learnt
I realized a bit late
I may have been born white
And he brown
We come from the same passage
a cunt is a cunt is a cunt
An English Racist poet
On a leather hunt
To be oblique
Asking him to write in his own language
By Jove I really was blunt
I tried to light a fire under his sepia toned
Ass but find my own white ass
Like a tandoori chicken burnt

dedicated to his two handmaidens one english the other american

Racism -Tears on the Soul of Humanity

Racism -Tears on the Soul of Humanity
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Racism is the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another, that a person’s social and moral traits are predetermined by his or her inborn biological characteristics. Racial separatism is the belief, most of the time based on racism, that different races should remain segregated and apart from one another.

Racism has existed throughout human history. It may be defined as the hatred of one person by another - or the belief that another person is less than human - because of skin color, language, customs, place of birth or any factor that supposedly reveals the basic nature of that person. It has influenced wars, slavery, the formation of nations, and legal codes.
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Definition: The American Heritage Dictionary lists two definitions of the word 'racism':
1.The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2.Discrimination or prejudice based on race.
There is great confusion and argument over the terms 'racism' and 'racist' - some groups are classified as 'racist' while others are considered 'incapable of racism due to power difference.'

The first definition can be evidenced when we consider the views of White Supremacists and Jim Crow Laws (which legislated the belief that Whites were entitled to more civil rights than others) . The underlying assumption is that one race - the white race - is superior to all others.

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Caucasian race is superior to all races they believe
All other races blacks, browns, multicolored
Through the ages have come to grief
The white supremacists the leader the chief
A new world order a new world brief
Hate discrimination slavery
Imposed on the children
Of a lesser god by a greater white God
And Thief
Unanswered prayers
Unanswered hopes
And no relief
The color of the skin is more important
Ignoring the universal color of blood
Tears on the soul of humanity
A painful motif


Buzz Love in the Air

Buzz Love in the Air
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to romeo
firoze shakir...message at buzznet
Date 11/08/2007 7: 16 AM
Subject Hello,
My name is Zana Dagba.a young beautiful never married girl I was impressed when i saw your profile and will like to establish a long lasting relationship with you. In addition, i will like you to reply me through my private e mail box ( so that i will give you my picture and more about me.Thanks waiting to hear from you soonest.

Buzz Love in the Air
Miss Zana with Photographer no1
Would very much like to share
a long lasting relationship of fu*k fuc*k forswear
genitals living in Eden like freedom
without underwear...
a single co*k no spare
my balls gone to the mechanics for repair
distempered kitten in a basket she wolves
why should she care


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Breaking News
Poem hunter poets have gone on strike
Better living conditions gratuity bonus
Two months annual leave
And salary hike
This thought the administration of poem hunter
Presently a clone of third Reich
Did not like so the talks between them
And the union leader Mr. Trade Martin
The Poem hunter support the laziest bunch
Did try to spike
Ted Sheridan Howlin David Hazell
And the Union lawyer Tara Mc Hale
Said enough is enough they would counter strike
But some turncoat poets licking ass of the management
Backstabbed and thunder strike
The turncoats Tara Mc Towlin Ms E Fasthound
Angel Satanic Face , All Iam Just me all witch like
,Arswell Ian Bowel a Doc and such like
pretending to be lamb but really woflike
sean north trying to broker peace with his look alike
firoze shakir yoonus peerbocus love poetry hate racism
are beady eyed emaciated on a hunger strike
outside the shut doors of Poemhunter
a situation poemless very grimlike.

Flash News
Union leader Trade Martin has been released
but has promised to Reuers that he has faith in the American Judiciary and hopes for an amicable solution, this was confirmed by Liberal Pussy of Writers Union Hollywood.