Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Prima Donna 2

This was shot in 2004 at Mr KG Maheshwaris Nasik property that houses his son Mr Kamal Maheshwaris Money Museum,

This was my earliest tryst with studio light photography outdoors , the lighting was set by late Mr KG Maheshwari..and assisted by late Prof BW Jatkar .

The model was from Mumbai and it seems very strange I never talked to her , nor did she interact with anyone ,,I dont even know her name..perhaps because it was during Ramzan and I was fasting.. I broke my fast with a Muslim family at the Money Museum..

There were some veterans stalwarts of photography at this shoot and some novice too , and this was love of photography and to learn the basics of studio lighting under Mr KG Maheshwari.

This was my most memorable lesson in photography and I did visit this place when I halted for a night on my way to Nasik Kumbh.

Both Mr KG Maheshwari and Prof BW Jatkar were my Gurus ..and this was organized by my camera club PSI Of Mumbai.

And all these are TIFF files on CD that I am reblogging here at Flickr.

And I have a lot of stuff I shot prolifically  .. that I am ulnocking sharing with all of you .

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