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Goodbye Lord GSB Ganesha King Circle 2011

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Somethings you learn from your parents somethings you inherit as your ancestral heritage, this little child is the youngest devotee of GSB Seva Mandals Lord Ganesha , she came while the puja was going on for bidding the Lord farewell, she paid obeisance to the Lord touching her head to the hallowed floor, I shot her with my telly lens , blessed is the mother who gave her birth , she presented her heritage to me as a photographer as father of a girl child and a grandfather of two little girls.

This is my story and today I shot the pictures for every little girl residing in all of you mothers sisters away from Mumbai and members of the Gaud Saraswat Brahmin community... ,

I shot these pictures for another girl a daughter who has given birth to a son who could not visit Mumbai , and through my pictures took darshan of the Lord GSB and her father Dinesh Pai my very dear friend and host who invites me along with Dr Bhujang Pai to GSB Seva Mandal King Circle..

I normally shoot the visarjan from the stage till the Pandal gates and than make a hasty exit, I have wanted to follow Lord GSB but it was never possible for one reason or another , but this time I made an effort for Anita Pai Kamath , my daughter too and pushed my limit, at Parsi Gymkhana I fell down , than I decided to abort the shoot and proceed homewards..

I am a diabetic and just getting used to my medicine intake again that I had completely stopped during my Ramzan fast of one month ...

I met Mr Dinesh Pai at Dadar and told him these pictures were dedicated to his daughter he had tears he hid face away from me ..I am a father too and my eyes are moist as I write this I guess II am more poet than photographer we shoot pictures from within and the camera has nothing to do with our human emotions..

Sunil Shenoy Mr Satish Kamath Raghu the photographer and all the volunteers helped me along the way I am indebted to them ..

This is my new set at

god created humanity we transformed them into beggars

shooting beggars added humanity to my soul

you have to feel pain before you shoot it hidden beneath a smile

Now Why Would a Celebrity Photographer or Pompous Photo Journalist Shoot This Shit..

bachpan ke din bhula na dena aj hanse kal rula na dena ..

Garbage Porn Fills The Pussy With Scorn

Whatever They Do The Garbage Never Goes Away It Is The Ghoulish Element of Humanity

How Can I Shoot Mountains When I Live With Molehills of Garbage

Maria The Leper Lady of Boran Road In The Rains

god punishes beggars in the rain.. maria the leper lady of boran road

the apsidistra is alive the garbage has killed the soul of my poetry

The Traffic Signal Beggar Kids of Mahim St Michaels Church

I Am Arti the Beggar Girl of Mahim

at the traffic signal
of st michaels church
reliving her dream
the beggar girl of mahim
happy full of life
it seems
collecting alms
her eyes lit up
by the car beams
with the other beggars kids
of the mori road slum she teams
unaware of the honking of the drivers
their abusive screams
her smile worth a million dollar
as it gleams

dedicated to randall joel..

Sham Sham Sham

watching the ladies
watching bibi zainab
watching bibi sakina
in chains
the sufferings
the trials the tribulations
on the House of Hussain
sham sham sham
the fourth imams pain
on the soul of humanity remain
from the sands of karbala
to Damascus ..
72 heads on a spear
hard to explain
within the tears
of our unfortunate eyes
as memories retain
ya hussain
the strength of our convictions
on the day of ashura
our blood in protest
that we drain
so that the world knows
what is terrorism
simple and plain

Shah ast Hussain, Badshah ast Hussain
Deen ast Hussain, Deen Panah ast Hussain
Sardad na dad dast, dar dast-e-yazeed,
Haqaa key binaey La ila ast Hussain

Only Blood and Faith Moharam

This is my new series at flickr, these are pictures I have taken since I hitched a ride on the bandwagon of photography.These are harsh mellowed images , these are pictures pertaining to the Shia Faith to which I was born.
This self infliction is how the Shia mourn and commemorate the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain beloved grandson of the Holy Prophet , who was brutally killed, his male family members slaughtered save one surviving sickly son Zainul Abedin.This was Islam of the Ummayad Calipate , the beginning of Terrorism aptly called Yazidiyat.
I shoot various other stuff that is guided by by inspirational poetry of my pictorial imagination.I want what I post at Flickr to be textless, perhaps the same picture has abundance of text that I posted at Word Press or at Bloggerspot.
I came here as my son Asif Shakir is trying to upgrade my 20 month site a Coppermine photo gallery into a blog identifiable site...
This was the only site I did not delete on the night I was terrorised by hardliners..
The stats for my homesite :

8126 files in 57 albums and 1 categories with 0 comments viewed 494452 times.

If my pictures hurt your sensibilities I apologize, you are only a skip away, I dont shoot macro, landscape, nudes, this is my genre , of pain, endurance of pain, pain the underbelly of mans religious quest.
I shoot the Sufis or Rafaees, body piercers.
I shot the Kumbh Mela all pictures on my site at Bloggerspot .You can see my blogroll on my flickr profile.

If anyone of you needs advise on anything pertaining to photography in India send me an email no strings attached.I will go out of my way to help you as far as humanly possible ,bcause photographers are a rare ethnicity too.
We as photographers are the custodians of the records of our changing world and times.We are a breed apart.
I bring it all in one word Photo blogging.
Your comments nourish the photographer, be sensitive about his work even if you dont like it, dont be arrogant, dont mock, be a bit human , be divine...
Maybe what he exposes is not part of your upbringing or religiosity..this is strictly photojournalism , read it as such, dont add your philosophy to my pictures.It does not change the nature of a 1400 years pain..or my faith or belief.
Dont prosylitize or evangelise , what is satanism for you is religious belief to the other person.Today Satan too mutually exists with God.
God, in his name we have killed more people than in the name of Satan.
wish you well
firoze shakir

Hey Indi Bloggers Leave Them Kids Kids Alone

They are not just another brick in the wall

if you had picked up a camera at 2

you definitely
would not
bully prey
on kids
than you
this one
is only one
but pretends
she is an adult too
come moharam
she will cut her
head focused
eyes to view
our heritage
pucca indian
shia hindu
do unto others
as you would
want others
do unto you
a very old thought
so new
a moderator
of protecting
little kids
joins in bashing them
his comment on a locked
thread hate brews
you new breed of bloggers
your position you love
to abuse is this your
message to others
bloggers blogging
as an excuse
even you own grandpa
would blow his fuse
blogging is holistically healing
all wounds cuts and bruise
peace as message of hope
blog introduce

A 4 year old kid photographing and blogging. God, let her be a kid and play outside rather than blog and post such silly topics here

Only a dickhead could say this from Delhi...

jai maharashtra advocate ashish shelar la hardik subheccha

main tulsi tere angan ki

if you shot him in the head he would still be alive ..dead men dont die

in india beggars cant be choosers ..

he enjoys his work better than me

No I Am Not On Fucking Facebook Or Godforsaken Google +

god save women from lustful indian men

the cycle hotel on the streets

no better place than mumbai..

the lost world of the indian child

the future of our school kids lies in their school bags

i wear the stones of imam ali

I Shoot Beggars To Tell You How Lucky We Are ..Though We Complain All The Time

Sufi Monk Kashmiri Bawa

The Lost World of the Indian Child

Bol Bachchan..

The Poster Man of Juhu

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