Thursday, November 18, 2010

Muslim Women Enslaved To Circumstances Fate and Fatwas

A Fatwa To Improve Their Lot Has Yet To Be Issued

After the Bakra Eid Namaz Back To Reality of Time and Space

The Beggar Muslim Woman Wont Celebrate Bakra Eid

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as the namazis pray
invoking allah
she invokes allah too in
humility she pleads
to get more charity
so her hungry children
she can feed
in the hot sun
different strokes
different needs
the same religion
the same creed
mans original sin
was always his
primary greed
its only man
in the name of god
that makes another
man bleed
here i pay
tribute to fatwas
that on the phone
you can divorce
your legal wife
in a second
of a nano speed
whether she hears
or hears not
whether it is cross
curse the soul
of muslim womanhood
born in slavery
to produce children
breast feed
used abused
on the roads
she begs dirtied
if only only
she had
learnt to
write and read
her soul
she could have freed
her fate
how could
she succeed
when the end
comes in an
unmarked grave
her husband
takes another woman
the circle of deceit
muslim beggar
womans life complete

talaq talaq talaq on bakra eid

Jai Ho Mobile Camera Photographer Zindabad

mobile ke dil main
chupai mohabat aur yad
tum sada raho abad
jai ho mobile camera
photorapher zindabad
tum ho dariya dil
dil e nadaan
aur faulad
har bade tyowahar
ke bad
hum tumhe
tumhare shauk
ko dete hain dad
video banake
photo khich kar
zinda rakhte ho

mera desh mera gaon ek dehath
musalman ko allah ho akbar
hindu bhai ko jai jai bholenath
ek camera mobile phone
jode dilon ko rahe sada
hamare sath

Little Babys First Day At Work on Bakra Idd

Waiting For The Photo Journalists To Shoot The Kids

this time the hordes were missing
as the public was fed up of
seeing the same pictures
over and over again
elitist photo journalists of mumbai
high end cameras without brains
eid hugging pictures they took
a painful eye sore unending pain
editorial demand down the drain
fuck for once be original
a blogger on the soul
of dead photography
continuously complains
fuck editorial restrains

Sweet Memories Hope and Humanity

Subject: Eid Mubarak
Date: 17th November, 2010

My dear Firoze bhai

Eid Mubarak to you, may Allah bless you, and thank you for sharing those wonderful photos of Eid Namaaz near Bandra Station.

I have fond memories of this station when I stayed in Mumbai in 1990. Now those memories are all refreshed.

InshaAllah when I visit Mumbai again, I wish to meet you, we can talk and talk and shoot some photos as well.

Dili-duaen aur bohut pyar!

Kindest regards


Bakra Eid Namaz Bandra Station Road 2010

Head Bowed In Humility and Humanity

Allah Ho Akbar God Is Great

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head bowed
in humility
for his bounty
we wait
at his command
his dictate
a spirituality
he satiates
on the other
hand in his name
his scriptures
on the soul of humanity
bomb after bomb detonates
a jarring thought
our consciousness irritates
the situation
highly condemnable
all around our
mission to live in peace
this misguided
of a failed jehad
was not part
of the unborn child's
destiny or fate
will he too be
for the faults
of our own bigotry
blame the jews
or the united states
sectarian hate
sectarian violence
peace and brotherhood
berates the soul of
humanity humiliates

Bakra Eid Namaz Bandra Station Road 2010

Bakra Eid Namaz Bandra Station Road 2010

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