Thursday, March 19, 2009

Allah Ho Akbar Muslims Love Killing Muslims

This was a poem I wrote some time back, but more than a poem it is a senseless reality in Iraq, Afghanistan and a neighboring country..Muslims love killing Muslims ..sometimes as a moderate Muslim bought up in a cosmopolitan society ..and luckily bought up as an Indian, what hurts is the eunuch silence that has prevailed in our society from the time of Karbala ..Fatwas for the wrong reasons,,mostly against women and the under privileged sects in Islam.

As a community we wake up from our Rip Van Winkle sleep after we have been robbed in broad daylight to our universal right to live as humans with dignity..

My poem is my personal experience , my personal pain, and the Shia bashing that exists on the cybernet , and the Internet surely needs law and order and policing those that promote hate against communities crimes against women and child say the least..

They say
The mosque is where Allah stays
I found he is in the heart
Where man prays

Earlier the mosque
A place of worship
Now they lob grenades
The pillars of faith rip
A new terror from
Sacred lips
Brotherhood of hate
And no friendship
Belted guns on the hips
A jihad that I see
my heart skips
cycle bombs
skull caps
blood drips
Mecca Medina
holy places
one worships
now being terrorized
by cybernetic disaster
at finger tips
muslims love killing muslims
the glory and power of a crescent eclipse
why are we losing our grip….
Allah ho Akbar on our lips
Sectarian senselessness we must nip
We owe sanity
And good sense
Traditional values
to the
new generation
that must not trip
Rushing out from a micro chip

allah ho akbar is also a shia hating website
promoted by hate, powered by petro wahhabi dollars
to spite Muslims but in name with each other fight
kill maim shed blood Islamic honor Islamic plight
in Iraq in Afghanistan as Jehadi Terrorism at its height
hidden faces of men in hijabs in the night
Sunni scholars pledge for Peace on Word Press is nothing but
bullshit on sanctimonious posteriors uptight
Might is Might justified by Rogue Mullahs
killing the Kafir is alright
as they their prayers recite
fires of sectarian hate ignite
the masses excite
fatwas of hate to their delight
spewing their bigotry
on human rights

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