Thursday, October 28, 2010

Man Is The Greatest Day Dreamer God Made

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when he gets kicked around
when he gets fucked around by reality
than day dreams come to his aid
in the slithering moments of his sleep
he gets beautifully laid an angel
behind the mirrored glass
her memories cannot fade
the pillow talk the love bites
the nibbling each time she
went down a tumescent thought
forbade he pleaded he begged
he felt betrayed his guilt
reflecting in her heavenly eye shade
her naked body nubile taut
she displayed the bar dancer
bar maid on his zenitude
her fragrance her muskiness
overstayed this was the first
woman who he fucked without
having paid soft silky like suede
a moment prolonged delayed

Crucified By The Lust Of Man

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she was a
seal packed virgin
pure pristine undiluted fine
till she got conned by
a smoothing talking hulk
she met on facebook online
he took her on the rocks
off carter road legs
spread supine he
forcibly frantically
entered her mound
on a far reaching incline
a moment i hate to define
woman cursed
doomed riches in a gold mine
a passage of pain pathos
blood etched on a dotted line
than he disappeared
leaving behind memories
of his child she a single mother
will have to bring it up offline
every night she spends crying
as time over the rocks goes flying
crucified by the lust of man
sexually manipulated by his lying
the flesh was willing the soul
is muted slowly silently dying

Topic] People you may know - Feedback (Kudos | Gripes)

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New Flickr Feature comment posted by me on the Forum

Excellent sometimes copying Facebook is no harm, but my grouse is you should get rid of the ugly welcome message and instead have a wall on which we can write our views and words of wisdom..

Salut firoze shakir photographerno1! this message kills me for its sheer unintelligence

Take Care

Please make Flickr Blogger Friendly
And introduce the two buttons Add Or Ignore for Contacts and a button to delete them completely as spam they dont add you ever again..

Also introduce Comment Moderation
And for Gods sake kick butt of One Sided Contacts

I dont access or use Facebook anymore has nothing to do with this comment..but than creating a God called Marc Zuckerburg is the only creativity God showed after he created Jesus Christ,,

Firoze Shakir Mumbai India

No Please Mr Sarkozy Leave Us Muslims Alone

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with every edict
against the hijab
your racist hate
alone good
is more important
than playing
to the gallery
on your own
for your original sin
of omission commission
dont ask the muslim '
woman to atone
banning the hijab
the chador the burkha
the head scarf
tears on a wizened
a garment of modesty
a muslim womans
traditional garb
will live forever
beyond your
though god give
you a long life
wisdom your
presidency a milestone
you have created a name
in history to your seat of power
may you always be enthroned
a nuns habit smirks in the aisle
mocking truth beyond the unknown
the hijab a muslim womans story
of determination survival self respect
hand made hand sewn '

The Babri Mosque Is The Greatest Curse On The Soul of Islam

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image sourced from the net

to keep this monolithic mosque alive
hundreds thousands of innocent
souls were lost now trying to
rebuild it at what cost
on the soul of a structure
blood of mankind embossed
pain dark memories riots
on the soul of nation crisscrossed
two communities both Indian
star crossed let the Hindu
brethren built a grand temple
of peace hope humanity
once and for all let this
topic exhaust for the greater
glory of a new unborn generation'
lets see reality beyond profit and loss
collectively living in peace
beyond caste color religiosity
our Indian ethos
away from hate bigotry chaos
lets be human be humane
send a message across

I have been a victim of the riots I lost my home at Khar Danda and had to start life from scratch.. so I am not just an armchair poet.. yes I sincerely think the Babri mosque was the cause of conflicting emotions that cost us dearly..rebuilding it is cursing the soul of those that died unnecessarily who paid the price for a political mistake of our power blind leaders ..

Under The Shadow Of The Lord

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from the holy waters
of the mothers womb
connected to divinity
held by the soul
of the umbilical cord
under the shadow
of the lord
life and death
two sides of a blade
walking on the edge
of a bleeding sword
a tower of babble
kissing the earthly feet
of nimrod a serpent
seeking shelter
in Aaron s rod
humanity fleshy
fully flawed the soul
of eternity defrauds
a tear drop-
bears testimony
of hope overawed
i am the life and
the resurrection
on a crucifix outlawed

Indo Fusion

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the cut is more
important than style
whats a face
without a smile
clothes maketh
a man
without guile
you are
what you are
the silhouette
of your profile
to your lifestyle
hope beyond
a deleted file
is a product
of his senses
erectile penile
touch and go
tactile searching
virgins in heaven
nubile alert
doomed to a planet
in transit in exile
slithering serpentine
a curse on humanity
in the guise of a reptile

I Shut my Facebook Account ,, Targeted Shia Harassment

27 May 2018 As a Shia I am targeted even  by  Sufis Sufism that  I promoted vigorously as a Malang .. I have renounced my Malang...