Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Skywalk .. Where Only a Few Kids Women Walk..For Older Folks It Is A Deadlock

ridden legs
with every
step feel
the shock
this skywalk
sheer waste
of public money
the soul of humanity
mocks ..only drug addicts
drunks use it as home
round the clock
bandra boys
stand beneath
it will tell you
the color
of the undies
of girls wearing
frocks ...hijras
love this skywalk
to catch up
with young studs
get humped
on the band stand
rocks ...this same
money could have
been utilized
for better platforms
on bandra station
the common man
lifes journey
a few more knocks
scams corruption
every day on the DNA
a new spine chilling
mystery unlocks

The North Indian Bhaiyya ..Work is Worship

as time slips
wings broken
battered stripped
from uttar pradesh
where madam
kept her pet
built parks
till she
italian bags
fancy clips
their fate
not wanting
to build her
statue in
the hot blazing sun
to work in mumbai
they came souls ripped
carrying loads of
pulling hand carts
bent back broken hips
their kismet caught
in a vicious grip
stoic silence
stitched lips
will netaji
their pain
their sufferings
their hardships

Soma Bhai Co Founder of MJ Cloth Market 1935

I last shot him on 10 October 2010 .. I wish him a very long life ,,

Admi Aur Aurat Ka Fark.. How They Work ..

Admi Aur Aurat Ka Fark.. How They Work .. by firoze shakir photographerno1

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the woman 
in a vortex 
of girlhood 
stuck karmic 
sorrow bad 
luck her fate 
sitting duck 
a lotus in 
deep muck 
use abuse 
 on the road 
chuck life
to a jerk 
bad salary 
a home 
no perks 

The Barefeet Street Photographer Nerjis Asif Shakir 14 Month Old

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Nerjis Asif Shakir is an enigma , a mystic like me, and I never under estimate the power of children, their innocence their vision their minds are godly in all aspects .. Nerjis was wearing her pink cloth shoes but she tries to imitate me , wears my glasses sits at my laptop and browses my world of pictures .

She loves to be barefeet and so I have to carry her anyway, but I dont let her she got friendly with this kid at the pandal and was seeing the thread on his hand..

My camera shutter button has become stiff due to the Ganesh Visarjan gulal so she has a tough time pressing the button , but she knows my camera and can shoot pictures without fear ..I hold the camera lest she lets it she and her sister Marziya have been part of my photography and my camera world.

I have another grand daughter Zinnia Fatima very pretty but I am unable to take her around as she is very heavy, and she loves me crazy so creating a balance of love between these two is not an easy task.. I go with the lighter one ..

Durga Pandal Mount Mary 2012

Every year I shoot the Durga pandals in and around my area , but this time due to an injury on my leg, my bone setter says it is old age catching up with me , and because of my diabetes and waking barefeet most of the time I am injury prone..I have not been able to shoot the pandals even the one close to my house at Bazar Road .. but I shoot what I am destined to shoot goes without saying.

I create pictures out of Nothing ..and the opportunities at home are many with 3 photogenic camera friendly grand daughters but I shoot them only when I find something awe inspiring in their acts.

After I finished shooting Dr Mansoor Showghi Yezdi Irani Chaiwala I thought of going home , and I have to carry my grand daughter Nerjis as she walks barefeet like me at home only, so we came to this pandal near Gurav Chawl next to Good Luck Irani Restaurant .

I have shot this pandal for several years now since the time I stayed at Pitru Chayya next to Mehboob Studios as a tenant .. nostalgic memories of this peaceful calm beautiful area ..and Mehboob studios old memories grow on you ,,we shared the same wall with Mehboob studios..

Two Street Photographers At The Court of Ma Durge

Ma Durge Beckons Us From Good Luck...To Her Pandal At Mount Mary

From Good Luck restaurant we came to Durga Pandal Mount Mary that I shoot every year ..and carrying Nerjis Asif Shaki on my fractured leg and barefeet was not the easiest option , but she loves going out with me ..

My leg is healing it was a hairline fracture that the Bandra bone setter put it right ..

Two Facebook Friends At Good Luck Restuarant Bandra

Dr Mansoor Showghi Yezdi And 2 Street Photographers

Dam Madar Malang And Dr Mansoor Showghi Yezdi at Good Luck Restaurant Bandra

Dam Madar Malang And Dr Mansoor Showghi Yezdi at Good Luck Restaurant Bandra

Mamdi Busheri Lover of Zuljana With Dr Mansoor Showghi Yezdi at Good Luck Restaurant Bandra

Mamdi Busheri my dear friend decorates the Zuljana replica of the steed of Imam Hussain during Moharam and Zuljana too is a set on my Flickr photostream.

It was Mamdi who bought me and my grand daughter Nerjis Asif Shakir 14 month old his scooter with sidecar.. we had chai bun maska served by Mansoor Bhai the Good Luck Irani Restaurant close to Mehboob Studios Bandra.

Mamdi left early ...we hung around chatting about life .

Dr Mansoor Showghi My Facebook Friend Irani Chaiwala

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I got a call from Mansoor Bhai , he had walked from Mahim to Bandra and was heading towards Good Luck Restaurant near Mehboob Studio, a restaurant that is a set on my Flickr photostream, as I once stayed close to this restaurant as a tenant sharing the same wall with Mehboob Studios .

The three brothers who own this restaurant are my very dear friends Mohomed Bhai the eldest Hamza and Jalal.. the kheema brun breakfast is fantastic and the Hyderabadi Haleem they also serve emu kheema .. I have not tried it.

Well I came to Good Luck with my Irani friend Mamdi Busheri in his scooter with a sidecar I bought my grand daughter Nerjis Asif Shakir 14 month old...

After Dr Mansoor Showghi served us tea bun maska .. we parted I shot pictures and two frames shot by Nerjis Asif Shakir ,.

We both left Good Luck , grandpa and grand daughter to shoot the Durga Pandal of Mount Mary that I shoot every year.

Dr Mansoor Showghi is documenting the Irani diaspora , the Iranian influence the history of the Irani migrants famous Irani hotels bakeries including the Zenda Vesta followers their lifestyle cuisine and fire temples .

So any of you are interested in being featured in his book and film do contact him , specially if you have old pictures he will scan give them back to you.

Like me Dr Showghi is a Malang a Dervesh and we both believe in Peace Brotherhood an Islam of Love away from bullets bombs and sectarian hate Islam where little girls are not shot by cowards with faces hidden under veils .. an Islam that respects Humanity a Islam that was salvaged by Imam Hussain at Karbala and redeemed from the inherent terrorism that we call Yazidiyat.

Shah ast Hussain, Badshah ast Hussain
Deen ast Hussain, Deen Panah ast Hussain
Sardad na dad dast, dar dast-e-yazeed,
Haqaa key binaey La ila ast Hussain

Loosely translated

Ruler is Hussain, Emperor is Hussain,
Faith is Hussain , guardian of faith is Hussain .
Offered his head and not the hand to Yazid.
Truly, the mirror of faith is Hussain

Raza Rumi