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The Third Sex of India -The Hijdas

The Third Sex of India -The Hijdas
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Hijda Bonding..

Hijdas move in pairs or maybe in a group, very rarely will you find them alone unless they are at the place where they stay.
At Hijda Gully No1 they move about without fear and its the people that fear them.
The Hijdas of Turner Road Traffic Signal stay at Sion Dharavi but come and work here begging for alms.
The Hijdas on this signal have a very tough competetion from the Turner Road beggar kids.. and the Bhaiyyas that sell exotic fruits to the people in their cars.. or passengers in cabs or rickshas..
Yesterday I think some big shot was coming to Bandra so the cops were here in a big way.. the beggars and the hijdas had disappeared.. I shot pictures from Leslies car.. the Korean photographer who was coming home for Muslim lunch..

The Third Sex of India -The Hijdas

The Third Sex of India -The Hijdas
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1
As you wonder why I shoot the same Hijdas over and over again..I wonder too.
What is this magnetic fascination for the third sex of India -the Hijdas Indian transgenders.
A community badly maligned, neglected., I talk of the poorer lot that I shoot and not the Metros sexual Hijdas or the jet setting Mujra Dancing Hijda Queens.
Recently there was an article in the Times of a young married guy eloping with the hIjda , he was with great difficullty united with his wife, as they feared he would be castrated eventually.
God save you from the Wrath of a Hijda spurned?
I met this Hijda in the picture at Ajmer during the Urus of Khwajah Garib Nawaz.,presently se heads the begging at the Turner Road Traffic junction.
She is a Guru, of the young Hijdas that you see in my Turner Road Hijda pictures.
Laxmi the beggar Hijda that earlier manned this signal had disappeared for two months to a holy pilgrimage of Balji and …

Death has finally come Home to Roost

Death has finally come Home to Roost
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you were sent on the earth as a message of peace
but as a messenger you chose war devastation
while on the crease
you politicised gods creation
with your self aggrandization the lord god tease
now ends your life the final release
a settlement of your acconut..
as you cease
pronunced decease
you the greatest carrier
a carrion of all disease
the last picture
before the arch angel
says cheese
burnt to ashes
blown in the breeze

Back Home Finally

Back Home Finally
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they came to see you off
some were sad , some were inwardly happy
some cried
it was a strange feeling you had died
vultures ready to grab your hard worked wealth
yes they are here at the banks to see you burn and fry
your time had come you broke each and every tie
only deathly pause silence as your reply
from ashes that will be thrown in the river
back home to the skies

Of Shia Mothers Shia Kids

Of Shia Mothers Shia Kids
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1

I keep telling you through my various posts on Moharam, the incomparable contribution of Shia motherhood to the life line of Shiasm.It is our Mothers who keep Hazrat Imam Hussains covenant of Hussainiyat alive, no Mullah can translate Shiasm the way the mother does , not by words by actions, of taking her brood from one Majlis to another, she is the fundament of our Faith, she is the unshakeable Fountainhead of our Faith.For me Shia Womenhood is collectively a Motherhood of Faith.
I was standing above Maulana Hassan Zaheers house watching the Juloos of the Fourth Imam and the 18 Taboots at Imambada Meeran Saab, the women were all ears to Maulana Kalbe Jawads Majlis, he recites to the galleries of Shia womenhood, he has in his discourse something to impart to our women..yes women need guidance to in a changing cybernetic world.The Mother has to carry t…