Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Love The United Colors of India

Athvi 2012 at Malad Malvani

This is part of my new set at that I shot last evening I was unable to pst all this as my Internet Server MTNL Broadband was giving me continous trouble by crashing all my uploads so today on the day of Eid e Zehra or 9 Rabilawal I am posting Athvi pictures the last segment of Azadari Moharam when 2 month eight days of mourning come to an end.

I earlier shot the Athvi and the Amary at Govandi but than I found Malvani to my liking because of the hardcore zanjir kama matm and this year I cut my head in Athvi too, I had already cut my head in Ashura and Chehlum..

So I wish all of you Eid e Zehra Mubarak and see the storyboard flashback of the Shia tear of pain.. a story written in blood and scripted on the human heart of society..

My Eunuch Sorrow Being a Subscriber of MTNL Broadband a Nightmare on Demand

I am in a leaking boat , and I am in a leaking boat run by MTNL Broadband honchos who cant satisfy old subscribers , my net has been dead since last night , page cannot be laded or displayed .. and all my complaints are water on a fucked ass of Bombay Duck..

And I have a large amount of photos to upload but it is nt possible with my server crashing every time and the Gen Manager MTNL would not really carry a damn..because he is busy getting ready for the Derby is all I can poetically presume..

My cup of eunuch sorrow is overflowing thanks to MTNL Broadband ..Mr Johnny of St Martins Road Bandra their tech has promised to resolve my problem... he is the only man with a human heart at MTNL Broadband .. a Nightmare on Demand .

your complaint has been booked your docket number is 795 thank you for using this service

They Who Recited The Kalma The Namaz Killed Hussain ..

Brahmins Fought for Imam Hussain in the Battle of Karbala

by Rakesh Sharma

courtesy Syed Masoom

Brahmins Fought for Imam Hussain in the Battle of Karbala

by Rakesh Sharma

Hindus have a long association with Iraq and Muslims. Please read the article below:

The presence in Arabia of many Hindus. mostly Brahmins. before the rise of Islam, has been recorded by the historian Sisir Kumar Mitra, in his book ‘The Vision of India’. page 183. These people observed Hindu religious customs, including the worship of Shiva and Makresha from which the name of Mecca is said to have been derived. The famous astrologer Yavanacharya was born of one such Brahmin family. It was from these Brahmins that the Arabs learnt the science of Mathematics, Astrology, Algebra and decimal notation which were first developed in India.

At the time of the war of Karbala (Oct. 680 AD). Rahab Sidh Datt, a potentate of Datt sect, was a highly esteemed figure of Arabia due to his close relations with the family of Prophet Mohammed. In the holy war when no Muslim King came to help Hussain. Rahab fought On his side mld sacrificed his seven sons (named Sahas Rai. Haras Rai, Sher Khan, Rai Pun, Ram Singh, Dharoo and Poroo) in the bloody war.

A Brief Account of the Episode: After the death of Mohammed, he was succeeded by Abu Bakr, Omar and Osman, as the Caliphs: all three were related to him by marriage alliances. Osman was not popular and was assassinated. After his death, Hazrat AlL the son-in-law of Mohammed (he was also his first cousin) who was married to the Prophet’s third daughter and the only surviving issue, Bibi Fatima Zahira, became the 4th Caliph. There was stiff opposition to Ali’s rule from Amir Moavia, a known protege of Osman. He fought with him a bitter war for 5 years and finally got him murdered in a mosque of Koofa, his mausoleum with a golden dome, stands in the nearby town of Najaf (Iraq). After the extermination of Ali, Moavia grabbed the Caliphate and converted the Islamic state into a kingdom, After his death, his notorious son Yazid became the next ruler. However, the rightful claimants of the Caliphate were the descendants of Hazrat Ali, namely, Hassan and Hussain. While Hassan abdicated his claim to the crown and later died of suspected poisoning, his younger brother Imam Hussain who was till then leading a secluded life in Medina, came out and challenged the usurper, Yazid. It was the war of attrition between the two which led to the bloodshed of Karbala (102 km south of Baghdad), on Oct. 10, 680 AD.

The participation of the Mohyals Brahmins and more precisely that of a Dutt family living in Arabia at that time, in the holy war, is a fact of the history. They were a part of the entourage of 200 men and women, including 72 members of Hussain’s family (40 on foot and 32 on horseback), when he left Medina and made an arduous trek to Karbala, where he had a large friendly following. After 18 days, i.e. on the 2nd. day of Mohurrum, the Hussain’s caravan reached Karbala, on the bank of river Euphrates and surrounded by a hostile desert. On the 7th day of Mohurrum, all hell broke out when 30,000 strong army sent by Yazid from Mecca and other places, attacked them. 6,000 soldiers guarded the river bank to ensure that not a drop of water reached the Hussain’s thirsty innocents. By sunset of 10th (Ashoor), a Friday, all were dead including his step brother Abbas (32), his son Ali Akbar (22), daughter Skeena (4) and 6 months old infant Ali Asghar who was killed by an arrow while perched in his lap. Imam Hussain himself was slain with thirty three strokes of lances and swords by Shimr, the hatchet man of ignominious Yazid. The ruffians of Yazid, as they ran carrying the smitten head of Hussain to the castle of Koofa, were chased by Rahab. He retrieved the holy man’s head, washed it reverentially and then carried it to Damascus. According to legend, he was overtaken by Yazid’s men during his ovenight shelter on the way. They demanded Hussain’s head from him: Rahab executed the head of one of his sons and offered to them. They shouted that it was not the Hussain’s head, then he beheaded his second son and they again yelled that it was not his. In this way Rahab executed the heads of his seven sons but did not part with the head of Imam Hussain. Later, after one year, it was buried in Karbala along with rest of his body.

The intrepid Datts rallied round Amir Mukhtar, the chief of the partisans of Imam Hussain, fought with extraordinary heroism and captured and razed the fort of Koofa, seat of Yazid’s governor, Obaidullah, the Butcher. After scoring a resounding victory on the battlefield, they beat the drums and yelled out that they had avenged the innocent blood of Hussain shed at Karbala.

It is also significant to note that even before the Karbala incident, Hazrat Ali had entrusted the public exchequer to the regiment of the valiant Datts, at the time of the Battle of Camels fought near Basra.

The above provides an impeccable evidence about tha pragmatic role played by the Datt Mohyals in the catastrophe of Karbala. There are more than a dozen ballads composed centuries ago which vividly and with great passion describe the scenario of the historic event.

Interestingly, in the Preface of his famous historical novel, titled Karbala, published in 1924 from Lucknow, Munshi Prem Chand has stated that the Hindus who fought and sacrificed their lives in the holy war of Karbala, are believed to be the descendants of Ashvathama.This clearly establishes their link with the Datts who consider Ashvathama as an ancestor of their clan.

Later on, when Sunnis let loose an orgy of vendetta on Shias and Datts, Datts returned to their motherland around 700 AD and settled at Dina Nagar, District Sialkot (vide Bandobast Report of Gujarat by Mirza Azam Beg page 422 and folk songs) and some drifted to as far as the holy Pushkar in Rajasthan. Starting from Harya Bandar (modern Basra on the bank of river Tigris) with swords in hand and beating durms, they forced their way through Syria and Asia Minor and marching onwards captured Ghazni, Balkh and Bukhara. After annexing Kandhar, they converged on Sind and crossing the Sind at Attock they entered the Punjab.

An ancestor of Rahab named Sidh Viyog Datt assumed the title of Sultan and made Arabia (old name Iraq) his home. He was a tough and tenacious fighter. He was also known as Mir Sidhani. He was a worshipper of Brahma. He was the son of the stalwart Sidh Jhoja (Vaj) who was a savant and saint and lived in Arabia (Iraq) around 600 AD.

The supporters of Hassan and Hussain honoured the Datts with the htle of ‘Hussaini Brahmin’ and treated them with great reverence in grateful recognition of the supreme sacrifices made by them in the war of Karbala. According to Jang Nama, written by Ahmed Punjabi, pages 175-176, it was ordained on the Shias to recite the name of Rahab in their daily prayer. At the time to the Karbala, fourteen hundred Hussaini Brahmins lived in Baghdad alone

Insan Ko Bedar Hone do Har Kaum Pukaregi Hamare Hain Hussain

MTNL Broadband Does Not Pay Me For Outage MTNL Broadband Sucks

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Since last night my net has gone dead over 100 times could you believe it..I cannot upload pictures of my faith I shot last night ..

My Kama Matam on Athvi Malad Malvani 2012

Burning Ravan On Eid E Zehra

Happy Eid e Zehra Mubarak To All Lovers of Ahle Bayt

We Shias are Dreamers

Princess Fatima Zaira Celebrates her First Eid e Zehra ..

When I reached home it was the Eve of Eid e Zehra.. my 3 month old grand daughter who had cut her back doing zanjir zani in the morning was waiting for me all decked in red..

I wish all of you a Happy Eid e Zehra Mubarak..

Grand Pa Ap Ko Eid E Zehra Mubarak Ho

ahle bayt
par beshumar
lanat ho
phir sar
kata ke aye ho
apke mathe ke
lal rang ko
badhai ho
eid e zehra
sab taraf
shenhai ho

The Shia Head Cutters of Mumbai

I am a Heretic a Kafir a Rafidi

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according to them
this is their evaluation
of my shia spirituality
my bleeding face
my bleeding eyes
i await the Mahadi
doing tandav
dance of death
on the soul of Shimr
at Malad Malvani
i am a lover
of ahle bayt
follower of ali
i believe
is humanity
a shia hindu
from mumbai
my pathos
my passion
my poetry
my blood
to a greater

i would rather be a rafidi
than a salafi or a wahabbi

He Did Kama Matam With a Penknife

He is a devout Shia boy, I met him last year at the same place at Malad Malvani, he had come with a kitchen knife , he had spent Rs 50 to get it sharpened and he cut his head.. I blogged his passion his love for Imam Hussain.. he had come without any of his elders .. but he had a brother and they took turns cutting their head with their kitchen knife.

This year he was without a kitchen knife so I asked him if he was doing kama matam, he pulled out a pen knife and began cutting his head viciously seeing him I cut my head too on Athvi ..

So the Shias are highly emotive when it comes to their faith and that one pain called Ghame Hussain..

MTNL Broadband is Punishing Me For Paying My Bills On Time

I am sick and tired of MTNL Broadband I am unable to upload my picture the lot crashes as there is a serious problem, and I did get a call from Johnny their tech at St Martin Road Bandra , one nice thing but he will resolve my issue in the morning..

Its time MTNL Broadband was privatized today the present lot running the show are useless to say the least..

Ya Hussain Alvida Ya Hussain Alvida

The Beggar Poet of Mumbai On Athvi

Aye kaash main bhi hota maidan e karbala main

The Shia Hindu Doing Tandav on the Soul of Shimr- Dance of Death

I Think There Are More Racists on Google +Than On Facebook..

My Kama Matam on Athvi Malad Malvani 2012

My Kama Matam on Athvi Malad Malvani 2012

My Kama Matam on Athvi Malad Malvani 2012

My Kama Matam on Athvi Malad Malvani 2012

jiye jo agle baras ham hain aur yeh gham hai jo chal base toh apna salam e akhir hai

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I normally cut my head a ritual known as Kamazani twice during Moharam , Ashura 10 Moharam and Chehlum 40 day of Moharam....

This year my kama matam during Chehlum has been vicious and deep , my wounds were not healing and even the slightest pressure made my wound bleed all over again..

I have cut my head on Athvi the last day of Moharam when the mourning of 2 month eight days comes to an Lucknow at Kazmain , it was one day I have never forgotten I cut my head and scourged my back, my bleeding never stopped , I am a diabetic ,and I was bleeding the next day on Eid e Zehra too..

This year I was to shoot Athvi at Malad Malvani the only place in Mumbai that has hardcore zanjir matam and kamazani at the end of the juloos that starts from No 8 Malvani.

I left my mobile phone at home as it is gift and I do not want to lose it I have already lost a BlackBerry recently.. I came to Malvani by ricksha barefeet , and as I am now working for my new boss I dont have the earlier freedom that I once had I shut my shop for good..without remorse or regrets all part of my cosmic fate Karma and Dharma.

Two things triggered me to cut my head again on Athvi this year.. this morning my 3 month old grand daughter Zaira Saif Shakir tasted the sweet bitter strokes of a flagellating blades on her bare back.. my other grand daughter 6 month old Nerjis Asif Shakir had her back scourged on Ashura but with her clothes on and Marziya Shakir my street photographer 4 year old does kamazni too..

Zaira Saif Shakir did not cry but I did .. and the visuals remained in my restless soul..and than while shooting pictures I met a young boy today I had met him last year , he had cut his head with a kitchen knife paid Rs 50 to have it sharpened , this year he was there , and I wondered where was his kitchen knife as he did not have one on his person, he pulled out a penknife real sharp and before I could talk to him he began cutting his head viciously making me cry .

I broke down I requested a dagger from a boy and giving my camera to a friend Meezam I leapt into the air and began cutting my already wounded head doing Tandav - Durga like on the Soul of Shimr the killer of Hussain.. this is my Dance of Death..

Meezam tok me for First Aid .. but the bleeding refused to stop, I shot the mourners but again I was dragged to the First Aid Camp of the JUST Volunteers , they used a compression , we Shias dont use ointment or injections nothing just rose water ..

I have just come home an hour back I took a ricksha and picked up Zaira Saif Shakir all dressed in red .. because tonight is the eve of the greatest Eid of the Shias Eid e Zehra ..and I am bleeding red..

The Shia mourning comes to an end and this is a sight to be seen in Lucknow tomorrow at Kazmain and Makbara where they will burn the effigy of a monster of Islam.. who caused the Ahle Bayt the greatest harm..

Yes Beshumar Lanat.. Saikdo Karodon Lant on the killers of Imam Hussain..

This is my new set at wife will clean my wound tomorrow ..

Your complaint has been booked your docket is 5249.. Yes MTNL Broadband is the Worst Internet Provider

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If you get MTNL Broadband free as your wedding gift please dont take it, and I have nothing personal but the Internet connection is slow faulty pathetic and their customer care laidback lazy bums and unresponsive..

Since evening their connection is playing truant with me I have a huge lot of Moharam Athvi pictures I shot this evening to upload and I sincerely doubt I will be able to post them here at Flickr..

I have thus created a special set here at Flickr on MTNL Broadband Nightmare on Demand..

None of their senior staff has ever got back to find out what is my grouse or grievance they simply dont care a .. you know what..

And I can change the provider I pay my bill on time but I shall not allow them to have the pleasure of my Exit I shall blog each time with a docket number given to me on 198 each time my Internet conks..

Their techs Mr Shyam Sundarji and Johny Saab St Martins Road Bandra office who helped me each time I had a problem have now shut their doors on my face and Mr Uphadaya Deputy Gen Manager MTNL Broadband Bandra Reclamation does not read blogs .. to my bad luck..