Thursday, May 17, 2012

Removal of The Rod at Marriamman Temple Nehru Nagar

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The rod removal series has not ended there are more to be downloaded from my camera .. I was actally leaving and than the hijras walked in..and I inserted another memory card shot for another 35 minutes before leaving the premises.

And Bhima whose leave I had taken was surprised to see me back..

Removal of The Rod at Marriamman Temple Nehru Nagar

Removal of The Rod at Marriamman Temple Nehru Nagar

Removal of The Rod at Marriamman Temple Nehru Nagar

Carrying a Hot Burning Pot on the Head

The Rod Slides Out Like a Piece of Cake

Removal of The Rod at Marriamman Temple Nehru Nagar

The Beggar Poets Begs To Differ ....

Removal of The Rod at Marriamman Temple Nehru Nagar Juhu

Removal of The Rod at Marriamman Temple Nehru Nagar Juhu

Removal of The Rod at Marriamman Temple Nehru Nagar Juhu

Removal of The Rod at Marriamman Temple Nehru Nagar Juhu

My Friend Bhima The Rod Remover

I have going through a lot of stress after I shot this ritual on 9 May and have been trying to complete the uploading but my sugar levels my diabetic condition cause a turmoil to my emotional state..than came the jolt of my hijra pictures being stolen at Flickr and their casual approach to my plight , being a pro member I expected them to do more be more human more cooperative but they like Pontius Pilate sent me to the gallows when they threw me to the cages and the brutality of Yahoo Copyright a very insensitive , lawyer like safe approach making the victim a guilty person.

Well I have moved on judiciously avariciously I have removed the Public viewing option from my Hijra pictures blogs poems and now only those whom I consider friend on Flickr can see it.
So actually I have lost nothing this Flickr thief Nirma can go showing my hijra pictures at her stream hardly matters now..

Coming back to the milk gushing from Bhimas mouth into the mouth of the rod holder, the milk lubricates the rod that has got stuck in the cheek muscles and within a second of it entering in the man at the other other end pulls the rod in a second without much pain to the rod holder.

And the ritual of rod removal continued much after I left the venue I was too tired to continue I shot a group of hijras , pictures you wont see , that had carried hot pots on their heads completing the final rituals and thanksgiving at the Marriamman Temple Nehru NagarJuhu.

And I have showcased this vibrant Tamil Hindu community passionately , year after year till the time has come for me to pierce my cheeks too this year god willingly as a Muslim Man.. a follower of Hussain Humanity and Truth.. and I shall do it to support the spirituality of my Tamil Hindu friends..

I dont sell my pictures I do this as I love my cultural Inheritance I am an Indian first and last , proud of my roots , my roots are in India , the source of my religiosity is Arabia Karbala in Iraq but for me my Karbala is Hindustan.

I am a Dam Madar Malang too a choice I made at Ajmer last year with my dear friend Marc De Clercq of Ghent Belgium.. we will renew our pledge at Ajmer with our Peer a very simple austere holy man.. if time permits I shall go to meet the head priest of Brahma temple Pushkar a very dear friend of mine..

I will go barefeet .. breaking journey roughing it out and this year you wont see my pictures on the Hijras of Ajmer .. as they wont be on public display anymore.. only for Friends on Flickr on request..

One of the reasons why I am upset distressed my 6 month old grand daughter Fatima , aka Zaira Saif Shakir got accidentally burnt on the face at a function , her maternal grand faher is recuperating after a sever heart attack his bypass was done recently.. she is a fighter and has recovered , and it pains me to see her pain.. I did not want to shoot her pictures I just could not do it she is the most prettiest child in my family.

My other two grand daughters Marziya Shakir and Nerjis Asif Shakir are on a long summer holiday so I am a lonely old man.. blogging keeps my hopes intact.. And when they return to Mumbai I will be in Ajmer.

And in a year or two I hope to become a Fakir and give up all my job , my family all the trappings of my material life and live with the Malangs and beg for a living on the streets that I travel in the future,, this is my goal my quest as a Man who has seen life fully.

carrying hot pots on the heads

The Cheek Piercing Boy

Tomorrow I go to meet the head priest of Marriamman Temple if he will give me permission as a Muslim man to pierce my cheeks with a 21 feet root to support my Hindu Tamil brothers in their spirituality...

Carrying Hot Pots on the Head

I shoot what my heart tells me to shoot