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Last Message To Me From Late Jeff Lamb on Facebook

photo courtesy Leyla Lau Lamb

I shut my Facebook a few days back every time I use FB and I use it more as a street photographer and as a street poet , my posts would  end up hurting some bigots sense and sensibility simply that he does not like the rituals culture or spiritual ideology I post of the diverse religions of India  so having added me as a friend he turns vile ,,I block him but than I get hurt  so I move out of Facebook.

I have deactivated Facebook many times I have lost count but I come back as I have some very beautiful friends ..some are friends from Flickr .

One of them was late Mr Jeff we met on Flickr I still dont remember but for me after Bandra where I live my next stop part of my fecund imagination became Ann Arbor thanks to Jeff through Jeff I met other friends of Jeff highly gifted prolific photographers and camera enthusiasts almost camera demi gods like Marc Akeman .

Now as a photographer I have been a late learner no formal training in photography b…