Saturday, June 12, 2010

Transgendered Tragedy

through divine act
made her a man
as a matter of fact
a travesty of gender
her feminine soul
rebelled to be exact
from the husk of a man
she became a
beautiful woman
sensual androgynous
her charismatic impact
a missing vagina
a missing clitoris
a missing womb
but a bust heaving
well stacked
a sadness
a frozen tear
nothing else
to attract
the silent
soul of my
she interacts
a passion
a pathos

to emma lecomte

Woman's Story of Life

on four legs
she walks
doomed destiny
she hardly talks
wherever she goes
her bad fate stalks
with every dog like step
her new future shocks
a silhouette of pain
silently mocks
some more knocks
crumbing rocks
a choked voice box
is she a woman
or a hunted fox
on her path of nirvana
some more road blocks

Stay Safe Stay Indoors

Hi! Trust you are doing well and staying safe in these tough times. Just wanted to send out a personal note praying for good health an...